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Freek Wielstra fwielstra

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fwielstra / pre-push
Last active May 6, 2021 13:27 — forked from strootman/pre-push
A pre-push git hook which runs a gradle test task
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# this hook is in SCM so that it can be shared
# to install it, create a symbolic link in the projects .git/hooks folder
# i.e. - from the .git/hooks directory, run
# $ ln -s ../../git-hooks/ pre-commit
# to skip the tests, run with the --no-verify argument
# i.e. - $ 'git commit --no-verify'
fwielstra / aliases
Created August 16, 2016 07:00
git list shizzle
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# log format base
lformat = log --pretty=format:'%Cred%h%Creset %C(bold blue)%an%Creset %Cgreen(%cr) %Creset-%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s'
# formatted, graph, branches
l = !git lformat --graph --branches
# formatted, graph current branch only
lb = !git lformat --graph
# formatted, topo-order (?)
lt = !git lformat --graph --branches --topo-order
# formatted, no pager (use with -n to show last X entries)
lnp = !git --no-pager l
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import ObjectMapper
struct Test: Mappable {
let name: String
init?(_ map: Map) {
name = map["name"].valueOrFail()
if !map.isValid {
return nil
fwielstra / errorhandling.js
Created December 18, 2012 09:30
wrapError replacement for backbone.js
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var sync = Backbone.sync;
Backbone.sync = function(method, model, options) {
if (!options.error) {
options.error = function(method, model, options) {
// custom error handling here.
sync(method, model, options);
fwielstra / mock.js
Created March 2, 2012 10:20
mock.js - NodeJS webservice test double / proxy
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Uses latest & greatest NodeJS version (0.7.5), may cause external libraries
like Mu to not work because of a changed package (sys was renamed to util)
Fix manually by going into ./node_modules/mu and replacing all instances of
require('sys') with require('util'). Should just run under earlier versions
of Node as long as you replace the below require('util') with require('sys').
Download dependencies using 'npm install'
Run using node mock.js <port (optional)>
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var util = require("util"),
http = require("http"),
url = require("url"),
fileSystem = require('fs'),
path = require('path');
var responseMap = [
{pattern:/\btest\?test\=true$/, response:"test-ok.xml"},
{pattern:/\btest\?test=true&henk=liev$/, response:"test-ok.xml"},
// 'begins with' test
fwielstra / JSONParser.scala
Created September 9, 2011 10:54
Parsing a nested JSON object
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case class Trip(
plannedDeparture: DateTime,
fromStation: String,
viaStation: Option[String],
toStation: String,
plannedArrivalLastStation: DateTime) {
fwielstra / api-test.js
Created June 14, 2011 15:12
An example unit test for our save thread method
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var nodeunit = require('nodeunit');
exports['API'] = nodeunit.testCase({
'The show() API method returns a specific thread by title and its replies by threadid': function(test) {
// our mock data
var posts = [{post: 'test'}, {post: 'test2'}];
var thread = {_id: '1234', title: 'my thread'};
fwielstra / api.js
Created June 14, 2011 15:02
Our controller refactored
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module.exports = function(Thread, Post) {
return {
post: function(req, res) {
new Thread({title: req.body.title, author:}).save();
list: function(req, res) {
Thread.find(function(err, threads) {
fwielstra / api.js
Created June 14, 2011 14:46
An example NodeJS / Mongoose / Express application based on their respective tutorials
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/* The API controller
Exports 3 methods:
* post - Creates a new thread
* list - Returns a list of threads
* show - Displays a thread and its posts
var Thread = require('../models/thread.js');
var Post = require('../models/post.js');