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Created January 23, 2011 09:14
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Breadth-first search and depth-first search Java implementation
Class Main {
public void bfs()
// BFS uses Queue data structure
Queue queue = new LinkedList();
rootNode.visited = true;
while(!queue.isEmpty()) {
Node node = (Node)queue.remove();
Node child=null;
while((child=getUnvisitedChildNode(node))!=null) {
// Clear visited property of nodes
public void dfs() {
// DFS uses Stack data structure
Stack stack = new Stack();
while(!stack.isEmpty()) {
Node node = (Node)s.peek();
Node child = getUnvisitedChildNode(n);
if(child != null) {
child.visited = true;
else {
// Clear visited property of nodes
Class Node {
Char data;
Public Node(char c) {;
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Very nice and clear code
However your dfs sometimes uses s for the variable stack and n for the variable node.


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Also, I noticed that you reference "visited" for node objects, but I don't see that defined in the node class.

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where are the methods printNode() and visited() defined? Or what type of object is rootNode?

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Missing some Code Lines...

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This is a copy of what you can find here:

Looks like the whole implementation can be downloaded from there.

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ghost commented Mar 3, 2014

The code's problem is that when the graph is disconnected, there will be nodes missing.

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dharam3 commented Jun 1, 2014

If your graph vertices are connected like this
A-->C-->B ( A to C and A to B)
B-->D ( B to D)
C-->B-->D( C to B and C to D)
D ( No outward connection)
E-->D ( E to D)

Please note that E is not reachable from any other vertices.

And if A is root Node, E will never be visited.

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Minor issue: getUnvisitedChildNode(node) instead of n.

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0xhmn commented Jul 3, 2016

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sjcuello commented Aug 2, 2016


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In DFS method, why not just use pop() instead of peek()?

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sameer commented Nov 30, 2016

What I find odd is that the code marks nodes visited without checking if they've already been visited...
If they've already been visited, shouldn't they be ignored?

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juanmf commented Feb 3, 2017

Nice implemetation.

you can avoid casting by using type parameters. Queue<Node> queue Stack<Node> stack

class Node {
        List<Node> children;
        boolean visited = false;
        Node getUnvisitedChildNode(){
                    .filter(n -> ! n.visited)

@dkonayuki its ok peek, since in DFS she needs to revisit nodes and ask for other children.

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Answer @dkonayuki,It would break the stack chain and without missing the right child node, if its use pop().

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I realize this is a little pedantic, but these are Breadth and Depth first traversals not searches. They simply visit all nodes, not search for a specific node/value.

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