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flatMap Society 0.1 notes

Limit is 30 minutes

flatMap society episode 0.1

  • intro
  • Andrew Rubalcaba (@han_cholo) and Steven Gangstead (@gangstead)
  • this is the half hour podcast about what's going on in tech for the DFW metroplex
  • will we ever reach 1 unlike Node.js

Today we're talking about a scala project we just finished up

  • seeing jobs opening up for Scala in dfw
  • Scala adds functional paradigms onto a java-like syntax and runs on the jvm. Dallas is all about Java so there's a big potential user base that can make that transition.
  • Scala community is growing
  • Dallas Scala Enthusiasts user group isn't too organized

just finished our activator template

  • spray (scala) + angular js (aka sprangular)
  • Typesafe is kind of like the corporate guardian of the Scala language
  • Activator is their bootstrapping tool to quickly see examples and start with templates (kind of like public maven architypes). And there's also test/debugging functionality built into it (not just for beginners).
  • One of our coworkers has already done a template for spray + different memcached implementations. We'll put a link the show notes.
  • his experience was that Typesafe is really responsive and supportive for publishing these and getting.
  • it's all on github and when they reviewed it in less than a day, made a small pull request and that was it

problems we ran into:

  • started with jetty + spring on the back end
  • could not get that to run with activator run command.
  • Loading static content from /app
  • important because that's how all actual front end apps are structured
  • every example we saw was something like src/main/webapp or src/main/app or src/main/angular
  • weren't many other problems with the scala and spray stuff because we've done a few other sample apps and we've been doing production code for a year now.

This is the part of the show where we'll plug upcoming meetups. But nothing's on our radar right now.

  • Steven - going to the inaugural meeting of Dallas Functional Programmers meetup. Will see how much Scala is represented.

Scala for the Impatient link

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