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The Hackenbrack by Zak Smith and Friends.

The Hexenbrack


Well. 3 crocodiles.


Mulk human settlement. excellent glassblowers.

Hidden harbor. base of a luckless pirate captain.


Abandoned witch's hut.


Burnt remains of a fishing village along the shore. sunken fishing boats in the shallows.


A very old bard in a dinghy. appears to be idly fishing but in reality, is attempting to find ways to capture a mermaid who taunts and jilts him.


Abandoned stone watchtower. someone burned down the roof and there is a pack of 20 feral dogs with a taste for human meat.


Unsinkable cursed buckets. lots of.


Pirate patrols from the hilly island to the south that seek slaves (50% chance their ship is already loaded with precious cargo). 10% chance actually ghost pirates from a ship that was ran aground in a storm (there may be treasure in the real wreck as well).


The cyclops´ armory. believed to hold items of excellent craftmanship (true, but they're all giant sized)


Wet water is wet. there are lots of fish here.

The sunken remains of ships with several large rocks scattered among them. (these ships were sunk by the cyclops before they ever reached his island.)

One of the jellyfish here is being remotely controlled by a mind flayer in hex 0109. he is using it to look for a lost gem in the shoals.


The remains of an old fishing settlement. a strange statue, clearly dredged from the ocean floor, is located in the center of town - surrounded by corpses.

Moonlight turns water surface into a portal.


Screeyal white elf port. rough.


Small pile of rocks near highest hilltop in the hex. hasty grave - underneath is the naked corpse of a halfling with tremendous sideburns.


Scree and loose rock. 4 large pterosaurs.

Upside - dwarven surface colony. sturdy buildings, little luxury.


One of the hills has an iron door cut into its side. a corpse with stab wounds in its back lies face down towards the door.

Ash and burnt vegetation from a huge wildfire.


Drunken hill giant who loves to gamble.

Dwarves here with trained rabid bats will steal your armor int he night and melt it down.


These mountains contain a sealed dwarf vault. the seal has not been broken largely because of the legends that claim "the dwarfs that founded this vault never left before the seal was put in place."


One of the mountains is illusory, but chances are you won't realise til you're halfway up it.

A big telescope built by lizardmen, pointing at the stars. they buy lenses from the lens grinders in 0217

A desolate mountain peak strewn with bones of a decimated adventuring crew. one rather intact skeleton still clutches a red dragon scale the size of a great-shield.


At the top of this mountain carved into the living stone is a very small throne, too small even for a halfling. (anyone small enough to sit in it can see all surface activity for 30 miles around, while seated in the chair. but no special power to actively process that information is imparted upon the user.)


A massive statue of an ancient king points directly at the throne in 0119 with an accusing expression

Abandoned mines with a collapsed entrance.


Sheer cliffs over the water with caves high up.

The palatial abandoned manse overlooking the water here is an illusion. it's really a rickety deathtrap covered by an illusion the cannibal witch-naga beneath cast so adventurers will fall to their doom.

Crater with large crashed space capsule. squishy aliens unloading parts to construct mechanical walking death machines.


A flotilla of rafts inhabited by peaceful lizardmen plies a circular route throughout this hex.

Two fortified islands linked by a stone bridge

A school of small green fish that form strange arcane symbols.


Den of 4 werecrocodiles who prey on the lizardmen in 0122.

Excellent finish in the hex. including one overly large shark with a suite of +1 chain in its belly.


The top of a giant statue's head protrudes from the water. at low tide it's eyes are revealed.


No one can prove a tribe of degenerate elvish cannibals live here because no one ever comes out of the forest alive.

Glade with portal to the nymph's shadow realm. druids can find a pathway to hex 2211, traversable in a day (accompanied by druid's level living beings).


Marsh lands, very difficult terrain to cross, no potable water.

Dank swamp land made passable by bridges of human bones. the air is thick with the stench of rotting flesh.

Old squat dwarven fortress. wererats disguised as lost pilgrims inside. they have d20xd12 gp worth of stuff.


The mosquito queen

Dank swamp land made passable by bridges of human bones. the air is thick with the stench of rotting flesh. a massive hollow earthen mound sits above the murky water and is home to a clutch of flesh eaters.


Quasit--ex-familiar of mosquito queen, created the hyper sophisticated lizardmen in 0118



Nothing. absolutely, stinking, frigging, nothing. will drive players mad looking since they’ve found something of interest on every other hex on the map.


Hidden rocks--ships will probably founder. pirates and scavengers from nearby ports know about this place

Swamp village if mutated half fish half human creatures. led by blind mad prophet.

Sunken rowboat. here, a party of adventurers learned that armor doesn't float.


An orc in a rowboat guarding a locked chest. full of killer bees.

Giant sits on a throne of living humans stitched together.

Salt water marsh as far as the eye can see. long legged birds prey on fish in the shallows.


Water in this hex boils at a 1-in-6 chance per night, 2-in-6 at a full moon, from sundown to sundawn.

Wreck of pirate ship "the yeasty skulls" - contains 2 forlorn ghosts. chest of glass flowers.


Water goblins in huge half-submerged fortress of trained coral.


Village of 116 rat men who worship the corpse of a prehistoric mammoth. 2000 gp worth of valuables piled between its ribs. the skull was stolen two months ago by the giant in hex 0212.

Marble prison to a nymph from 0125. the key to her prison is a marble figurine of her likeness, at the bottom of 0202 near the sunken rowboat. if you free her, she grants you a wish.


Clearing filled with small orange and white speckled mushrooms. visions if consumed.


Psychotropic seaweed grows on the seabed. popular vacation spot for merpeople.


Vekth largish port city here--half of it is on solid ground, half is linked boats and fishing towers.


Undersea dome - rusting in places and of questionable constriction - hidden by a forest of purple and green kelp.


Docks, roads, inns - largely serving traffic to and from nearby vekth hex 0209.


Mountain pass guarded by the skull baron, a insane giant, naked except for mammoth skull head stolen from the rat men in hex 0206.


Twelve lords a’ leaping. twelve armored knights suffering from a permanent 'otto’s irresistible dance'.

Bone yards of the skull baron, loaded with heaped detritus from his rampages, discarded remnants of his victims, plenty of scavenger monsters


Natural hot springs


Bloodcorn, village of 400 disheveled, and paranoid farmers. the corn grown in the surrounding fields bleeds and screams when bitten into.


Inn of the night goat d6 minus d4 travelers at any time. barkeep's has an accurate treasure map in a map case in his room to an underground complex in 1423 inhabited by trolls.


Fertile steppe land populated by wild herds of huge black goats with the faces of men, also known as night goats.


One-eye grizzly bear feared by the surrounding locals.


Abandoned mining camp, spoil heaps, equipment, from mines in hex 0120. road leading to that abandoned mine past the feet of the giant seated statue also in hex 0120.


Encampment of fantasy hippies, protected from harm by overwhelming stench of arcane incense


A surly herd of aurochs led by a very short-tempered bull who hates halflings.


Ruins of a burned-out farmstead with skeletal remains scattered about. fields are overgrown with weeds, but have fresh crop circles in them.


Nizadd gors was transformed into a wererat by a cursed scroll sold to him by a merchant in screeyal (0112). he seeks information and revenge.


Lizardman encampment; this tribe of primitive lizardmen were subjected to arcane experiments by outsiders [see 0128] , and the successes taken away. they remain embittered.


Two large clans of primitive cannibals. they are feuding over an ancient recipe for barbecue sauce.


Spell scroll hidden in knot of unusually twisted tree beneath overgrown crow's nest. permanency . castable by anyone but only works once.


Caravan from mulk laden with high-end glassware, lost, bewildered, guards depleted from monster attacks, near starvation, still they soldier on, devoted to fulfilling their orders to the south



On a small island is an apparently abandoned tower taken by the cold banner--a cult of mute assassins dedicated to akayle ozph, the many-faced god.


Tiny islands randomly rise and sink here, usually within hours. prides of aquatic displacer beasts hunt in these waters.


Beneath the waves the aquanarium of bubblox the sea wizard lurks on a rocky outcropping near the edge of an abyssal trench.


A bustling port town, nearby healing spring houses symbiotic parasites than actually run the town.


The oakheart academy for wayward girls is nestled in the rugged hills here. it is actually a front for the slime sisters of jubilex - an odious cult of depraved nuns devoted to the slime god.


Abandoned fortress of the order of the nine dozen. mostly picked over (unless there's a secret door somewhere) still, offers shelter from the elements.


The retired bard h'timskaz resides here in the port town of ratzenrop. he now makes his living by selling sandals, togas and headbands to fashion challenged visitors at the local inn.


Plesiosaur mating ground


Sunken ship. in the hold, granite icon of saint gunther of the uplands. praying in front of it gives the faithful +1 to hit and damage with crossbows until next dawn


Thin string of half-submerged fortresses linked by a crumbling causeway connecting 0407 to 0608. once part of the western defenses in the the bleak wars, a lunatic has taken up residence in one.


A 3 mile long trail is marked with crucified rabbits every 500 feet. the trail ends in a clearing containing the stump of a large oak tree.


Bottomless cave. three servants of ith-narmant, master of shadows, are building a shrine in its black depths.


The canyon lands of the screaming arches. wind(?) blowing through natural rock arch ways sounds like the screams of the dying.

Black tar pits. pitch elementals have been known to spawn here.


The devilwide--a popular dueling ground for local nobles. 70% of seeing at least one duel if traveling on foot through this hex, 40% on horseback.


Village of scoble. will warn about the weirdos who grow the screaming corn in 0215.

Galassa, halfling village, 900 residents, exports barley; sherrif, innkeeper, 3d20 more relatively prominent residents secretly worship and offer blood sacrifices to a minor demon prince.


Astrologer's tower was destroyed some weeks ago by the weird golem thing in 0318. it was searching for something it could not find.

A crag on this peak bears the mark of dark rites. a ranger can identify the bones as those of elven children (a rare thing).


Alchemist lady, rebecca flaskhaver, lives under a stone outcrop in a forested valley between the peaks. likes to test substances on nearby corn farmers (0215). will trade powerful magic/potions/powders for humanoid babies.


A mechanical walking death machine from 0121. systematically destroying all vegetation, in search of the nymph's portal in 0125.


Field of arms. 2d100+100 undead soldier skeletons from a bygone wizard war are buried here, each with one of their arms sticking out of the ground. pulling one out is not recommended.


A tribe of raptor riding goblins aids travelers in distress. their leader wears a ratty red cloak and mask.

Corpse of dark elf traveler. carrying standard dungeoneering gear--rope, torches, rations, etc.


The needle. a thin mountain with an oval hole in the peak. when the moon rises behind it, the light shining through illuminates a secret temple of the moon goddess.


Wheretewhakawi plateau, arid and pungent with the stench of gorgonzola. several naga zealots have taken residence in the flab of pukurangi, a giant clairavoyant mooncalf.

A ghostly troupe of murdered actors follows the party, critiquing their "performance".


Wererat assassin who killed the dark elf in 0320 and took his ring of spiderform. the assassin is on its way back to the dwarven fortress in 0126.


Remains of a huge merchant caravan. carrion crawlers poking through it at night, wild boars during the day.


Wooden fortress on a hilltop, populated by 140 hardy wo/men. forage and hunt, not much farming. small mine to extract copper for trade etc. - equipment/hirelings/henchpeople available. - will share good information on any nearby area (up to 4 hexes away) in exchange for luxurious commodities.


Snakehill path. a merchant with a wagon full of strange wares is missing his son, who was kidnapped by the mosquito queen's soldiers from 0127.


Former fortified city, abandoned and crumbling, full of snake eggs. the pythons here feed on sadness and will attack the loneliest party members first.


Large rubbish dump . several belligerent lizardchildren hang around breaking bottles and smoking cigarettes.


Friendly helpful, generous merchants vessel need a hand being pulled to shore. for real.


A pod of dolphins are often in this hex. they are familiar with the submerged parts of the whole region.

A talking sea monster dwells beneath the waters here. there is a 15% chance a passing ship will catch its eye. it isn't necessarily hostile, but it will want something.


The currents and flows here strongly suggest hidden rocks and shallow sandbars - but none are actually present. experienced local sailors will know about this.


This area contains a school of semi-intelligent squid (int 5). they hunt in this area and will even attacks sailors that fish them. attempt to communicate with them can be made.


A single undead human lives at the bottom of the river, occasionally creeping out to steal away an easy target from the port in 0304. has treasure from victims in it's lair.

Several bottles, containing notes may be found here and there. a young inmate of the oakheart academy in 0305, pleading for help.


At the bottom of the water there is a great circular stone with a glyph on it. removing it reveals an entrance to the dungeon.


A crowd of children wearing cursed buckets from 0107 as helmets have amassed here led by a mysterious force. they carry pot lids as shields and farm implements as weapons and prepare to storm the dungeon entrance.


The giant raft with a population of albinoes, simply known as "the albino island". the albinoes are rich people who dwell on this artificial island, protected by golem guards, waiting for a cure of their condition to come from the sea according to a prediction. the cure is to be related to the monster from hex 0402, but they don't know that.

Abandoned halfling merchant vessel. inside there are 4 leech-headed halflings and the diary of a butcher who escaped the cult in galassa ( 0315 )

That's the hex-eating mega purple worm.


Cursed albatross; will follow any sailing ship; wind strength will be lower than normal, but will be increased in case of a storm. the killer of the albatross will be cursed (can only consume salt water instead of fresh water).

Once you get a bag of salt, that's kind of a blessing; it's a lot easier to make fresh water salty than t'other way round. maybe all your clothes and possessions are permanently crusted with seaweed and salt, -1 to dex and your items wear out/break often?


There is an excellent sheltered bay here, unfortunately strong uncooperative currents make sailing into the bay all but impossible. a tribe of wood giants lives here, they will trade lumber and amber for iron.


A wizard growing crying mushrooms will pay handsomely for the hand of an hanged elf. pays double for the hand of a white elf, triple in the case of a white elf magic user, knows the location of screeyal (0112).


A quaint, rustic inn with a wood sign proclaiming "the green dragon inn" sits on a path winding through the mountains. a strange book titled "flailsnails" in the reading room hint at magic portals in the extensive wine cellar linking the inn to other wine cellars throughout the multiverse.

At dawn, those who view the cliff side will see inscribed the names of everyone who worked on this hexmap. pcs who gaze upon it will be refreshed, but will forget about it entirely once they look away.


A caravan of dancers, performers and musicians have made camp in this small grassy valley. amongst their belongings in their wagon is a large wooden box containing a vampire.


Man sits on a stump. will smile and give a knowing nod and encouraging thumbs-up to passers-by.


The plants in this forest wander about on shuffling roots. the animals either cling like vines or are rooted by their legs to the ground.


Blasted moonscape hidden in the marsh (division between healthy swamp and dead area is clear as a line) and anything that dies within the dead zone will reanimate as undead during the next night (all vegetation is also undead). ancient underground necromantic laboratory buried somewhere, corrupting the whole area.


A ruined village sinks in the stagnant murk. a half orc offers you a ride in his boat through the ruins for 10 gp. sitting on the roof of one of the buildings is a strange child with no eyes who warns adventurers to beware the "man who smells like blood"


A decaying mausoleum half hidden by brambleberries is home to a small band of evil rapist deodands. the tombs inside contain d10x20gps worth of golden jewellery and a cursed tiara of resist pleasure.


A skull-faced amazon with a large hellhound wanders here, seeking the location of the dungeon in hex 0406. the amazon wears a tattered cloak made from thirteen demon faces sewn together. the faces whisper dark secrets and make prophecies of doom about random people, 10% chance one of the faces mentions someone the pc’s know.


Mountain fortress housing 28 pterodactyl riding bandits. they have imprisoned the former owner (a wind druid) and are forcing him to keep the 2d12 'dactyls docile. fortress contains 3d100x100gp worth of goods, supplies and valuables stolen from nearby settlements.

Titanic arm made of black, very hard metal makes a lewd gesture toward what used to be a contended border. chance of rock slides.


Ruined mountain pass fortress of doram. clay golem soldiers continue to collect toll-fee in the now overflowing, trap-ridden vault.


A dusty road twists through this bleak rock scape. it passes along sheer cliffs and over a rusted iron bridge of bizarre craftsmanship. the road leads to the fortress of doram.


Come see the famous dungeon of dread!

This snow capped mountain is the home to a cult that worships the 3' tall purple cacti. the petals are used to brew a ritual tea said to give the faithful greater understanding of the world around them.


Irregular mounds of earth, the remains of several fires, and trees that twist unnaturally on themselves to precariously grip intricately carved wooden boxes mark this secluded place an ancient graveyard. the solitary gravetender – a scrawny, naked man caked all over with red clay (cleric 5) – will bury a corpse (thus preventing it from rising as undead) for a donation of good food, speak with dead for a donation of good drugs, or allow pcs to remove a corpse for the donation of a fresher, more powerful (higher hd or level) humanoid specimen.


A band of 2d4 mountain gorillas. they have some rudimentary knowledge of weapon and armor usage.


Lonely shepherd guards 2d10 yaks.


The ground here is littered with stone turtles. an evil skeleton loiters in the area waiting to trick passers-by with its bogus prophecies.



Schools of crystalline-flying fish with razor sharp wings frequent these waters, 50% chance of encounter. if caught they can fetch a decent price from the right buyer.


A ramshackle boat full of sea hippies cruises about looking for a market for their hand crafted doo-dads.


Its rumoured that there is an opening to an underwater cavern here. when inside of said cavern you can breath water as though it was air (water acts as air), but air can cause you to drown (treat as water)

A long abandoned catamaran is anchored above a pearl bed inhabited by giant oysters and 4 ixitxachitl who prey on those who may investigate.


Shoals off the coast are full of stinging jellyfish. sea cows here moan in suspiciously human voices.

Reef! a seamanship / navigation check is required or your vessel will run aground. some spots are so shallow swimmers can climb up and be completely out of the water.


Thunderous surf crashes on beaches of black volcanic sand. indigenous monkey people sift diamonds from the sands with loose weave wicker baskets.


Secret beach hosts massive ghost dance on the full moon.


Colorful coral reefs lie just below the waters surface. this is the spawning place of the merfolk.

The fishing is really good here, so good even untrained observers will notice it.

Burnt remains of viking funeral barge under the water. full of the usual viking treasure and rotting skeletal warriors.


The last remaining pylon of a colossal basalt bridge that spanned from 0407 to 0608 rises from the water here. it is now used as the nesting place for several families of giant albatross. their eggs are prized for those who would use the young as mounts.


A wild-haired man, his body covered in strange symbols, is tied screaming to a raft.


Three barrels of brandy float in the water. they fell off a smuggler's ship in a storm.


Rocky cliffs prevent landing.


Low sandy hills infested with smart mouth harpies.


This mountain is an active volcano with an eruption impending; roll 1d12 each time pc pass by or view the mountain from a distance: 1-3 nothing, 4-8 minor tremors, 9-11 distressing smoldering, 12 eruption. the lava flow will head northeast to the sea, through hexes 0512 and 0612. after the eruption, the lopsided face of the volcano looks strangely like the profile of a lost dwarven king.

Termite mounds hundreds, even thousands of feet high


The small village of lenina. a blacksmith's son has become possessed by an evil spirit. he is bound in shackles and locked away in an old barn. at night he cries out the names of the villagers and the dates and ways in which they will die.


These hills have eyes: a beholder spawning site just beneath the surface


A smoldering campfire that appears to have exhausted it's fuel within the last day. a small opened belt pouch sits in the middle of three charred bodies lying fifteen feet to the east of the fire pit.


Abandoned silver mine. d10 kobolds.

2d10 chaotic pilgrims cruising for sick thrills. led by the devil himself, a third-level cleric.


An angry mother bear rages because her cub has been caught in a trap.

Three escaped refugees from the oakheart academy (0304) are hiding in the trees on this rocky plateau. they are being menaced by a pack of 8 grizzly bears.


Pile of slain deodands--same tribe as those in 0418, apparently slain by the amazon in 0419.


Moonlight shining through the needle from 0321 illuminates the moon goddess's temple on this mountainside.

Weeping statue looks towards sister on peak of 0816. if their gazes are aligned, a chasm will open at 0618 leading to lost city.


Large demon stands before a bridgeless chasm. compelled to aid those who wish to cross, but acts aggressively in the hopes of triggering combat and slaying or being slain (reappears in 24 hours) so he doesn't have to help.


A cenotaph covered in choking vines of ivy. hidden within the vines is an entrance to a dungeon beneath.

Ropetown, most who live in this town either grow hemp, or make rope. the town headman, mangai, will pay 500 gp, for the return of his feckless son, lein the ropesmoker, who ran off to be one of the sea hippies in hex 0502


Treacherous path, 60% chance of blizzard. 8 wolves.


Beautiful alpine lake, crystal clear, cold, excellent for drinking, washing and fishing.


20 nomadic hill people.


Mastodon graveyard, reverently avoided by nomadic tribes. disturbing remains has a 60% chance of angering a random god with animal/nature/mastodon portfolio.


Travelling minstrels! currently composing a ballad about the contents of hex (d20) (d20+6)


A grove of tall trees has 2-24 giant bees.


No animal found on this forested peninsula has any teeth, each choking down their food whole. otherwise healthy.


Suicide cult of moon elves are gathered in a circle of stones, awaiting a meteor to streak across the sky.


Flotsam. if night, the strange mournful calls of some unknown sea creature.


The shipping channel is filled with d20 mines from some long ago war. these masterwork mines are all crafted to resemble eye tyrants, and each has a 1 in 6 chance of still being active.


Haunted salt marsh/tide flats- basically a group of small islands at high tide. on arrival and every 30 minutes, roll a d8: if 1, a ghost; 2-3. a of 3d4 sea-ghouls in ancient rotted soldier's uniforms


Half sunk into the black waters of this fetid swamp is the iron tower of the space vampire. giant frogs, apparently not bothered by the cold, are common here.


Abandoned lighthouse


The tribesmen here fish from dugout canoes. they tend to a dying sailor from vekth 0209. hidden in his dagger’s scabbard is a map to the dungeon in hex 0522


Small island temple surrounded by a flotilla of miniature wooden boats. worshippers come here and place messages to the gods of the chrysanthemum sea in these boats and wait for the tide to take them and interfering with one has a 5% chance of bringing a water-breathing-only curse down on the blasphemer.


Dastreich vale hyrax vooreal and his 20 werewolf minions rules this fortified island city, sacrificing those who displease him to the goddess of the gibbous moon.


Palace of 1000 terraces (island castle) originally built 1000 years ago as a summer estate for the negatsar, it contains overgrown gardens, winding stairs, chimes, parlors. it was so beautiful, the negatsar used to have everyone who saw it drowned.


A squat lonely tower is home to dagan zur the transmuter, wizard and avid entomologist. dagan zur spends hours each day scrying with his crystal ball for new insects to study and catalog. he has secretly fallen in love with the mosquito queen 0127 and will seek to punish any who bring harm to her.


The pool of heal and harm: in the daylight the pool is red. anyone getting in the pool takes 2d12 points of damage. at night the pool is clear blue. anyone getting into the pool heals 2d12 hits. (stolen from majestic wilderlands)


Atop a flat-topped hill is the decapitated head of a statue, some fourteen feet tall on its side. it depicts the face of a gaping fish-man.


Battle arena of ras rachtan - a colossal, oval-shaped arena filled with giant stone statues called the rachtan. by using a series of spells and controls, one can animate the rachtan to battle one another. rachtan betting is serious business.


Grigs and pixies turned hostile by dagan zur in 0621 in a black tree that grows sideways. their treasure includes 9000gp, a land deed to vornheim and a mangled taxidermized miniphant that contains a small die which is actually a lich's phylactery.


Pack of undead birds.


Wild boar, an abandoned homestead and an overgrown orchard, claimed by the wild.

Group of statues in various hostile poses that are actually adventurers that were turned to stone by long dead basilisk.


The 36 tribesman who live in these hills are actually wereboars. they are forced to give tribute to hyrax vooreal 0610 and are bound from attacking him directly. they seek proxies to relieve them of this burden.

Blasted craggy hills that have been sculpted by the ne wind into the shapes of the totems of the argui tribe.


Dwarven skeletons patrol here at night. any severed skeleton pieces will attempt to crawl back to the entrance to the subterranean dwarf skeleton dungeon with treasure and curses and tragedy.


Giant flail snail--20' tall. shell is worth 10x normal price.


Gagorum the nomad city is made up of scores of ancient stone houses and other buildings, each made from a solid piece of an unknown green stone. it is a ghost-town most of the year, but during the winter months the nomadic tribes of the region gather for a great moot.


Fishing hamlet - fish the shores of the lake in 0723. a certain type of lake squid has fine fibres, which are used to make luxurious, soft and strong clothing here.


Castle abatte: abatte is a petty warlord he employs the best chefs in the realm. obliging when he wants something--will pay 10x the price for exotic ingredients or spices.


Dark deep forests, nothing special in here, just scary darkness


More dark deep forests, but here there be spiders, trap door spiders and goldern orb spiders (but medium-large sized)


Within a massive termite mound like structure lives a bee demon. it trades its demon-honey, valued for its endurance enhancing properties, for betrayed confidences and broken promises.



A single large snow leopard lives here, it is sacred to the moon elves who live here ( 0602 ) and is the only animal in the area with teeth.


This area is prone to rip tides, they are very strong and very long


Remains of a prehistoric shark lie of the sea floor.


Hyperintelligent monkeys from 0505 are posing as ordinary pets and plan to take over the merchant vessel--the dawn bream--moored at the island here.


Small village of 61 honorable fisherman constructed of 12 large, wooden rafts banded together and floating at sea.


3 intelligent foxes hunt the marsh. all know suggestion . they trapped the princess in 0707.


The princess trapped in a magical island gibbet here can enslave the minds of men for 24 hours at a time, but can only be freed speaking the ancient spell written into the sigils of the fish in 0122.


Cliff-side monastery of 23 blind elves that nontheless fight a 6th level fighters dedicated to the appeasement of the lurker of endless night. 1d20 x 1d20 gp worth of valuables within.


Wrothwheel (settlement) baron cytorrak, who rules here, is cruel but respects the gods of the chrysanthemum sea ( 0609 ). the prayers in his devotion vessels contain clues to his intrigues with abatte ( 0624 ) and the wizard in 0411 .


The unusually clear water reveals a vast sponge field. ingesting the sponges causes nausea and strange visions which allow the eater to see the future as if the had cast augury.


A small fishing village has grown wealthy catering to a strange sect of deathwish pilgrims who travel to see the palace in 0611 knowing they will be put to death by the negatsar.


A statue of the bringer of endless night is sunk beneath the water here. it is sacred to the ixitachitl in 0503.


Sixteen greedy dwarves hopelessly pan the many rivers and streams in this hex for gold.


Inside a sturdy watchtower is what appears to be a statue of an elf looking in the sky to the east. it was the first intelligent creature to discover that the reclusive dragon roosting in the peaks at 1413 is actually a dracolisk.


Ancient elven burial city now occupied by a necromancer. she is served by a disturbing variety of undead birds (ghoul crows, skeletal vultures, bloodfalcons etc)--including those in 0617.


Remains of an ancient battle between elven and goblins kind. followers of the many headed god morn this sight.

Here is the caves of the goblin heroes, it has many a valuable item in here, and the goblins who live here fight as a 3-4 level rogue and 2-3 level fighter (multi-class)


Vyrvalis (settlement) this was once an enormous elven city made entirely of geometrically carved white marble with circular openings for doors. now it is mostly overgrown and supports a small population of traders and hunters.


Seven giant hogs branded in the left buttocks.


D20 rabid monkeys hiding in the trees pelt intruders mercilessly with extremely hard nuts (treat as slingshot) and will attempt to steal small, shiny objects during the night from people foolish enough to camp here.


Dwarves hunting wereboars ( 0619 ) through the ruins of a vast temple complex that used to be adjacent to vyrvalis ( 0117 )


Camp of the dwarven expedition searching for clues to the secrets of vervalis ( 0117 ) in the nearby dwarf skeleton dungeon ( 0620 ). most are hunting boars in the nearby forest ( 0720 ).


At the junction of two major trade routes, a low, rambling inn does a brisk business selling barbecued pork to travelers. they will grill anything for the right price.


A shallow lake completely fills this grim valley. the water is murky, almost black with silt and infested with giant eels.


A group of twenty two statues of ugly haggard woman that face away from one another, circled around carving of full moon. babbling and nonsensical mutterings are heard passing between them. when the moon is full the statues face each other and sing warnings of 4.16.


Stankbog, muddy human village of 150 wretches that worship the great swamp gas, a nearby will-o-wisp.


Mountain man lives in rickety cabin. practices taxidermy and talks to his stuffed animals, hoping one day they'll talk back.


A statue of a okapi stands alone. it is disturbingly realistic.


A herd of mastodons are escorting their dying matriarch to the graveyard at 0526. d6+2 nomadic tribesmen are observing and will attempt to thwart anyone interfering with the procession.


Iceberg adrift, with ruined camp of gnomish polar explorers, inexplicably killed.

Empty coracle floats alone



A hopelessly lost flotilla of small vessels, pilgrims from vekth 0209 seeking the island temple in 0609. they will ask the gods of the chrysanthemum sea to smile upon any who set them back on course.


The trees in these woods make fine dugout canoes. two tribes live here, one of them practices ritual cannibalism.


Isolated community of ex-sailors only admits settlers who are afflicted by scurvy. fresh fruit is confiscated by the authorities.


A fishing boat carrying a salty ex-soldier turned fisherman, a young scholar, and a paladin. they are hunting a giant devil-shark.


The wreckage of 5 ancient longboats can be found here. they hold a treasure guarded by the restless spirits of ship crews.

Placid waters, an area frequently plied by pleasure barges of decadent nobles (guarded by heavily armored janissarys). they will sometimes pay adventurers to engage in gladiatorial combat.


The burial mounds here hold the most honored dead of local nomadic tribes. one of the mounds has recently been broken into or out of, whatever was inside is gone.


A hamster in a magic sphere slowly rolls his way across the landscape. the hamster needs no water, food, or air and is completely immune to all harm while the globe is intact.


The cloaked figure sailing a skiff is actually the powerful skeleton, zox (7hd, claws, fires green magic missiles from its emerald eyes). every year, his mistress, the necromancer in 0715, sends him to gather magic mushrooms that grow in 0711, this year the mushrooms were gone, taken by the sea hippies in 0502. fearful of returning empty handed, he demands any vessel he comes across allow him to search their ship, attacking if he is refused.


Dense overgrowth along the bank hides a cave entrance. inside the cave, the path west is a dungeon where undead dwarves toil fruitlessly; the other exit is in 0406. the underground path east has a track and ancient mining cart, with an eventual opening to an owlbear cave in 1312.


A leprechaun guards his pot of gold. he has health issues and will pay handsomely for a sack of prunes/


A party of 2-8 ice trolls hunt here, amongst their possessions is a tattered map written in a forgotten language. it details how to use “the needle” in 0321.


Golem factory: crafter hos gone mad and created a sentient flesh golem that has taken over his factory. it is turning everything suitable into golems (including but not limited to: the entire contents of the crafters treasury, obsidian decor, the pantry, the bedroom linens etc.) the flesh golem has an extremely long, six-jointed arm and 3 heads. it desires to have its creator's face sown onto it.


Paranoid man living in a gazebo. he has a bone scalpel that protects him from anyone whose name he carves in his skin.


Damnation a sprawling ramshackle boom-town of tents and rickety lean-tos has sprung up in a windy valley here after the discovery of mega-dungeon. it is wretched hive of scum and villainy nearly as dangerous as the dungeon itself. recently, unknown arsonists have taken to setting fires in order to loot in the wake of the chaos.


These plains contain several cairns spread in a circular formation over a 4 mile radius. at the center is a very large barrow with a low entry. deep bellow the barrow lies a helmet sized to fit in the throne of hex 0119 and is capable of making sense of the visual panoply present there.

A pair of manticores are cursed to guard an orchard of plum trees. any vegetation they try to eat shrivels in their paws.


Pastel colored lime pit


Thin stretch of forest with poison ivy, mosquitos, dragonflies, songbirds.


At the edge of the forest and guarding the plains is the fort and trading town of axerist.


Shaggy wild horses run through these plains, if captured and broken, they will make fine mounts.


An exceedingly shy dryad lives in this sparse copse. she is feral, possibly rabid, and feeds on the eels from the lake in 0723. the local animals are afraid of her.


Pugnacious clan of hill giants walk around with black eyes and bruises from their incessant squabbling, subsist on diet almost entirely of giant eels from 0723. they dress in skin-tight eel skin leggings, sport eel tooth jewelry, smell like eels and are actually quite slippery.

The secret t' cookin' giant eels, y'see, is y'gotta put 'm in a tub and feed 'm loaves of bread for a couple weeks t' clean 'm out. then they's delicious!


Was once an office of the local taxation department of the negatsar, now in ruins. contains a hidden vault containing 4500gp, reams of documents with the suspected locations of various ancient potentates' hidden treasure, and the descendants of a pack of wolfdogs the tax collector bred to protect him on his travels.


Corpse of a hill giant from 0823 ripped apart by wild dogs from 0824. has 345gp, 2-handed sword (a sword to him), and clear footprints leading from the north.


Cathedral of an ancient insect cult related to the mosquito queen in 0127. it and the tunnels beneath are in the process of being sacked by goblins who are fighting huge walking wasps in the tunnels. some of the goblins have begun to develop strangely faceted eyes and wasplike legs.


An apatosaurus corpse is being scavenged by a pack of deinonychus.

Ancient monolith. the shadow of the monolith will teleport anyone standing fully within it 1d6 hexes in the direction its currently pointing, as long as that's not off the edge of the map (due to the lay of the land it casts no shadow in directions that would be off the map).



Nyngloom castle surrounded by hundreds of ships beached after a tide-lowering spell cast during a catastrophic war. infested with carrion crawlers.


Fellmount abbey an abbey of monks sits in these hills, brewing beer. 20 years ago, the monks were replaced by dopplegangers, who continue to brew quite good beer.


A sinkhole 3 miles long, over 200' feet across at its widest and incredibly deep scars the land here. the air around it smells of methane.


Procession of bat-like methane-breathers from 0903, fleeing some terror worse than death from deep below, all collapsed in a heap. they need concentrated methane fast!


A great tree dominates a clearing here. its upper branches are home to a nest of benevolent but mischievous couatls.


Kleptomaniacal monkeys bring their ill-gotten gains to the coatls in 0905. the coatls may ask a favor to have the items returned.


Waters teeming with millions of luminous jellyfish including one colossal telepathic jellyfish oracle who will answer any question with 100% accuracy for a single human sacrifice.


In the ruins of a castle are a dozen bronze-soldiers, automatons that march and fight when military-styled music is played.

The petrified remains of a colossal whale. the bones and ossified digestive tract of the creature has created a vast labyrinthine system of passages.


A city amidst swamps, that blocks the safest route through the treacherous ground. it takes a tax of 5% on any valuables one wants to bring through it, not just trade goods.

Ghouls live under the ancient battlefield here. the ghoul king wields the sword of an ancient prince who died on the battlefield.


This expanse gets rockier to the south, and the shore with 0911 is one large flat stone expanse. huge lizards come here to bask in the sun and drink the water. zox from 0810 feeds people he kills to them, and random items litter the ground and shallows.

Small town, recently razed because its inhabitants worshiped the ff elemental princes. patrol of 30 soldiers from 0909 is hunting for survivors and putting them to the sword.


Relatively shallower waters make this a feeding ground for sea life including 2-24 crabmen.


Not far from the shore, hidden under branches and brambles is a longboat. at first glance it appears a to be viking vessel but closer inspection reveals it to be of white elf construction.


Ancient pile of boar and snow leopard bones. digging beneath for an hour reveals a plinth of depthless black stone that may account for all the preternaturally smart monkeys on this hex map.


The fossilized jaws of a tyrannosaurus jut from the bare rock here. a warrior praying within the jaws is granted a +1 to attack and damage while within the surrounding hexes.


Armored chaos champions ( ) on metallic steeds roam this area, obeying ancient orders to defend the overgrown and partially buried skull-shaped temple. the necromancer in 0715 seeks this hidden temple as it is holds the key to the energies responsible for all the undead on this hexmap.

A prosperous vineyard run by retired halfling adventures.


A family of halfling moonshiners ride an enormous tortoise. their assortment of cheap liquors has made for strained relations with the vintners in hex 0915.


A party of 8 white elves in warmasks and their half-ogre slave pulling cart as they return from the dungeon in 0816, they are in route to their ship in 0912. inside the cart is 8000 gp in tapestries, candlesticks, offertory containers, oils, and idols, all of them of them of fine make and bearing snake motifs. there is also a beautiful green skinned female in a glass coffin; she wears snake themed jewelry and little else.


A feast set for a king lies exposed to the elements but unperturbed. the tablecloth and chair cushions are a spongy moss--anyone eating it is cursed to guard the plum orchard in 0817.


A gnomish survey team and their clockwork servants/guards have staked out the corners of this hex and are in the process of creating a detailed map of the area that they refer to as "sector oh nine one nine". their base camp is near a set of ancient standing stones in a hexagonal ring around a hexagonal altar in the exact center of the area they are surveying.


A lake in grassland with several abandoned huts on its shores. the horses of 0821 and the shepherds from 0820 sometime pasture near it.


A field of knee high grass that is razor sharp that works its way into the wounds of those who are cut, infecting the host. when rolled up and smoked can see through time.


Pair of settlements in the forest: skyvven-human and seekersfile--elven. both are hospitable.


A ring of great standing stones carved from bright orange quartz sits on a hill. beneath the altar is the entrance to a labyrinth which lies below the hill. infested with crypt ghasts the maze is also home to seven magic sacrificial daggers made from the same orange quartz.


A sickly forest hides the entrance to oozopolis, an abandoned subterranean town now haunted by slimes. a pair of druids investigate.

A sad satyr sits here playing a sad song on a silver sitar. he takes requests and will give those who appreciate his music a small copper key.


A constant bubbling near the shore here belies an underground spring which connects to a flooded cave system. if followed for 2 miles the caves rise above the water line and connect to the labyrinth in 0923.


Goblin-built wooden submarine -- more or less sea-wothy

A massive hollowed-out insect head at the bottom of the lake. if one swims into the left eye, violently rushing water takes you through tunnels, eventually emerging in 1226. bits of flesh and dark liquids eddy above the right eye; anyone swimming inside is wracked with pain and gains insectoid mutations.


Hidden shed contains wooden torpedoes for the submarine in 0926. over time they sweat nitroglycerine and are highly unstable


In the center of this dark forest, a band of surly orks run a lumber mill powered by giant rats running in huge wooden wheels.


Pile of recently deceased adventurers and wolves that slew each other after the adventurers visited nyngloom castle and fellmount abbey (hexes 0901 0902) and the dwarven camp 0721. they have extensive gear, notes and maps.


Gnomish junkyard. pretty much anything made out of metal, glass, wood or stone can be found here, only catch is that whenever you find something you want, the gnomes suddenly remember they need that exact part for something very important.


A child that can't speak but merely croak like a frog. a crawling hand the size of a house.


Large pond contains a giant teakettle wherein dwells chleresta the lazy witch--responsible for freaks in 1003. she forgot some important shoes when she moved from 0103 and will attempt to convince/force visitors to retrieve them.


A tower in the woods manned by elves; guard a well said to give the imbiber greater insight to the doings of the gods.


A thatched hut with seven brothers, seeking seven brides. the brothers are ogre magi.


A small band of heavily wounded survivors of tribal warfare to the south and east. they seek protectors for their pregnant leader, whose child they believe will unite the tribes in adulthood. the wizard in 0411 owes them a favor, as does the amazon in 0419.


Large wardrum in a crumbling tower. if played it will cause the constructs in 0908 to attack the ghouls in 0909.


A war party of hill tribesmen, chasing the small band in 1007. they expect their quarry to seek out the ogre magi, and are armed for them - periapts of true seeing, herbal unguent that works like napalm, and a shaman with dispel magic.


Princess adria and her retinue are going to visit her sister--sent here months ago to marry (and enslave) one of the ogre mages ( 1006 ) . unbeknownst to adria or the angry ogres, her sister never made it to the wedding because she is trapped in 0707 .


The cairns in these plains hold the most honored dead of nomadic tribes. one of the mounds has recently been broken into or out of, whatever was inside is gone.


The corpse of a giant, buried in undergrowth but showing no signs if decay or consumption. an orchard with a sign reading "keep out! no scrumping! trespassers will be pulped!"

The orc tribe here are all terminator-2 liquid-shimmery-metal (ac improved by 2, weapons out of hands). the trees in this forest are also all different types of metal, with a giant pool of mercury at the heart of the forest.


This forest grows thick with razor weed, poison humbert, stinging ghost leaf and strangle wort. travel rates through this area are reduced by 75%.


Dies arkatt (settlement) two colossal statues (? or victims of the dracolisk in 1413) of ancient gods crashed together long ago here but remain essentially vertical. a largely vertical settlement has grown up on and around them.

A geomancer sits by the side of the road, depressed over fighting with his wife. his wife is a naga paladin. there is a hobgoblin witch nearby that creates twig demons to disrupt their relationship.


Vriminynthe gholthaniel: elvish lancer, banished vassal of baron cytorrak (0709), rides a feathered tyrannosaur, seeks adventure.


Glen of howling trees. this haunted wood shelters a variety of ghosts.


Crkt bibin, a dense growth of trees home to a secret city of hundreds of murderous bandits. if a bag of 50 gp per traveller is left at the proper spot, the bandits will leave you alone. if you were well-liked in dies arkatt (1014), they will have told you of the "crkt bibin tax".

The nagas in 0322 and 0121 worship this statue of mistress of all perils. the geomancer's wife ( 1014 ) seeks its destruction but her grotesque appearance makes it difficult for her to recruit aid so she has recently taken to wearing a shell of ornate humanoid plate armor fixed to a horse to hide her wormlike body.


The hills have many small rockpools. one pool, limpid blue, acts as a one-way teleporter to hex 0310.


5' wide shaft, impossibly deep.


3d20 goats. if disturbed they stampede, screaming, into adjacent grassland hexes.


An enormous constrictor is noisily giving birth... to small-sized, fully-grown people. they're mentally infantile, and lack belly buttons.

Akerbeltz, the dancing hill demon, a twelve foot tall goat-spirit with adamantine horns, has made this rugged terrain his home. he either attacks or offers to answer a question, 50/50 chance. he can summon 3-36 goats from 1020.


A tree with carnivorous roots and fruits. the fruit are delicious and nutritious but if stored in packs they'll eat all the rest of your food and if eaten they cause 1d6 damage 1d6 hours after eating.


A deep gorge with trees growing horizontally out of the sides, forming a living jungle gym. inhabited by climbing, sociable, talkative monkey con-artists.


Undead greenskeepers tend acre after acre of impeccably tidy lawns, gardens, manicured shrubberies, decorative arrangements of stones, water features, etc. they work ceaselessly, expanding their project in all directions, pausing only to destroy those who would impede their progress .


There is a 50' wide unfinished stone-lined canal running ne/sw here; the apparently dwarven engineering work to connect the lake at 0926 with the one at 1125 was about halfway complete when work stopped (the oldest dwarf in upside 0114 was a digger here as a boy and can tell wild stories about it for the price of a pint of ale). it is now overgrown with vines and home only to a few giant frogs with delicious flesh and faintly glowing eyes.


Angerboda, witch of the iron wood, a giantess-witch, lives here with 2d12 ogres. the nuns of the oakheart academy in 0305 mocked her and have made a lifelong enemy. abatte in 0624 owes her a favor, for the dark blessing she preformed for his son.

Tribe of gorilla-men, hates all monkeys, especially he intelligent ones. the position of village chief can be contested through one-on-one melee combat followed by a game of chess. current leader wields a +2 monkeybane club.


A party of vicious barbarian heroes make their way north, to smite the mistress of all perils (hex 1017) at the behest of their vision-beset shaman, who also told them to befriend a worm-woman. very friendly to any who openly blaspheme against the mistress.



Village of morons. the black plinth in 0913 awakens monkeys by trading parts of their consciousness with that of nearby humans, many of these unfortunate idiots have gathered here for some reason.


Scattered crappy campsites of the half-morons. they have no idea why they are here, but enjoy sticking it to the morons of 1101 at every opportunity.


Gigantic smoking cone looks more like a factory chimney than a volcano. the smoke slows thinking and causes confusion, but is strangely addictive.


Sage religiously writes down anything ever said to him directly. travels in a wagon filled to the brim with tomes he has written.


Sandbars extend from shore forming a causeway to 1205 for the hour of lowest tide. morons from 1101 frequently get trapped by the incoming tide, to the enormous but silent amusement of the snails.


The witch from 0103, clamped like a limpet onto the back of the butcher from 0408, sculling se with a long spoon. the butcher is floating, face just out of the water, weeping softly. if left uninterrupted they will eventually get to the island at 1805, where the witch will sacrifice the butcher to summon an earthquake carp.


Seared debris floats around, all that remains of a sorcerer's experimental ironclad warship that violently exploded on its maiden voyage, killing the sorcerer and most of her minions. her secret harbor and research facility (now unmanned but for undead cleaning crew) remains concealed by illusion on the shores of hex 1108.


Portal to the fae realm, heavily guarded by the crimson faerie court. 90% chance to encounter a reception committee of 3d4 fierce redcap guardians.


Pattern of carved stones surrounding altar. wereboar preparing for a ritual to sacrifice himself to achieve apotheosis.

On moonless nights a coven of witches celebrate their dark rites. witnesses must save versus spells or be sucked into their merry making, becoming willing subjects to whatever they do which could be fun but naughty, but probably isn't. those who pass their saves are pursued by dark forces (phantasmal killer each) for 1d6 hexes, or until dawn, which ever comes first. 13 witches, mu level 2d6.


Twisted treants dwell here, moaning in the north wind. they mutilate visitors and drop the pieces down a well full of white insects.


Burial mounds of the eleven kings, secured by powerful magic. the shaman in 1009 knows how to open them, but demands a big sacrifice for the information. the precious grave goods are protected by sophisticated traps.

A wolf, apparently ordinary. when damaged an entire other wolf jumps out of its mouth, and so on.


A large cave opening is here, it extends about 50m back and is about 10-15m tall. its really nothing, just good protection against the elements


Goblin cavelry are here, they are riding on some form of mountain goat. the goblins count as 3rd level fighters, the mountain goats count as a war horse, 1d3 per party member will attack


Ancient tower on the hillside, overlooks the grasslands to the south. table inside is a carved stone map of the mountains northwest.


Strawberry fields. in the village of forehome, any valuable goods can be traded for delicious strawberries. the local priest controls a powerful stone golem who is sent to deal with strawberry thieves.


Shallowgrove. squalid settlement of 49 human outcasts. send criminals and ill people to the howling glen in 1016.


Goblin and/or monkey desperately clinging on to giant silken balloon floating 100 ft in the air. will shout offers of a magic ring as reward for getting it down safely.


Jagged, close-set pines make this hex annoying to move through.


Old meteor impact crater. lucky prospectors might find meteor splinters.


A dark, misty swamp surrounds a murky spring and its accompanying treasure-having temple of leeches. disease bearing leech hybrid swamp creatures hound every step and a cult of 9 leech-headed men, elves and dwarves attempt to magically spread the leeches corrupting influence beyond the swamp temple.


Naked gnome convinced he is in fact invisible. cannot be convinced otherwise and does not respond to logic.


A confused, distracted, (immediately) forgetful old hermit lives atop the mountain here who thinks any visitors are his kids and grandkids and serves them his mountain goat stew. he owns a map of the region that makes it twice as likely to become lost (disregard roads and rivers when determining this, using the surrounding terrain) and if the pcs become lost, the map rewrites the surrounding land so that whatever direction the pcs go, where they thought they were going is there instead of where it should be.


Thistlethrall (settlement) the elves here dissolve the those who bore them in acidic pits.


An earth elemental is looking for victims to sacrifice to the god of dirt. neutral clerics may have a chance to reason with it.

Helviz's folly - town of 36 souls, but with neat brick buildings for several hundred mor residents.


A band of marauders who raid nearby areas mounted on armored hippopotami make their camp on a small island in the middle of this lake. magical amphorae keep their animals hydrated when they range beyond its shores.


Thick forest contains various fungus, some edible, some poisonous. some (1 in 6, if chosen randomly) turn eater into a myconid/fungusman in d6 days (con save)


Sunnyhill - settlement. a hillside of 260 halflings, (relatively) recently moved here from 1220 because the cruel leeches in 1120 kept stealing children. leeches and, more recently, fungus are explicitly illegal. possession punishable by mutilation.

Nine neering (settlement) lord frast is generous and obliging, but his disturbed halfling clown seeks to supplant him and feed him to the apes in 1026.


There is something special hidden deep in the forest here, but its protected by the forest itself. the forest paths will change, the trees will attack, the random animals will ambush and then lead the party astray, even the weather doesnt want it found. what it is? no one knows


A princess heads south with her retinue to marry one of the ogre mages in 1006. she is a weretiger and preys on the nearby idiots in 1101 and 1102.


Water elementals are attacking at the sheer cliff faces along the edge of the hex trying to make their way into 1201


Corpse of a pirate strapped to a barrel with steel chains -- a warning to other mutineers. the barrel is full of gunpowder.


An abandoned barge. some supplies, no treasure.


Gorgon-minotaurs chariot racing in marble arena.


The support upright remains of a six mile bridge running north south.


On the shore near the remains of the bridge, someones long abandoned equipment lays against a tree, wrapped in a waterproof cloak. 55 gp, adventure gear, sword, writing material and a footnoted book on dwarven construction methods.


A tribe of aloof humans, involved in the tribal warfare in 1007. they are clad in newly made leech masks and dark, segmented cloaks. they appear to be preparing for an expedition.


The woods are inhabited by dryads that hide from the savages of 1208 and created the worm to keep them distracted. they would gladly pay with healing and the bounty of the forest if anyone could depose the witches from 1109.


Greasegraft friendly, usually quiet settlement. nearby: a fortress inhabited by goblins wearing iron warmasks.


A gigantic, though fairly innocuous, armored worm. the worm passes through everything like a ghost and feeds on auras.


Contains a hidden gargantuan trapdoor spider lair. lair is inhabited by a tribe of primitive desert elves who slew the spider generations ago.


A giant, silver-black owl, 7hd, stalks these mountains at night, feeding on anything smaller than a horse. it attempts to drag larger prey off cliffs and there is decent treasure in its lair.


The keep bael beauty, is a strong well supplied castle. all who attend bael are beautiful and it is said the lord himself is so gorgeous that his stare can turn others into his servants.


Halflings from galassa 0315 struggle with an exceptionally beautiful shaggy horse, from of the herd in 0821. they plan to take the horse back to 0316 to be sacrificed. the horse is an exceptional animal, worthy of being a paladin's mount if rescued; if no suitable paladin is present it will return to its herd.


A open grassy planes, nothing special to see here, in fact to spot something you roll at +2. roll on a wondering monster table


An abandoned iron mine and settlement. a mile in, the mine breaks into a vast mile deep cavern.

Self flagellating deathwish pilgrims are wandering lost here. they will offer what meager coin they have for directions to the town at hex 0711 but will attempt to kidnap the weak and unwary as offering for their death god.


Forest. treant is under a curse and has 1d4 golden apples growing from its branches, picking them is extremely painful for it.


A tribe of peaceful centaurs make their home in the woods. they warn travelers about the archanotech-mummies in hex 1317.


An abandoned halfling hill. currently being investigated by 4 leech headed halflings.


A lake! 3 crocodiles. not claw claw bite.


More lake! the swampy ill-defined southern border of 1221. a sunken castle whose three exposed towers are home to a tribe of 22 gatormen.


A lost caravan of halflings are attempting to return to the village in 1127. if searched they have several barrels with mushrooms hidden inside, but deny all knowledge of truffle hunting and most certainly not in forests 1323.


This grassy area is a favorite of the claw claw bite society, a group of battle reenactors. if the pcs have heroic ancestors, someone will be taking said ancestors' role, probably to the dissatisfaction of the pcs.


In a clearing, a wicker basket containing one suit of gnome-sized crabshell armor.


The lake waters here are algae filled. a giant bass lurks beneath the waters.


The monkey people from 0505 have built a tree-fortress here. they are hostile to outsiders. baboon people also roam here, they make almost daily raids on the monkey people.



A small coterie of fisherdwarfs live here, 4 males and their families. they trade their surfacefish with the denizens of the endless tunnels below their homes and therefore having interesting tunnel-goods to trade to travellers.


This small forested island is surrounded by shoals; only shallow draft ships may approach. at the island's center is black pool of weltering putrescent muck. so inauspicious is this muck that no one sane can approach any closer than fifty feet to the pool.


13 racist pirates on a small, relatively fast vessel. they have firearms and gunpowder stolen from corvid (crowman) tinkers in 1403.


3 empusa sisters living in a sea spire, who keep lured sailors as silver mining slaves. 3 racist pirates from 1303 serve as enforcers in their gang of 32 thralls.


A rotted old shipwreck, home to octopus and crabs. silverware and coins valuing 238 gp in the sunken hold.


D4 hornless outcasts of the mino-gorgs from 1205. roll 1d4 1- disenfranchised and spoiling for a fight 2- lonely and spoiling for adventure 3- starving and will buddy up to get some food 4- revolutionaries looking to take back their homes

A small shrine in pseudo-greek style (round platform, pillars, shallow domed roof). the oculus is an inobvious portal. disturbed earth nearby from filled-in pits.


Belligerent drunken gnome treading water


Sheep graze here. the shepherd carries a silvered short sword an heirloom from his grandfather's time in the war.


Wormwallow (settlement) humans and froglings, renowned for their fine weapons and steelcraft. froglings gather bog-ore from 1310, and humans extract iron and craft shears and blades from fine alloys. master smith eerovir is father to the cursed child in 1003 and offers a reward of an enchanted masterwork broadsword for his safe return.


A boggy mire, exploited and hunted by the men/froglings of wormwallow (1309). inhabited by dangerous bogworms, which lay submerged and attack things with their paralyzing tentacles for food and nutrients. 2-in-6 chance of incidental corpse-treasure near bogworm infestations.


Is +zak smith the mountaintop ruin of a black marble city that once sprawled from 1311 to 1616 is now the home an ancient dracolisk.


Abandoned silver mine. rails, minecarts, mining tools, but nothing both valuable and portable.


Amid broken chunks if black marble lies a ninety pound pellet from the owl in 1213. it contains a hair, bones, and skull that still bears a magical crystal crown.


In a secluded valley, a stone golem refugee from 0814 tends a small cockatrice farm. he is intelligent and friendly, but the cockatrices are not and the stone golem is very protective of them.


A corner of a large black-marble building juts forth from an old landslide. if excavated 6 yards down, the entrance reveals old, weakened shelves of decomposed fabric stores and a small pile (4x4 yards) of enchanted black/silver fabric (keeps wearer warm/cool, resistant to cutting).


A lazy creek flows through this area; the corpses of dead cattle float behind some weeds. drinking the water without purifying it in some way will likely cause dysentery.

Green rolling hills and black marble ruins, with a fractured, overgrown marble path leading north northeast.


In a hole in the ground... ...i don't know what lives in there but it goes all the way down to the mine from 1217


A small river runs through the woods here. a family of good-natured giant otters live in it.


An otherwise normal-looking tree in this forest bears deep purple apples each spring. eating an entire apple causes one to forget everything that has happened since the previous spring.


Clovecrushed (settlement) 6-7ft tall emaciated goatheaded humanoids live in a series of predominately subterranean dwellings and shrines to akerbeltz (1021). they trade with men and tend goats above the surface, with shamen capable of reading fortunes. each night they dance, sacrifice and feast on goat flesh, though halfling, frogling or corvid flesh are valuable to them.


There 7 penlaggans here with their gut strings accidentally tied together, floating out of weapons' reach. if one unties them and lets them leave, they will tell you: leave a blood sacrifice in hexes 1121152112191323 and 1419, then 1121 again, then return here. a demon will be summoned and have to do your bidding for a day. (obviously they're describing topographical features and not giving pcs hex numbers, but you get the idea.)


Forest. a single sinister but polite skeleton with a small, empty sack, a decent waterskin and a bundle of preserved mushy foods. tirelessly roams the surface searching for children to steal away to the lazy witch in 1004.


An old cleric of the sun peacock from the town of axerist 0820 is lost in this forest. he is nearly blind from decades of staring into the sun.


One being the pcs have encountered before in their travels seems to be here. it is, of course, an impostor, and has nefarious goals. the least of which would be to shave the pcs in their sleep.


Forest with some wild cherries and 3 elk. also various fungus: if chosen randomly d6: 1-3 edible. 4-5 poisonous. 6 turn eater into a myconid/fungusman in d6 days (con save)


Sporegorgon (settlement) fen containing the beginnings of a mossy, fragrant fungusman hamlet, leading south to an algae filled lake. the fungusmen will trade algal salves/potions for unusual organic materials. if murdered upon, their bobbly fungus head explodes into spores that turn nearby humanoids into fungusmen in d6 days (con/breath save).


Old kappas on an expedition to catch the giant fish in 1226. will give kappa hooch to those that help them hunt and advise against consorting with minstrels.


Swamp, but with travelling minstrels! except actually wererats. currently composing a ballad about how thieving and villainous the minstrels from 0527 are. presently tracking the minstrels to murder and supplant them.


Zak madras (settlement) dwarves! they don't like you, but will let you stay just inside their gate, under guard, overnight for 20gp each.


There is a doorway here. it is only visible from the front and cannot be touched from behind. if the pcs open it, they will find themselves entering into a dungeon that the dm may make up or just pull from his bookshelf.


A small collection of corvid (cunning little crowmen) alchemists and tinkers live in treetop laboratories on the mountainside, crafting firearms, chemicals and potions with their dexterous talons. will trade for unusual substances or rare monster parts. their telescopic observatories command a view 8 hexes to the east, south and west, and to the dracolisk's mountain lair in 1413.


The armadas of two tribes meet here in a decisive battle for who will be the true empress of the shadow nation.


A badly damage, burning ship flees the battle in 1404 with what is left of its crew. it is pursued by 12 racist pirates in a small, fast vessel.


A racist pirate is marooned on this island for his lame jokes and terrible b.o. he's actually an apt, if bloodthirsty, sailor with sturdy morale.



A morbidly fat lady from a settlement in 1809, collapsed, sweaty and exhausted, by a rock in the forest. she has left her husband and decided to move to wormwallow in 1309. she is too ill and fatigued to make it alone and has stolen 275gp of her ex husbands money.


A powerful wizard sits here before three paths into the woods, warning the adventurers that an ogre lurks down one of the paths, and a great treasure resides down another. no matter which path the adventurers take, they will encounter the ogre because the wizard uses teleport to put the ogre on their path since the ogre and wizard work together to rob adventurers of their treasure.

The invisible tower of the ashen hand - an assassin training cult. the song and dance to make the tower visible can be pieced together from info from the dwarves in 1401 and corvid in 1403. the ashen hand are happy to give a tour of their training facility to anyone knowing the song and dance, believing them to be wealthy clients.


Swamp and mire, with small, uncommon patches of wildflowers emerging. the wildflowers seed into gemlike pods, worth 10 gp each. undead froglings, humans and apes stalk the murk for the flesh and brains of conscious beings.


An unholy pit is filled with the desecrated holy symbols of a forgotten pantheon of gods and also 1d4+2 manticores.


Sharp, rocky hills rise up to the base of the dracolisk's mountain in 1413. chasms occasionally split the earth, dropping into the underground ruins of the black marble city where foul things creep.


The mountaintop ruin of a black marble city that once sprawled from 1311 to 1616 is now the home an ancient dracolisk.


An ancient maintenance construct endlessly roams the black marble city, seeking "masters" to "repair". if invited to help an injured person, it will try to paralyze any healthy people present with a shock attack and extract their "useful parts" to "repair" the injured person.


The dump of the ancient marble city appears stable, but could collapse when weight is put upon it. gasses from rotting matter have caused eternal underground fires here.


A single corvid from 1403, with a bodyguard of 2 humans, 2 froglings and an elf, camp in a valley.the corvid searches the mountains for a way into the black marble city.


A grassy field with occasional bushes. hyper gnomes and faeries run from spot to spot, and a plume of oddly colored mist emerges from a hole in the ground, drifting over the field and into the south.


The woods here are idyllic. should the party camp overnight they gain +2 hp. camping a second night triggers a wandering monster roll.


Lovely woods with fruit and deer. 9 wolves, two are pregnant.


From time to time a great tumult of air bubbles erupts from the depths here endangering boats present. an air elemental is bound at the lake's bottom.


At the bottom of the lake lies a cargo container that fell off the space capsule which crashed in 0121. it is filled with fleshy sacs of viscous goo that the squishy aliens use as nourishment. 1 sac contains enough goo to sustain a human for a week.


The trees here make excellent furniture. the wood cutters here want booze. one asks if they'd deliver to chiang, in damnation 0816, the news that his brother was eaten by a giant weasel.


The party sees a steady plume of smoke in the distance. if they investigate, they find the collapsing remains of burning wicker man. there is no sign of who did this, but by examining the tracks a ranger can determine they did it to themselves.


The trees here are sequoia massive. in the hollow of a particularly massive tree, the giant weasel mention in 1422 makes its lair. under a pile of bones in its warren is a 500 gp emerald.


A forest of statues, who are the victims of a gorgon/medusa/whatevs that has wandered to another hex.... they will organize themselves into an unruly mercenary war-band under the guidance of a lvl 10 cleric that is among them, should they come back to flesh en masse, within a day.


A clearing housing three small farms. there is neither people or livestock here as they are the sacrifices found in 1423. a demodand lurks in the basement of the largest farmhouse.


A settlement unstuck in time that presents a different aspect and size depending on which direction the party approaches it from. -300 years hamlet in the south and +100 more years from there going clockwise (se is +400 years advanced metropolis).



Goblins looking for the entrance to their home in the dungeon at 1402 after having been blinded by the dwarves in 1401


The corvid alchemists from 1403 have a salt refining operation here. vast evaporation ponds are tended/guarded by massive clockwork automatons. if asked nicely, the corvids will sell you some of the paste they use to protect the automatons from corrosion.


Wreck of "the jolly daggers" (merchant ship - spice/fabric) on a reef of bio-luminescent coral. now inhabited by a sea hag seeking three feathers from a purple bird only found in the ruins of the black marble city.


A procession of warrior-nobles is on an island or shore here enjoying a seasonal sight. cherry tree petals falling, moon viewing, or autumnal leaves, perhaps.


A fleet of at least 100 ghostly fishing ships sails these waters each night, fading away at dawn. on nights of the full moon and new moon these vessels release hundreds of translucent, glowing paper lanterns.

A group of sahuagin outcasts patrols these waters. they serve the sea-hag in 1503.

The dozen towers jutting from the water here ( left over from when this area was a fortified harbor ) are now home to drow pirates. a mile-long network of spider webs stretches between them over the water.


When the tides rose last century, the wharf and the seaside village of sailor's rest was submerged. it now can be seen at low tide, a few feet below the surface. some vessels get reefed in the branches of the old elm.


The shoreline is littered with coins that have washed up - all bearing the face and mark of emperor titian the red, and all of them fake. aquatic and burrowing variants of rust monsters plague the region


Orthrist this sprawling port city, known for its red lanterns, began as a colossal fortress that used to guard the bay during the bleak wars. built and sealed on many levels and in many ways to protect from centuries of unpredictable weather, the southern outskirts of the city merge imperceptibly with half-buried ruins to the south.


A wizard's tower sits here unfinished. the wizard and his dwarven workers are in dispute after someone spilled beer on the blueprints and now the scale is all off. resolving the dispute one way or another will make the pcs powerful friends and enemies.


Inside a fairy ring, an anthropomorphic squirrel (wearing a very nice hat in a very old style) dances an endless jig. destroying the circle will free him, but his memories of life as a cruel wizard are unreliable at best as he has gone quite mad over the centuries. he has a 1% chance of remembering something useful about the black marble city.


Somewhere in this forest lies the entrance to the caverns of unending sorrows.


A thief is trapped here, webbed months ago by the capricious wizard in 1509 on the road to orthrist ( 1508 ). he knows the dracolisk's true name (vorax) and that it is immune to magic unless the caster uses the name.


An old crone is driving what appears to be a gypsy caravan along a rutted road however the caravan is actually sentient (having escaped from the golem factory at 0814) and the crone is its slave. if attacked the wagon transforms into a powerful wood golem. the golem's power source is a portal to the outer realms, deep within its belly.


A small (rabbit-sized) blindheim lurks in the glossy black ruins here. it has collected 6500 gp worth of gems for reasons unknown.

There is a path through these mountains marked by cairns. one of these is made of unfinished black marble blocks. beneath it is buried a large clay pot containing a golden scroll that points to the locations of "great treasures" once translated.


Three linked, rooklike and geometric towers here are completely infested with crawling claws. whether this is due to the capricious magic of the former ancient inhabitants or the dracolisk is unknown.


This regions is very prone to earthquakes and mudslides, which have been known to reveal several buried tombs of a lost winged, eagle-headed humanoid tribe. these people were in fact lycanthropes, and their descendants guard their treasures jealously.


The southernmost marble watchtower is now the haunt of goblin treasure-hunters seeking their fortune in the ruins of the black city. they are served by a pack of 6 berserk, drugged babboons dyed lurid colors.


A knight of a kingdom to the east seeks to prevent the marriage of one of the ogre mages ( 1006 ) to a princess of a rival kingdom ( 1201 ) as it will cement a powerful alliance against his liege.

Freddegar, the major domo to lord frast in nine neering (1127) is a normally respectable man, but with a few drinks in him at night, swears blind that he was caught in a hailstorm of fist-sized diamonds dropping from the sky whilst travelling in this region


A ranger has been tracking something for three days that murdered an entire village. the tracks seem to warp and change every few miles.


Deliberately buried underneath a collapsed mill are 3 small, gold ingots each stamped with an elven rune and spattered with blood. the ingots are each cursed and make the location of the bearer known to a secret organisation of witch hunters who wield black powder weapons.


Azel eire (settlement) although it looks like six miles of forest connecting the lake at 1621 to the lake at 1424, the greenery actually grows on a vast and aging stone platform built over a river connecting the two lakes. the people of azel eire catch blind fish using cylindrical cages they lower through holes in the false ground.


Some ruins are to be found here. any who present themselves in front of an ancient dais will be judged, punished and/or rewarded by a forgotten entity of supreme justice.


A long-armed hobgoblin whose touch causes madness lives in a tall hedge maze. likely responsible for the wicker man in 1423.


A small cabin in the woods. a variety of weapons are within, and one is actually magical, but anyone who spends the night will meet their doom when the undying man that once owned them comes back.


A herd of 96 wild cattle roam this hex.


Swamp goblins live here, they are a amalgamation of spiders and goblins (think centaur), they attack from webs that they have spun in an ambush like attack. their web sack (where the web comes from) it is rumored to be worth a bit of money


This house-of-cards-like henge is actually an ancient sun calendar built in the earliest years of the earth by the callow men. the command words for various ancient locks and wards all over the map--from the black marble city to the dungeons to the ruins beneath the sea, can be discovered if one "reads" the moonlight filtering through the structure on the night corresponding numerically to the geomantic code of the ancients.


A giant leech can be found here. although it can be encountered anywhere within the swamp, along with its offspring, it spends most of it's time (80%) within this hex.


The half sunk wreck of a merchantman wallows in the sea here. much of its cargo has spoiled due to being submerged but 2d4x1000 gp can be recovered by anyone prepared to brave the drowned hold and crew (7 undead crewmen, treat as wights).


A 3 foot tall statue of naxxice of the fathoms sits on a tiny island. extra arms have been added, his feet have been chiseled into hooves and the head has been replaced with the head of est mourn, god of shipwrecks.


Its said that sirens are very prevalent in this area, so much so that pirates and the superstitious stear clear of this whole area


Several sargasso rafts are home to small timid mer-apes who will exchange lewd scrimshaw for alcohol or drugs.


D8 mimics masquerading as floating crates.


Cave. contains giant rats and 2000 cp.


An earth mote with a keep floats tantalizingly just 30 feet above sea level here. the keep is only the abode of monsters these days.


The more secluded end of the city of orthrist's sprawl: nil zerise experiments with telescopes, orbin wayward attempts to piece together the area's true geography and history using fragmentary maps from passing travelers, volve spinnaker presides over the city's lurid madhouse.


Five young magic users, apprentices of the wizard in 1509, are camping here drinking beer and 'fixing the world'. the four men are completely enamoured with the solitary woman in their company and believe themselves romantic rivals for her affections. she has no feelings for any of her companions beyond camaraderie and would be upset to learn of their intentions.


A well here is full of poison toads, beneath them is a tunnel leading to a secret door behind the throne room in the caverns of unending sorrow under 1511.


An elegant carriage sent to fetch the woman in 1609 and bring her to meet her new husband--one of the brothers in 1006. most of the wedding party (including the guards) have been slain by goblins during the journey and the driver and bride's father (the only survivors) will handsomely reward anyone willing to keep them safe for the rest of their trip. the father knows of the monstrous nature of the would-be husband but has kept it a secret from everyone, including the bride, in order to more easily secure a powerful ally.


Bandits (3 rot goblins, 2 white goblins, 3 red goblins, 1 hyena) ambush those on the road to or from orthrist ( 1508 , 1608 ) by dropping down from above. their lair, a ramshackle wooden complex in a tangle of huge black trees, contains 3600gp and a map to the burial mounds in 1111 along with scribbled theories (50% correct) on how to avoid the traps.


In hill-houses, a tribe of halflings with great facial hair. they are hopeful that their favored son who went off towards the west to seek his fortune with a band of adventurers is fairing well (see 0113).


A halfling sells "100% authentic maps of the city of black marble" for 100gp from a small hut by the side of the road. not only are the maps wholly inaccurate, they are enchanted to betray the location of the bearer to the halfling's three assassin partners.


The easternmost towers of the ruined black marble city stand in a pentagon around a triangular pool filled with unnaturally blue water. two wizards, orlast and kraal, bitter rivals, wander amidst the tower libraries, seeking ancient secrets while avoiding both each other and the dracolisk ( 1413 ).


Deep in this lush woodland a giant forest spirit dwells in a great hollow tree filled with soft mosses and frolicing butterflies. it is a good neighbor and can use it's mighty roar to summon a twelve legged cat bus at will.


Near a decapitated marble statue of cacodemon, a corvid battles with two of the emaciated goat-headed humanoids from clovecrushed 1320. the cacodemons head lies nearby, in the forest undergrowth. anyone who replaces the head on the statue is immediately teleported before a simailar statue in the beer cellar of fellmount abbey 0902


Petrified druid hugging a tree


A pack of wolves have been slaughtered here, but there are no tracks other than wolf spore. it appears that whatever did this was over 8' tall had a beak and slashing claws.


This large lake is perfectly flat, ripples only appear when an object forcefully agitates its surface.


A nearly-finished canal stretches from the seashore at 1722 towards the lake at 1620. tracks and other evidence at the work site suggests that the workers abandoned the project and walked into the eerily calm lake en masse. tools lay where they were dropped, free for the taking - they are serviceable, but not worth much.


A hunting party of 6 emaciated goat-headed men has set up a lakeside camp. they are smoking frogling legs in a makeshift oven of piled rocks.


A decapitated marble of a statue of cacodemon identical to the one in 1617, overlooks the lake here, froglings, wounded from their battle with the emaciated goat-headed humanoids 1622, hide in the water, but will warn any who attempt to replace the demon head. anyone who proceeds anyway is immediately teleported before a similar statue in the gardens of the palace of 1ooo terraces 0611.


A hidden grove here contains a lair of brightly-colored giant trap-door spiders. they have an unusual coloration- bright magenta bands on their legs.


A creek winds its way through here, and there is a spring with fresh drinkable water.


A humanoid rabbit (known as 'paddy cottontail') lives in a quaint burrow here and has a small farming plot on the side of the hill. he is cautious but friendly, and happens to be a skilled musician with the lyre. if threatened he knows some basic magic- enough to cast a sleep and a charm spell. he doesn't like to fight.


The rocky island that juts up from the lake here has a decapitated marble statue of a cacodemon, anyone who replaces the head is immediately teleported to castle ruins in 0908. if all three heads are ever restored 1623, 1617, then any whom placed the heads are immediately teleported before azi the harmer, cacodemon prince. azi gives each of them a magic item and binds them into his service for a year and a day.



On these grasslands there is a large stone disk covering a hole in the ground, below there's a cave with white plants and a trident lodged in a black stone shaped like an heart. the trident is holy and can only be wielded by those pure of heart, but it can only pulled loose by black hearted creatures.


This hilly area next to the calm waters of 1703 is home to the small fishing and farming village of corwin. at the center of the village stands a green and gold obelisk that causes those who spend time near it to want to settle in the village and lead a peaceful life.


The shore along here is really calm, like so calm that its weird


A amongst crumbling the crumbling ruins of the hilly island here, is a working fountain in perfect repair. any who drink from it may never leave the island. the island's current residents, 2 racist pirates, a halfling assassin and a cleric of the sun peacock bitterly try to trick others into drinking.


If a boat get's caught in the maelstrom here, it will transport the vessel in a 1d6 direction and 1d6 hexes away, there's a 3% chance a vessel will be instead transported to 0401 or 2016. the vessel will be damaged on arrival and any crewmembers that could hang on will get [hexes transported]d6 damage (max 8d6).


A large (giant sized) eel lives in this area, it preys upon various animal species that live in the brackish waters (the edge it shares with 1707). tall tales are spun about this eel in various fishermans pubs, some of those tales are true


Hanging from one of the many hemlock trees growing in this swamp is an iridescent multicolored holy symbol of the sun peacock. any cleric can use the holy symbol, turning undead at +2 levels, however, they become increasingly obsessed with fashion, eventually spending 75% of all wealth on increasingly elaborate and expensive clothes to complement the holy symbol.

Swamp gas and 2d12 zombies do not mix.


Those too poor to live within orthrist proper make their homes here, building stilted houses over the brackish water. there is a thriving trade in medicinal leeches.


A pack of wereboars have become the dominant force in these woods they are debating granting their "gift" to the villagers of 1708. they fear the lake in 1710 and do not go near it.


The waters of this lake are cursed and evil, drinking from it make you thirsty-er, the fish and other various animals that live it in are poisonous to eat. there is a small island in the very center of the lake where everything is good. traveling to this small island is one of the most perilous things that you could do


They call this the owlbear forest because this forest is full of owlbears. all random encounters in this hex will be owlbears.


Rotted dryad grove. poisoned by underground runoff from the cursed lake to the north.


A man and his cat have been hung poorly from a tree. their necks are broken, but they are alive and starving due to the rope being poorly tied. they know which spots in the area are popular for bandits and monsters to attack, and about the fountain in 1704.

That cat is a witch. she's really not so bad, once you get to know her. edit: not saying it's a witch, sometimes a cat is a cat?


Sujay, an illusionist, has made is home in a ruined castle along a small bay. he has in his service thirty pirates, their ship, and two charmed owlbears from (1711). a fresco in one of the crumbling towers depicts the nearby coastline and marks the locations of the cacodemon statues in (1617), (1623) and (1627).


The older couple with a cabin near the shore have no interest in the occasional coin or gem that washes up from the east. further inland, several gelatinous cubes wander, looking for a way back underground.


A group of witch-hunters an offshoot of the sun peacock's clergy patrol this land. overzealous, they have found several demons and witches. they left the cat & her familiar on the tree in 1713 and are searching for holy woods to burn them with.


This area was largely deforested in order to aid extraction of the enchanted clay below. the boowtown that grew up around this industry was abandoned when the clay-golem-bubble burst after the war, and the buildings are slowly sinking into the mud. any rainfall makes this entire hex difficult terrain for a week afterwards.


Recent battlefield between two local tribes. scattered bodies looted of weapons and valuables represent the losers (the forest people) while a nearby cairne contains the honored dead of the victorious hill people. generally a reeking and depressing mess. carrion birds can be seen from miles off.

The citadel of bone, so named because its blocks are carved from the petrified bones of titans. the warlord rastazar lives here with 50 brigand henchman. rastazar wears a cursed pig-faced warmask which allows him to see in the dark but may be only removed in death, forcing him to take all nourishment through a straw.


Griglazz a slovenly village of pig-faced orc-pirates who owe fealty to rastazar in (1718). they are led by grimslag, captain of the maslayer, an orc fighter of great strength (18) and ample girth.


A pack of blink dogs will suddenly surround and follow travelers in the woods, barking, jumping and carrying sticks to play fetch. any attempts to be stealthy are foiled by the attention.


A single stone monument to an ancient battle fought in the fields here.


Mottled blue crab warriors spawning grounds. the crab warriors attempt to drive off all who enter these waters.


Remains of a battle weeks ago between a witch hunter and a chaos warband on a half-mile bridge linking parts of 1724 and 1623. the gore and blasphemy on display have thus far scared off looters, many of the emaciated goatmen in the area (1320, 1617, 1622 ) are remnants of this once-proud warband. the dead witch hunter's notes have maps showing the last known locations of all the witches on the hexmap (0121, 0715, 1808, 1909, 1910, 1713 has a question mark, and the coven in 1109 which includes the witches in 1014, 1026, and 1004 and 1106 -- who used to live together in 0103 ).


A badly wounded scribe is being cared for by a small, clairvoyant girl. a tiny pair of goat horns sprout from her forehead.


A renowned elven swordsman keeps a cabin here. he no longer takes students.


The iron wood trees here are very difficult to work but make strong hulls. pig-faced orc pirates from griglazz (1718) attempt build a ship, but the combination of laziness and poor tools makes for little progress.


Here there is an apple orchard with a well before it and farm house to the side. the farmer asks for 4cp per peck any who take without paying are cursed by him.


The oak daughter, a swanmay lives here in an old cabin by the water. she is the wife of the wizard orlast (1615), but has little interest in libraries.


Hippogriff's nest. mother and 1d4 foals.


A dwarf and three halfling merchants are picking through shipwreck remains washed ashore. their orcish servants wait chained and ready to pull two surviving carts. if questioned they reveal they are from a shipping town in the mountains of 2001 and were returning from trading with alchemists in 1502.


The northern half of the trial of the long causeway, a shattered bridge of monumental reddish stone that leads from 1802 to 1805. the bridge and it's towers are more intact here than to the south, but it's stonework is deceptively solid looking and the slick stones crumble into the frothing sea below with ease.

Bored queen morgause and her devoted sons search a nameless island for blue salamanders. she knows impaling one and eating its lungs grants you the ability to breathe water. the witch hunter 1723, is aware of her activities but feared to name her for political reasons.

A large whirlpool that rotates counter clockwise. down at the bottom is a gigantic red eye.


The southern half of the trial of the long causeway, a shattered bridge of monumental stone that leads from 1802 to 1805. here there are only jagged pillars and debris from the fallen bridge that present a menace to navigation, and a said to be the home of hideous flesh eating "mermaids".


The isle of judgment was once a temple prison to a god of hopelessness and punishment. the the ruins of a large ornate complex of layered stone tiers rises dolorously from a hardwood forest where the degenerate descendant prisoners still venerate a lost god with croaking subhumans chants.

Animals entering this hex gradually become intelligent and capable of speech within 1d4 hours; effect persists for 1d4 hours after leaving the hex. it doesn't change their nature (e.g. they don't build cities or wear clothes).

A merchant from wormwallow (1309) is marooned here with a large store of food and many mulk glasswares. she will lament trading away her 3 crocodiles to any who will listen. she was cast off the vessel in 1601 for inciting mutiny before it was wrecked by the sirens in 1603.


A navy frigate has subdued a pirate vessel but sustained heavy losses in the battle. the pirates are about to be hung from the yardarm while their plunder is being confiscated, then the ship will be scuttled.


Twelve white elves from screeyal (0112) riding dinosaurs. lost and trying to find the golem factory in 0814. they are out of supplies and have been foraging and killing other travelers for food.


A blood trail leads down a ferret hole to a long, ancient vertical shaft library. many books but even more snakes (some now eating the ferret). properly read, the snakes can reveal the geomantic code to reading the ruins in 1527


This boggy forest is home to a hobbled witch living in a cottage. the mushrooms growing around the cottage are psychedelic and talkative.


The weird black plinths of mount yarling are said to provide confusing but prophetic dreams to those who dare to sleep amongst them. the mount is rumored to be the lair of a vampire, but the more immediate danger comes from witch-hunters who watch the area, convinced that consulting the dream stones here is tantamount to trafficking with demons.


Hut with lonely old man inside. he bores you with stories from his life. make a save or fall asleep for 1d6 years from boredom.


The southern edge of this hex ends in sharp cliffs. the wind as it blows throw the nooks and crannies sounds like a mournful version of the harlem globetrotters theme.


Giant sea cucumbers. if brought to the surface they shrivel and harden, their skin makes for excellent armor.


The tide and coastal shape causes detritus to wash up and get stuck in this stinky bog. crocodiles and hippopotamuses live in an uneasy truce.


The seas here are unremarkable, but there is excellent fishing and the shallow coastal waters contain edible sea urchin colonies.


Mysterious spheres of black tar and slicks of oil float on the surface of these teeming waters. the oil and tar is the product of a natural deep sea deposit that is farmed by listless earth elementals.


Murderous pixie couple killing time by drowning frogs in a small pond. one wears a magic ring as a waistband.


Entering a gazebo here (dwarf scaled) brings you out dwarf sized into an identical wood with a small house (halfling scale) and entering the halfling house brings you out halfling sized into an identical wood with a dog house, entering the dog house brings you out 2' tall into an identical wood containing a bird cage, entering the bird cage leads you (now bird sized) to a court of unseelie faerie folk (home of the pixies in 1817 ), currently negotiating an alliance with a lizard representing a hobgoblin from the warband at griglazz ( 1719 ).


The waters of doldrum bay are very deep and very still. ships without oars who enter the inviting looking bay will find themselves adrift for 1d4 days trying to catch a rare breeze, even dropping anchor is difficult do the water's depth. white elves from screeyal (0112) in viking ships, lie in wait.


Treants live in this wood.


Eelvast--this fortified trading settlement was built in the wreck of a massive zoo/slave ship from yoon suin. while most of the current inhabitants are descended from human or drownesian pirates, the fierce mottled blue crab warriors, ( 1722 ), the wild animals in 1920, the leech-headed halflings ( 1220 ) and many other species not native to the hexenbracken originated here.


Giant hermit crabs

Houseboat anchored one mile off shore & occupied by a family of five greys (short, lean build with hairless, grey-skinned bodies; big heads & eyes; small mouths, no external noses or ears) . they're on the lamb from witch hunters for some past misunderstanding. they keep a low profile, but are willing to trade fish and pearls for copper and gold.


Large pearl bed on sandy floor, 100' down. giant pikes (the kind with gills and fins).


A travelling merchant barge named mentzer's menagerie plods along the shore here. the head merchant is happy to answer questions about what lies along the eastern coast provided the questioner is willing to buy some bauble at a reasonable price.

Tribespeople, live on rafts, dive for pearls --- intelligent giant mutant crustaceans prey on them


Nothing lives about these beaches but limpets and kelp, a few curiously furtive terns which survive for the most part by eating one another’s eggs, and in season a handful of deformed seals. -m john harrison, viriconium


The black swans in the large pond here are victims of the farmer's curse ( 1727 ) which separates bodies (you've seen the undead around here right?) from souls (these black swans) at death. some have attempted to court the oak daughter ( 1728 ) with mixed success.


A band of vistani is traveling toward the greys in 1822 to trade for pearls.



Port of idiots-- like the morons in 1101, these unfortunates have been made stupid by the plinth in 0913. forever asking to trade for weevils while fondling spotted chicken eggs, they sorely test the composure of the kind people of corwin ( 1702 ).


Band of orcs entertaining themselves by launching captured morons from 1901 out in the ocean from the beach with a large catapult.


Lady yavika the self-stiyed merchant queen and occasional pirate, plies these waters in her lavender-sailed, three masted sloop, the primrose princess. beleg, her dour white elf lover, and skipper, never far from her side.


Sorcerer's guild vessel makes bee-line for 1901, loaded to the gills with new and experimental products to be given extensive trials among the idiot population.


A group of hyperintelligent crows (1805) tricked the crew of this foundering vessel into destroying the idol of the isle of judgment (also 1805). they are now cursed to roam the area until they meet the god of forgotten judgment once more ( 1522 )


Sea dogs, play and romp in these waters and sun themselves along the coasts and islets. their incessant barking can be wearing on the nerves.


Three angry idiots endlessly bicker and complain about and at the barking sea dogs. luck and the current brought them here after being catapulted into the ocean by the orcs in (1902), but now they are either too stupid or stubborn to leave.


Cursed elves live here, they have been cursed by a witch to take on the aperance of that which they cherish most, which for these guys are the trees, flowers, and other plants. they have a damage reduction of 1-2 to everything (except axes and fire), and will react violently to anyone who brings an axe into their hex


Conclave of naked forest hippies spend their careless days in meditation, zero-impact hunting and gathering, procreating abundantly and gratefully donating many offspring to yeegra the vernal witch, who abides alone in a grand tree-mansion suspended in the canopy.


A tower barely emerging from the mist and branches at the foothills of 1911 is home to glisten wrakk, a rain witch. she is the third part of the coven formed by yeegra ( 1909 ) and the nameless hobbled witch in 1809 and considers herself the brains of the operation.


The mountains and hills in this area are warped by the magic of the witches, they dont really seem to follow any logic patern. walking across this hex will take both a short amount of time and a really really long time. any random encounter on this hex magical in nature and twisted by these magics


A group of clowns from the vollen veen merchant kingdoms sent to perform at the wedding of one of the ogre magi in 1006. they are lost.


This mossy forest smells of cabbage and the air swims with countless swarming gnats, at night, an enormity of cricket song. in the hollow of venerable old oak, yoka the wad, a tiny goblin witch and her grig and pixie companions have made their coven.


Rot goblins with harpoons and grappling hooks hunt giant spiny puffer fish to seal and use as sea-balloons.


Unsubstantiated rumors tell of yithrilae, domed city of the jelly-men, just visible deep below the waves. within the dome the jellies diligently labor at literature, music and art, all of which inspire terror and nausea in human-types. enslaved glassblowers from mulk sneak out pleas for rescue in exquisitely crafted bottles.


A toad in the water here can talk and knows the way to the unseelie court 1818. it also claims to know the way to a hidden treasure on the island at 2011 and will tell the pcs in exchange for killing the hobgoblin of griglazz


An old tower rising from the water here has been converted into a tavern, the nivling clasp, known for its stewed bream and blistered eggs. though inhabited by the usual shifting cast of reavers, slavers and mutilated adventurers it is widely regarded by most humans as the safest place in the hexenbracken.


A boat is in danger of capsizing as fishermen fight an enormous undead shark caught in their nets (turn as a wraith).


Fishing here is so easy that they almost just jump onto the boat, +4 to any survival checks or fishing checks


Lions, tigers, and bears


The water here has a more greenish hue to it then anywhere else. this is because of the soul-stones trapped at the bottom of the ocean.


The worst poet in new feierland was stuffed in a cage with 300 days rations, strapped into a rowboat and shoved into the sea. after 230 days, he's fetched up here--he has seen much.


A wizard riding on thay back of a giant tortoise, this wizard is responsible for what is happening in 1922


Traveling merchant vessels, they are happy to trade with the pcs and are very good at getting the bettee deal. they trade goods for goods and infomation for memories (this is particularly hazardous for a spell caster)


Deep beneath the water here is the shattered and gargantuan body of a long dead city-tortoise. it contains the entrance to a vast ruined subsea complex of polished, half-flooded tunnels choked with slime inhabited by mind flayers and ambulatory, amphibious ixitachitil dedicated to the bringer of endless night. it connects to yithrilae in 1915.


The waters here are often foggy.


This swampy forest is often foggy. the moths here can scream and drink blood like mosquitoes.


The salt foam tumbles, slackens and slides down the grey, diffident faces of the slathered rocks.


A loose confederation of mountain fools, even more degenerate than their cousins in 1901, install shabby rope bridges and ladders from peak to peak in this particularly craggy zone in a mad web. the broken bodies of countless unfortunate goofs litter the fjords.


Victims of lady yakiva, ( 1903 )merchants headed for orthrist ( 1508 ) and eelvast ( 1821 ), bob lifelessly around the sinking ships and remains of their wares: d4 kinds of potions in spherical bottles of colored glass.


13 racist pirates drift aimlessly on a small but relatively fast vessel. they are recovering from a big night and seek healing magic. or bacon.


A ruined, black marble outpost lies beneath the waves. conceals an entrance to the submerged caverns beneath.


A drifting 15' diameter hollow copper sphere contains a 10' diameter egg, cushioned in velvet. only the copper key from 0924 will open it. no magic can detect what kind of egg it is but it is definitely the egg of some kind of gestating creature and definitely worth a lot of money.


The blue salamanders sought by bored queen morgause (1803) gather here to feed on dead pirates (from 1806 and others).


Hogs crossing (settlement) humans and tall, goat-headed emaciates farm hogs/grain and moles/mushrooms respectively. clerics of (primary human god) and akerbeltz (1021) vie for religious dominance of the population. they tell stories of the lake god in 2011.

Hedge maze. at the center is the glass coffin of caroulus of cymophane. if the glass is broken, caroulus will rise up and attack as a 20 hd lich.


Rendezvous point for party of cutthroats, wizards and assassins from all corners of the hexenbracken assembling to take down the witches to the west, starting with yeegra in 2009. their plan involves sending off several sub-groups as diversions/cannon fodder to mitigate the witch's fearsome power.


Horthrik veil cannot be slain, and has grown wise in the ways of the hexenbracken. however, he smells like an open wound ( 0417 ) and draws fierce creatures wherever he goes (roll wandering monsters x 3 ). he's spent eons in the bellies of the vilest beasts.


The great barbarian chieftain marluk's long house is here with his tribe of 15 wereboar warriors.


A deep, fabulously clean lake between mountain peaks. the men of hogs crossing (2007) say that at night, one of several terrible shapeless creatures will surface to commune with the moon. if somehow conversed with, it will share great detail of any one hex in the hexenbracken and cause short term or permanent insanity to the listener.


Stationary formations of sky-fungi send down continuous hail of relatively harmless spores in this otherwise desolate hex. plants and animals within go about their business as normal even though covered in hideous fungal growths.


Adventurers in an angular vessel with thick crystal windows are charged by queen jane of the city in the waste with investigating the proliferation of insect cults in the southeast hexenbracken ( 0627, 0612, 0127, 0826, 0926, 0127). unbeknownst to them all, they are secretly aided and overseen in their task is by the grotesque toad gods (slaad), who can see through the eyes of any frog, frogling or toad in the world, including the vortex eyes of the blindheim (1514) .


A pirate raiding ship, they have captured and blindfolded a pair of sea-witches, they are being used to conjure up winds and tides to help the pirates or hinder their foes. if being chased by the pirate vessel they are at +2 and you are at -2


The water here is turbulent, but there is almost no wind or sea life. swarms of bats from 2115 blacken the sky at dawn and dusk.


A taurus-form, floating wizard/witch academy is located here. the high walls protect the students, and they catch their food each day in the middle.


A whirlpool forms beneath passing ships, transporting them to 1d4: 1- 0723 2- 1120 3- 1620 4- 1710


This mash/swamp area has a glamor cast over it to make it still look like ocean, it has been put into place by a group of goblins who attack the ships that crash or get bogged here, they found a powerful wizards spellbook and this is the only spell they could work out (roll on wild magic table whenever a spell is cast in this area)


14 racist pirates in a small but relatively fast vessel. they want help capturing a magic laden vessel bound for the academy in 2016. they know of the illusory goblinswamp in 2018.


The ruins of a sunken city rise up from the dark waters. harpies and stirges live among the ruins, preying upon passing sailors.


Mountain of the gods. a single lonely mountain raises up out of the ocean and reaches high into the clouds, there are various paths along this mountain and they are all perilous to travel (they are designed to keep people out and gods in). a person in (random hex number) says they know a short cut and will be your sherper up the mountain (they are really a god, only clerics and paladins have a chance at noticing this, its like 01%)


A well guarded merchant vessel with goods destined for the northern settlements of the hexenbracken. seeks information or help navigating the web of pirates and such.


Verthram the discommodious, sorcerer and dandy, lost an enchanted scarf made from the worm god's own silk somewhere in this hex while zooming by on his magic carpet several days ago. he has charmed a gaggle of moon goblins to help him search and will suspect anyone he encounters of concealing his prized accessory.

Fnam bak, a peninsular ranch that raises oversized turtles, crabs, and black frogs that can be ridden, but are extremely picky and lethal. the top man is a retired adventurer who secretly has a map of the area tattooed on him that moves and changes, giving him an idea of local power struggles. he's wanted for murder in seekersfile (0922) and debts in greasegraft (1210)


Ocean or river or whatever this is! with 5 dolphins!

The doldrums! without wind, your boat is stuck.


On the bottom of this shallow patch of sea is a large round iron hatch. it can be opened by blowing the magical horn of trofalcomar, found hidden in the sunken city ruins in 2020. the hatch leads to a lava tube that winds deep into a subterranean city of beholders.


The mist here is so thick that navigation is effectively random.


A drowning bard and 7 sharks share this stretch of emerald green sea, a languid mist rising to mock his plight. he prays to the gods of the chrysanthemum sea, but is finding no help.



The floating market of lao-shae. a bustling marketplace of sailors, traders, smugglers and pirates, built upon a series of large floating barges.


A sweet little old lady and her small granddaughter are sitting trapped on some rocks. rescuing them will get you ambushed by some mer-people, leaving them their will cause your next d12 rolls to be at -2


The center of the hex is the newly claimed domain of the ship-devouring famished god, this time manifested as three conjoined blue whales with a colossal maw, seemingly filled with a starry night sky.


A boat full of what appear to be dead chaos champions who lost a fight. in fact, they had a raging party last night and are all passed out; upon waking, they're hung over, sensitive, and heavily armed.


The darkness here is made of shadow-men, which cover the entire island at night. if you touch them, you become a shadow-man.


A pirate in a johnboat, he flees his irascible captain. on his back is tattooed the map to doorway in (1402).


New providence; 30 lackadaisical pirates gather around buccan fires. led by john chandagnac, a fifth level thief.


On a grassy hill, a group of 12 sylphs gather beneath a full moon. if they discover that they are being watched, they will summon 10 wood elves riding upon stags to attack the intruders.


Why do so many people in the hexenbracken draw maps on things that aren't paper? map thieves. orbin wayward in 1608 pays well.


Salt flats where the corvids race alchemical funny carts for bragging rights. they will take on outsiders too, but the stakes have to be much higher (usually a magic item wagered) for them to even bother.


A large heard of bison/buffalo roam though this area, their skin can be hardened into a +1 suit of leather, their meat is delicious and works like a half cure light wounds (cures 1d4 hp), their horns are worth a lot of gold to the right people, and they are going extinct


The volcanic rock hills here are much warmer than surrounding landscape. a network of lava tube caves lead to surtur the fire giant city


Sailing this way around the island at 2114/2115 is actually totally safe (other than a few spores from 2012). a lot safer than sailing around 2116 anyway.


10 elven savages, hunting swamp donkeys. lead by a rusk, a third level wolf.


Swamp donkeys live in this area, they are like normal donkeys but they have more moss and bracken growing off of my and stuck to them. they can be ridden and dont loose any speed though a swamp. you need to tame them first and they dont like elves


Columnar basalt rises from the seabed to around water level, forming a bridge between 2115 and 2216. rough seas often hide this navigational hazard, which for some reason is not noted on any nautical charts.


Eels. at dusk, the surface churns and writhes with eels.


Goblin reavers riding drugged baboons leap hundreds of feet off the bastard isle onto ships when the weather forces them to pass close to the cliffs.


Floating in the sea here is a barrel with three men. the baker and the candlemaker are pretty freaked out, but the butcher is trying to calm down the candlemaker with the offer of rendered fat from some eels from 2117.


A pack of 2d6+2 flying monkey zouves armed with scimitars, armored fez's, scale mail and throwing axes. the troop is forlornly staring across the water looking for a sign of a wizard to give their simian lives meaning. mostly they are simply a pack of scampering vandals who drop rocks on passing travelers.

The far western edge of the lesser bastard has a tower in it full of eggs of all different species collected by someone insane.


Hidden in a rocky cove is a wild-eyed old man covered in seaweed. he sits in a tiny boat playing a flute for his long dead wife.


A pirate ship that has no visible crew floats by. its actually crewed by ghost pirates, they will attack anyone that comes aboard their ship


Strange runed stones jut up here, forming a ring large enough for a small ship to enter. anyone who prays here will find theirself, their companions, and their vessel on the top of a random mountain hex.


A group of spider-goblins attack the party and attempt to herd them towards a pool of quicksand in the center of the hex. there are a number of magical items at the bottom of the pool of quicksand


4 blue elves commune over a puddle. this is a sacred matter, and they won't discuss the source of the blood with anyone willingly.


Fishing boats frequent this bay. a wyvern from (2127), has on occasion swooped down to steal a catch as they pull up their nets. it has otherwise caused them no harm.


The old man from 2121's wife is here, seeking passage west. she has been returned as a partially astral paladin of the beurocratic demonities of ashen luck to claim the lives of witches; she will reward others who give her passage and promise to destroy witches a sword that, while pursuing that goal, has a +2 and aura of protection vs magic (2/day, there's only one sword).


This entire area is very shallow, you can tell this because of the various broken goblin flying machines that are in the water here, many a goblin died in their attempt to fly


The surface here teems with purple garbugs; what appears to be a giant functioning circulatory system hundreds of miles beneath the waves is the red-robed order of forgotten scars moving through their transparent underwater citadel. large beasts swim around the outside, seeking a way in.


A magical doorway is said to open here on the nights of the first equinox of summer. the doorway is open for exactly 3 bell tolls, but time travels differently where it opens into, a bell toll could be anywhere from one second to one year. where it opens to is different every time


Island convent.


Gutspasm froth and his warband of seagoing chaos champions dedicated to the famished god. recently defeated those in 2104


Insect pilgrims journeying to worship the insect queen in hex 0127


The forest is riddled with tunnels. movement near a tunnel opening has a 25% chance of drawing the attention of 2d8 serpent-man warriors and their chieftain, acaxoatl the hooded venom-spitter.


A troll war party is riding through here on large war pigs, they are hunting down some renagade warriors of chaos


An airship has crashed here. one strange survivor.


Hooded kenku (man sized corvid) carrying a scythe, seeking sacrifices to the demon of the crossing in 0521. if he finds a suitable victim he will call in rest of his murder.


A sizable church dedicated to the philosophy of order is maintained by elderly paladins and priests. they are physically frail but spiritually and magically powerful. will trade healing services and divine spellwork for information about chaos champions in the area.


Yellow apple tree valley. 1 in 6 apple contains polymorph juice.


Dead crones hang from withered trees.


Witch’s fog- a wandering cloud of shimmering fog, unless avoided, perfect shadow duplicates appear and attack when entered. they dissolve when killed or three rounds after leaving the mist.


An colony of aaracokra defend their nameless isle from the elven savages in 2114 . they carry chain weapons and worship dark gods.


A trio of monks on a small junk, destined for 0902 fellmount abbey. they have not heard from their companions and seek to ensure all is well. they have healing salves and medical skill for trade.


Spirewater (settlement) a quiet, well guarded jetty town of humans. farm rice and keep orchards in the fertile soil, trading fresh food to water-travelers. try to maximise segregation from the unscrupulous maw folk (2219), causing tensions to be high between the peoples.


A large sinkhole in the ground that you cant see the bottom of, getting down it leads you to a random hex. the entire travel along the bottom of this sinkhole the pc's are chased by a bunch of different monsters from around the hex crawl that have fallen in there


Asbjorn, a bear spirit and protector of bears, lives in a massive cave here. he can smell if you’ve ever killed a bear, and will not be pleased if you have.


The maw (city) this is the largest settlement on the bastard isle, overlooking the curved harbor beneath. favored by fugitives, philosophers and others who require both solitude and information.


The bay of maw (2219) contains a myriad of privately owned and leased boats, often used to provide seclusion and/or serenity for the meditations/treacheries/revelries of mawfolk. if a random boat is selected (d6): 1,2 - unused, 3 - philosophers/sage 4- shady characters 5 - carousing humanoids 6 - fishermen


The fighter and the blind thief wander this swamp. the fighter stands guard as the blind thief steals the eyes of sleeping adventurers.


A fight is happening between 22 mermaids and 22 goblin swimmers. the goblin swimmers are using a very primitive version of a scuba suit, many of them are drowning

An old brass diving bell lies on the bottom, somewhat visible from the surface. can accommodate 4 people. worth 10.000 gp. is haunted.


The horrible amphibious fishwife of the lesser bastard lives in a slimy tower here, sending 5 seatrolls to seek husbands for her in the night.


The ghoulish revenant of a drowned woman haunts this area.hooked chains hang in her long black hair and she can control all the animals in the fen.


River. 5 carp.


3 goat horned, leech-headed emaciates, 3 leech-headed men and a leech-headed halfling travelling north to the maw (2219). they intend to drop a leech idol into the well to spread the corruption of the leeches (1120).


Voxilla the green, the two-headed war witch of the lesser bastard schemes in the sodden murk of a hidden temple dedicated to the great carrion god. she is attended by leechfaces, vicious goblins of twenty tribes and borne aloft in a palanquin by her rhinocerous-horned half brothers.



Rakshasa wedding party aboard a sandalwood boat.


Isle of pale worms. lots of pale worms here.


Spined wurms are found in the various borrows around this area. they are a medium/large creature with 4-6hd (d8s), an ac of 15/7, 2 attacks each turn it attacks by rushing past a creature and cutting it with its many sharp spines bite: 1d8 damage rush past: 2d6 damage, fort(17)/con(-4)/save vs death or take 1d6 damage next turn crush: 4d6 (same as above for a save, but damage is 2d6)


Idiot barber with a shop here has a lonely line in hair cutting (he's crap), dentistry (not recommended) and surgery (decent). insists its called the isle of whale perms.


Poison worms (carrion crawlers) are found in this area. just replace their paralysis ability with poison (1d6, save vs nausea, if failed you can only do half an action next turn, attempt save until one is passed) and they only get 1-2 attacks per turn


The presumed-dead wife of the swordsman in 1725 is being taken forcibly to wed one of the ogre magi in 1006 she has taught a minah bird in this hex to repeat her message to him along with his location to anyone it meets.


A airship is passing through here collecting the lightning that seems to be prevalent in this area. the airship looks like and is ran by a bunch of pirates (the good kind)


Throb castle--home to cracklecut throb, the bloated lord and his hideous court of boschean sycophants.


Acres of deserted farmland.


Vindisvein monastery of the borrowed light. they make cheese and wine, illuminate holy books and charge travelers 3 cp to stay for the night.


Careful observation of one of the mossy tidepools here reveals it is a precise miniature map of the entire hexenbracken with tiny shaped rocks where the castles and buildings are. you'd have to know the area fairly well to recogize this and be very bored to notice the pool's even there.


3 hunched, bipedal crabmen stalk the shallow waters for meats.


A vast school of over 200 sharks patrol these waters. all of them glow red in the moonlight.

Rotting corpses of 50 farmers. fish from miles around have been feeding for days.


A blue-steel rod of about two feet in diameter rises 1,000 feet out of the water, rotating with the wind. it gives off occasional sparks of electricity at lower wind speeds, but will suddenly erupt into a steady aura of lightning stretching 200 feet from the rod if the winds achieve 100 mph or more.


Shifting sandbanks threaten to ground passing ships.


A convent of the secretive sisters of the good burden is located here. they are powerful allies and dangerous foes for it is said that they can seduce a man with their voice alone, resist any poison and slay with a touch. they have long term goals that involve controlling the bloodlines of the world but to what end is unknown.


A brackish pool of foul smelling water is here. a drinker who fails their save vs. poison will be transported to a landscape of flame and ash for 3d6 hours, taking one hp of fire damage for each hour there.


A hunched man in the market here will sell you an ancient contract in an unknown language. it is a spiritually binding contract between the elves and the shark king and requires merely the signature of any single elf in order to go into effect: if signed, all sharks will obey the signing elf for one day each century.


Orchids erupt gloriously from crevices in the mountainside. at night, 6 enigmatic wormpeople creep out of secret tunnels to tend their crop with fine silver tools (worth 30gp/worm). the orchids hold back a lurking rot, which would otherwise seep out of the deep mountains and corrupt surrounding hexes.


The mountains have been carved into the shapes of various gods ans heros. each carving is over the top of a cave entrance, but they are backwards, the good gods lead to bad places and the bad gods to good


A camp of lizard men are making a massive wooden sculpture of a king on a throne. it's base will have a magic door to 0119


A pod of dolphins often play and fish in these waters. anyone belligerent to the pod will be reported to the princess of the drowned and the damned.


A swamp with pigs and mosquitoes. vines harass every step.


A 10 headed hydra lives in these woods, and feasts on the pigs in 2322. it's lair contains a portal into the depths of the dungeon in 1402.


All the vines on the island seem to originate from an expanse of gigantic purple lotuses. the narcotic scent of their blossoms lures the unwary into a pond of digestive enzymes.


A goblin fortress is perched on a rocky coast. a great sea beast menaces it from the depths.


Petrified trees rise out of the waters here. a swamp hag, brezelda the fair, lives in a hut built among the treetops. she searches for her true love and/or eats people.


A large floating fort made from various boats and ships (think water world) is here, its run by about 30-40 people, they will trade with you, you can also get hirelings/hench-people here. but if you mention anything about the fort in 0325 they will not trust you as they are their enemy

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