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Polyglot Sample Documents
"title": "Hackers",
"release_year": 1995,
"genre": ["Action", "Crime", "Drama"],
"actors": ["Johnny Lee Miller", "Angelina Jolie"],
"description": "High-school age computer expert Zero Cool and his hacker friends take on an evil corporation's computer virus with their hacking skills."
"title": "Johnny Mnemonic",
"release": 1995,
"genre": ["Science Fiction", "Action"],
"actors": ["Keanu Reeves", "Dolph Lundgren"],
"description": "A guy with a chip in his head shouts incomprehensibly about room service in this dystopian vision of our future."
"title": "Swordfish",
"release_year": 2001,
"genre": ["Action", "Crime"],
"actors": ["John Travolta", "Hugh Jackman", "Halle Berry"],
"description": "A cast of characters challenge society's commonly held view that computer experts are not the beautiful people. Somehow, the CIA is hacked in under 5 minutes."
"title": "Tomb Raider",
"release_year": 2001,
"genre": ["Adventure", "Action", "Fantasy"],
"actors": ["Angelina Jolie", "Jon Voigt"],
"description": "The story of a girl and her quest for antiquities in the face of adversity. This epic is adapter from its traditional video-game format to the big screen"
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