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What would you like to do?

Here are things a support engineer at Netlify might do in no particular order. List 5 things that are your most favorite to do and 5 things that are least favorite.

  • Respond to 50+ support requests via email or chat most days
  • Dig through server logs to troubleshoot a customer's website behavior
  • Write and maintain documentation for our software and blog posts for our website.
  • Create video tutorials to help teach users a specific feature or use case
  • Debug a customer's build using a programming language and framework that you've never seen before
  • Spot trends across many cases to improve Netlify's product and service
  • Manage a Support team
  • Find and recruit teammates for the Support team
  • Suggest and champion improvements to the Support team's workflow to your colleagues in and out of Support
  • Help train and onboard new support teammates
  • Submit bug reports and potentially bug fixes to closed and open source projects that Netlify maintains on GitHub
  • Work with the development team to help design a new feature based on feedback from customers
  • Respond to Netlify customers on Twitter
  • Engage multiple users at once via chat to answer their questions and troubleshoot problems
  • Work with prospective customers to explain our service and the pricing model
  • Work with people to figure out if Netlify's service can solve a particular workflow or integration challenge they have
  • Receive occasional phone calls requesting support from our highest-value customers
  • Help manage communications during a service outage
  • Set up your own copy of several static site frameworks for debugging
  • Deliver a talk to many people you don't know at a conference or meetup
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