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Created December 29, 2015 14:20
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Dell Warranty Information
# you can replace this with list of servers
#$computers = 1..5 this was for testing purposes
$computers = Get-Content C:\Scripts\test.txt
#Define variable
$DellSystemInfo = $Null
foreach ($node in $computers){
# Get Dell Server serviceTag
$ServiceTag1 =(Get-CimInstance -ComputerName $node -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystemProduct).identifyingNumber
#Defines Dell URL. Notice $servicetag1 variable
$Url = "$servicetag1&apikey=d676cf6e1e0ceb8fd14e8cb69acd812d"
#Connects to Dell API and get correct information based on ProSupport
[xml]$WarrantyEndDate1 = invoke-webrequest $url -UseBasicParsing
$WarrantyEndDate2 = ($WarrantyEndDate1.GetAssetWarrantyResponse.GetAssetWarrantyResult.Response.DellAsset.Warranties.Warranty | Where-Object {$_.ServiceLevelCode -eq 'TS'}).EndDate
#Cretes an order dictionary table as a place holder
$ComputerInfo = [Ordered]@{
Computername = $env:COMPUTERNAME
ServiceTag = $ServiceTag1
WarrantyEndDate = $WarrantyEndDate2
#Add info to pscustomobject
$DellSystemInfo += @(New-Object pscustomobject -Property $ComputerInfo)
Write-Output $DellSystemInfo
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