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RetroLab with RTC Looking Classic on Binder

RetroLab with RTC Looking Classic on Binder

Try it on Binder!


RetroLab 0.3.13 featuring RTC with RetroLogo hidden to look more like the classic notebook, served on Binder

Based on RetroLab 0.3.2 on Binder where RTC works with RetroLab and then combined that with taking advantage of ability to hide the Retro_Logo use the Jupyter Logo to get something closer to the classic notebook where Real Time Colloaboration works. Idea is from here. Updated from version 0.3.2 to 0.3.13 (see releases here).

Real Time Collaboration


The animated gif shows it working between RetroLab (classic-look on the left) and JupyterLab (on the right) interfaces. However, if you adjust the URL of the share link subsequently, you can use it between two RetroLab interfaces.

For example, if you are in the tour notebook and the 'Share' features gives you the following link:

In a text editor, edit the link to replace lab/tree with retro/notebooks to give:

And then paste that link in a new browser window or pass it on to someone to give them the classic-looking notebook experience.

(I imagine it would be nice if the 'Share' button could be made to do this when you are in the RetroLab interface; however, I don't know if that is possiblle at this time and/or already planned.)


JupyterLab 3.2.4 on Binder with Real Time Collaboration enabled

"RetroApp": { "collaborative": true, "retro_logo": false },
"LabApp": { "collaborative": true }
# Download the tour of RetroLab notebook
curl -o tour.ipynb
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