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@geddski /rAF.js forked from paulirish/rAF.js

requestAnimationFrame polyfill
// requestAnimationFrame polyfill by Erik Möller
// fixes from Paul Irish and Tino Zijdel
(function() {
var lastTime = 0;
var vendors = ['ms', 'moz', 'webkit', 'o'];
for(var x = 0; x < vendors.length && !window.requestAnimationFrame; ++x) {
window.requestAnimationFrame = window[vendors[x]+'RequestAnimationFrame'];
window.cancelAnimationFrame = window[vendors[x]+'CancelAnimationFrame']
|| window[vendors[x]+'RequestCancelAnimationFrame'];
if (!window.requestAnimationFrame || !window.cancelAnimationFrame) //current Chrome (16) supports request but not cancel
window.requestAnimationFrame = function(callback, element) {
var currTime = new Date().getTime();
var timeToCall = Math.max(0, 16 - (currTime - lastTime));
var id = window.setTimeout(function() { callback(currTime + timeToCall); },
lastTime = currTime + timeToCall;
return id;
if (!window.cancelAnimationFrame)
window.cancelAnimationFrame = function(id) {

line 16 fixes issue with Chrome 16 not supporting the cancelAnimationFrame


Whatchu talkin about.. Chrome 16 has webkitCancelRequestAnimationFrame

@paulirish and run webkitCancelRequestAnimationFrame(rid) in console.


What the junk, you're right. I swear I tested it and double checked my spelling. My bad. Deleting this gist.

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