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gane5h / dsr-deposit-volumes.sql
Created Jan 22, 2020
Week-on-week DSR deposit volumes
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date_trunc('week', act_at) as act_at_week,
sum(amount / 1e18) as volume
from (
e.block_signed_at as act_at,
'0x' || encode(e.tx_hash, 'hex') as tx_hash,
live.hex_to_int(encode(e.topics[4], 'hex')) as amount,
'DSR_DEPOSIT' as act
from live.block_log_events e
gane5h / MKR_holders.csv
Created Nov 30, 2019
MKR balance storage slot writes
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We can't make this file beautiful and searchable because it's too large.
"2019-11-30 21:43:30+00","2d1d6d5deae5cc68d893a73781dd573fde302796",1227556400000000000
"2019-11-30 21:43:30+00","2b5634c42055806a59e9107ed44d43c426e58258",239060270600000000000
"2019-11-30 21:33:10+00","39755357759ce0d7f32dc8dc45414cca409ae24e",437140390807426204185
"2019-11-30 21:33:10+00","69076e44a9c70a67d5b79d95795aba299083c275",5878988991879486728884
"2019-11-30 21:33:10+00","e54365c85ca9b7e3ef68c5bed244dc10330bb264",0
"2019-11-30 21:32:32+00","ac8d6652067ca9b33bd15eeeeb01102d2d2cfc64",843100000000000000
"2019-11-30 21:29:27+00","2c4bd064b998838076fa341a83d007fc2fa50957",2964877658410763648961
"2019-11-30 21:29:27+00","9ba4ae48b8ca9e98e511b3371a4d454d1a3e1003",0
"2019-11-30 21:17:29+00","6cc5f688a315f3dc28a7781717a9a798a59fda7b",2633319886385353620901
gane5h /
Created Jun 5, 2017
Export raw data from Mailchimp lists and campaigns.
'''A python script to export the raw data from mailchimp lists and campaigns.
The output of this script will be a CSV file with the open and click rates for each campaign
and each list member (identified by an email.) You can use this data for further analysis
as seen here:
Written by Ganesh, 2017.
gane5h / story.json
Created Dec 17, 2015
Asana Story Example
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"data": [
"created_at": "2015-12-17T02:02:18.858Z",
"created_by": {
"id": 702942504735,
"name": "Ganesh Swami"
"id": 74602192326071,
"text": "changed the due date to December 31",
gane5h / datadog-nginx
Created Oct 22, 2014
Nginx log parsing with datadog
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Custom parser for nginx log suitable for use by Datadog 'dogstreams'.
To use, add to datadog.conf as follows:
dogstreams: [path to ngnix log (e.g: "/var/log/nginx/access.log"]:[path to this python script (e.g "/usr/share/datadog/agent/dogstream/")]:[name of parsing method of this file ("parse")]
so, an example line would be:
dogstreams: /var/log/nginx/access.log:/usr/share/datadog/agent/dogstream/
Log of nginx should be defined like that:
log_format time_log '$time_local "$request" S=$status $bytes_sent T=$request_time R=$http_x_forwarded_for';
when starting dd-agent, you can find the collector.log and check if the dogstream initialized successfully
gane5h / gist:ad7453469f6c19276ee5
Created May 23, 2014
Polyglot Sample Documents
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"title": "Hackers",
"release_year": 1995,
"genre": ["Action", "Crime", "Drama"],
"actors": ["Johnny Lee Miller", "Angelina Jolie"],
"description": "High-school age computer expert Zero Cool and his hacker friends take on an evil corporation's computer virus with their hacking skills."
"title": "Johnny Mnemonic",
gane5h /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Polyglot Elasticsearch Workshop Syllabus

Getting started with Elasticsearch


This tutorial is an Elasticsearch bootcamp. Elasticsearch is a fully-distributed and scalable search server based on Apache Lucene. Companies like foursquare, soundcloud, github and hundreds more use it to power search and analytics in their applications.

At the end of the day, you’ll:

  1. know the most important concepts and terminology of search engines
  2. have a deep understanding of Elasticsearch