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Last active December 20, 2015 08:19
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-- compilation unit 1:
type T is private;
package Unit is
-- ...
end Unit;
-- compilation unit 2:
type T2 is private;
package Unit.Child is
-- ...
end Unit.Child;
-- compilation unit 3:
with Unit.Child; -- neccessary, but GNAT says it's unreferenced.
type T2 is private;
package Specialization is
package Base is new Unit (T2);
generic package Child renames Base.Child;
end Specialization;
-- compilation unit 4:
with Specialization;
procedure Test is
package Instance is new Specialization;
package Instance_Child is new Instance.Child;
-- if I didn't rename the generic package, I'd need to do:
-- package Instance_Child is new Instance.Base.Child;
end Test;
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