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What would you like to do?

Feature value proposition.


Please describe how can one use the feature in our app.

  1. Instruction 1
  2. Instruction 2
  3. Instruction 3

Use cases

Write down only the main use cases of the feature

  1. Use case 1
  2. Use case 2
  3. Use case 3


- MVP Release
Date - -
Android - -
iOS - -
backend - -


  • Backend - Developer name
  • iOS - Developer name
  • Android - Developer name
  • Design - Designer name
  • QA - QA name


Describe a brief overview of the feature and how it is architected at a very high level. Consider using a tool that generates ascii diagrams like AsciiFlow.

+------------+       |             |
| Contentful +<------+   Backend   +
+------------+       |             |
                     |             |

Remember this page can be read by any member of the squad, so avoid implementation details.

For chapter specific details about this feature, please check the following links below:

Tracking Strategy

Describe the tracking strategy

Localisation Strategy

Describe the localisation strategy

Content Strategy

Describe the automation strategy


PS: All hyperlinks in this template merely serve as an example and are to be defined by you.

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