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Details on the AWS Lambda Python LambdaContext context object when instantiated from a CloudFormation stack


Here is the raw output from examining the Python LambdaContext context object in a AWS Lambda function when called from a CloudFormation stack. More information on the context object can be found here :

LambdaContext object : print(context)

<__main__.LambdaContext object at 0x7fd706780710>

LambdaContext vars : vars(context)

    'aws_request_id': 'a3de505e-f16b-42f4-b3e6-bcd2e4a73903',
    'log_stream_name': '2015/10/26/[$LATEST]c71058d852474b9895a0f221f73402ad',
    'invoked_function_arn': 'arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:123456789012:function:ExampleCloudFormationStackName-ExampleLambdaFunctionResourceName-AULC3LB8Q02F',
    'client_context': None,
    'log_group_name': '/aws/lambda/ExampleCloudFormationStackName-ExampleLambdaFunctionResourceName-AULC3LB8Q02F',
    'function_name': 'ExampleCloudFormationStackName-ExampleLambdaFunctionResourceName-AULC3LB8Q02F',
    'function_version': '$LATEST',
    'identity': <__main__.CognitoIdentity object at 0x7fd7042a2b90>,
    'memory_limit_in_mb': '128'

LambdaContext dir : dir(context)


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msambol commented Jun 24, 2016

Hi Gene –

Thanks for the gist. I've seen examples of people calling context.succeed() in the Node.js runtime. Is this possible with Python? I can't find anything in the docs.


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Depado commented Jul 27, 2016

Thanks for the gist :)
I have the exact same problem. Can't find anything in the docs about the said succeed or done methods that seem to be used with Node.js runtime.


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cameck commented Aug 24, 2016

Hi Michael and Gene,
I'm running into the same problem. Did either of you find a workaround to exit the program early without throwing an error?


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brandond commented Oct 24, 2016

@msambol @Depado @cameck have you tried just returning from the handler function?


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soundmasteraj commented Mar 13, 2018

Alexa's skill id is delivered the context object during certain audio playback requests. does that have an alias?

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