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What would you like to do?

Provide a high level description of the architecture and how does the data flow.

+------------+       |             |
| Service    +<------+  Repository +
+------------+       |             |
                     |             |
                      |   Screen  |

Consider using a tool that generates ascii diagrams like AsciiFlow.

Component X (ex: Service)

Describe specific considerations that a component might have compared to others.

Operation Y (ex: Saving data, Tracking)

Describe what should be known regarding this operation. Any implementation detail that might be hard to grasp when reading the code?


Include possible questions that your colleagues might have and their answers.

Ex: Why doesn't component X work in the component Z?

Ex: The service was updated, now what do I need to change?

Ex: Is there any postman collection?


PS: All hyperlinks in this template merely serve as an example and are to be defined by you.

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