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Export TOTP tokens from Authy

Generating Authy passwords on other authenticators

There is an increasing count of applications which use Authy for two-factor authentication. However many users who aren't using Authy, have their own authenticator setup up already and do not wish to use two applications for generating passwords.

Since I use 1Password for all of my password storing/generating needs, I was looking for a solution to use Authy passwords on that. I couldn't find any completely working solutions, however I stumbled upon a gist by Brian Hartvigsen. His post had a neat code with it to generate QR codes for you to use on your favorite authenticator.

His method is to extract the secret keys using Authy's Google Chrome app via Developer Tools. If this was not possible, I guess people would be reverse engineering the Android app or something like that. But when I tried that code, nothing appeared on the screen. My guess is that Brian used the

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I'm writing in response to events that have recently come to light involving a sexual assault at a tech conference. Background information can be found [here][1], [here][2], and [here][3] as well as on twitter and google.

I've been watching this from the sidelines, and I've been wrestling with several questions that I can't seem to shake and that I really don't have answers to.

I wear many hats, both in the tech community and others. I'm a coder, a speaker, a user group organizer, a conference organizer, and even a boss. Each of those roles colors how I see this, but there's one role that is overpowering in my reaction.

See, I'm a Dad. A dad of two beautiful and innocent girls who are 3 and 2. They have their whole lives in front of them and so the questions I'm struggling with are: