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Provide a high level description of the architecture and how does the data flow.

+------------+       |             |
| Service    +<------+  Repository +
+------------+       |             |
                     |             |

Feature value proposition.


Please describe how can one use the feature in our app.

  1. Instruction 1
  2. Instruction 2
  3. Instruction 3

Use cases


Date: 17/09/2018

  • Author: Filipe Mendes
  • Team: Android Team
  • Severity: Minor/Moderate/Major/Critical
  • Status: Work in Progress / Complete


_Short description (5 sentences). List the duration along with start and end times.



When creating an RFC please follow the following structure:

Date: dd/mm/yyyy

  • RFC PR: (< link >)
  • Jira Ticket: (< link >)
  • Code PR: (< link >)




To keep the arguments and examples to the point there are few helpful rules:

  • No abstract examples/arguments. These cause the discussion to lose focus and make examples harder to follow. The example/argument must be traceable to a real-world problem - ___ is intended to solve real problems, not imaginary ones.
  • Examples must show the full complexity of the problem domain. Simplified examples trivialize the problems and the solutions intended to solve those simplified examples may not work for the complex problems.
  • Examples of problematic ___ code must be the “best way” of writing the code in ___ - if it can be improved then the improved version should be used instead.
  • Arguments must be straight to the point and as concise as possible.
  • Arguments should take the point of view of an average programmer - not the über-programmer who doesn’t make design mistakes.