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Wes Higbee g0t4

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Last active May 14, 2020
Docker Cheat Sheet

Windows Containers notes

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Last active May 18, 2017
Docker Swarm Mode Getting Started Workshop

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Last active Jan 18, 2017
docker cli usefulness -> converting ascii art into nice images - > nice workflow for creating visuals and flexible outputs with asciidoctor in a container
# this docker image comes preloaded with many extensions!
# docs for asciidoctor-diagram extension
# volume mount for current working directory, to ready table.adoc and write resultant output file
# function to hide away the docker run and volume plumbing, treat like it is installed locally :)
asciidoctor() { docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/documents asciidoctor/docker-asciidoctor asciidoctor "$@" ; }
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Created Nov 30, 2016
Setting up a Docker Hub registry mirror on a Synology NAS


  • Save the docker-compose.yml and config.yml in the same directory on one of your volumes on the NAS.
  • SSH in and use docker-compose up -d
  • Test the mirror with curl --head http://NAS-IP:55000
  • Start up docker daemons with the following option or put this in the daemon config file or copy into Docker for Mac/Windows settings. --registry-mirror=http://NAS-IP:55000
  • Pull an image and then check that it is cached in your mirror with curl http://NAS-IP:55000/v2/_catalog
    • or check that a large image isn't slow after the first pull :)


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Last active May 27, 2020
Getting Started with Docker on Windows
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Last active Aug 15, 2018
Getting Started with .NET Core: for Windows Developers
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Last active Oct 19, 2019
Resources for TeamCity Getting Started Course
View solitaire-pipeline-starting-point.groovy
stage 'CI'
node {
git branch: 'jenkins2-course',
url: ''
// pull dependencies from npm
// on windows use: bat 'npm install'
sh 'npm install'
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