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How to add a second interface to specific EC2 instances using Python3
#! /usr/bin/env python3
This program queries all servers in the AWS account
that dont have a second network attached.
Program attach the correct AZ ENI.
It only attach the interface to running instances
import time
import json
import boto3
start_time = time.time()
ec2 = boto3.resource('ec2')
ec2_client = boto3.client('ec2')
subnet_main = ['subnet-xxxx1', 'subnet-xxxx2', 'subnet-xxxx3'] # Check instances on these subnets
owner_main = ['30995619944', '309956199498'] # this uses the owner of the AMI for reference on what instance to check in this case RHEL and AWS
groups_main = ['']
def collect_subnets():
Query Network information on the account
Print all VPCs, Subnets, AZ available on the account
list_subnet = {"id" : []}
for vpc in ec2.vpcs.all():
for az in ec2.meta.client.describe_availability_zones()["AvailabilityZones"]:
for subnet in vpc.subnets.filter(Filters=[{"Name": "availabilityZone", "Values": [az["ZoneName"]]}]):
info_subnet = {
"vpc" :,
"az" : az["ZoneName"],
"subnet" :
list_subnet = info_subnet
json_subnet = json.dumps(list_subnet)
def query_gdriver():
Findd exact subnet and security group that the network
needs to be attached to
global gdriver
if vpc_id == 'vpc-xxxx' and network_az == 'us-east-1a':
gdriver = ('subnet-xx1', 'sg-8f0xxx')
elif vpc_id == 'vpc-xxxx' and network_az == 'us-east-1b':
gdriver = ('subnet-xxx', 'sg-8f0xxxx')
elif vpc_id == 'vpc-xxxx' and network_az == 'us-east-1c':
gdriver = ('subnet-xxx', 'sg-xxxx')
elif vpc_id == 'vpc-xxx' and network_az == 'us-east-1c':
gdriver = ('subnet-xxx', 'sg-xxxx')
return gdriver
if __name__ == "__main__":
for instance in ec2.instances.all():
image_owner = instance.image.owner_id
image_ami_id = instance.image._id
instance_state = instance.state['Name']
network_eni = instance.network_interfaces
vpc_id = instance.vpc_id
network_az = instance.placement['AvailabilityZone']
list_size = len(network_eni)
for owner_find in owner_main:
if owner_find in image_owner:
company_owner = 'True'
if instance_state == 'running' and company_owner == 'True':
i = 0
gdriver_network = 'False'
while i < list_size:
subnet_id = network_eni[i].subnet_id
i += 1
for subnet_find in subnet_main:
if subnet_find in subnet_id:
gdriver_network = 'True'
datalist = {
"instance_id" :,
"vpc_id" : vpc_id,
"network_az" : network_az
json_datalist = json.dumps(datalist)
result_gdriver = query_gdriver()
print('The following subnet has been identify', result_gdriver)
network_interface = ec2_client.create_network_interface(SubnetId=result_gdriver[0], Description = 'Gdriver', Groups = [result_gdriver[1]])
network_eni = network_interface['NetworkInterface']['NetworkInterfaceId']
print('the following ENI will be attached to instance ',, network_eni)
attach_network_interface = ec2_client.attach_network_interface(NetworkInterfaceId = network_eni, InstanceId =, DeviceIndex = 1)
print("--- The program took %s seconds----" % (time.time() - start_time))
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