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Created January 4, 2018 21:02
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Webpack code splitting configuration example
module.exports = {
entry: {
main: './src/app.js',
output: {
// `filename` provides a template for naming your bundles (remember to use `[name]`)
filename: '[name].bundle.js',
// `chunkFilename` provides a template for naming code-split bundles (optional)
chunkFilename: '[name].bundle.js',
// `path` is the folder where Webpack will place your bundles
path: './dist',
// `publicPath` is where Webpack will load your bundles from (optional)
publicPath: 'dist/'
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and just kick-off of an extremely simple webpack-config demo.

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titanve commented Dec 11, 2018

Hello Dan!

Do you have a reactjs example for code splitting with webpack 4 ?

I've tried so many things I've found online but I cannot get webpack to split my code.


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maulerjan commented Jan 9, 2019

If concerned about browser caching of bundles:

   filename: '[contenthash].bundle.js',
   chunkFilename: '[contenthash].bundle.js'

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Thank you

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Bubbfish commented Dec 6, 2019


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jvkiran commented Jan 24, 2020


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Thank you. my [name] is coming as 1, 0 ... as chunk name. I am using import(). can we have specific names for the chunk file names?

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xgqfrms commented Oct 15, 2020

code splitting & dynamic import


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mienaikoe commented May 2, 2021

Great starting off point for code-splitting!

If I could make an addendum from trying what you used, the publicPath is what webpack in the browser will use. I was getting a confusing base path added at the beginning until I realized I had put a local path into publicPath based on what I interpreted from line 12 (instead of a browser relative path)

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mrdulin commented Aug 31, 2021

React 16.14.0 + Webpack v5, React Lazy kick-off example :

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@mrdulin Getting a 404 on your link

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mrdulin commented Nov 23, 2021

@bobber205 Fixed

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wtf is this.

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