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Green screen: is paint mixing not a thing at US hardware stores?

Is paint mixing not a common service at US hardware stores? An odd question to ask on Blender Artists.

I've been experimenting with mixing live footage with scenes created in Blender. As part of this, I wanted to try chroma keying. I looked up the color usually used for green screens. Most people seem to agree that it's Pantone 354 C.

If you try to buy green screen paint, you'll find it's quite expensive, e.g. ROSCO Chroma Key costs around US$100 per gallon (~3.8L).

As this is quite a lot, you can find many blog posts, etc. where people have compared standard hardware store paints to find something cheaper. A popular winner is Disney Gamma Sector Green (apparently available from Home Depot).

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package com.example
import java.time.{Duration, ZonedDateTime}
trait Customer
trait Priority
trait OvenState
trait Cooker {
def cook(customer: Customer, deliveryTime: ZonedDateTime, priority: Priority): Boolean
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Created Jul 8, 2021
Diffuse bake with only color selected still results in different colors

1 2 3 4 5...

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Constraining area in which select similar acts?

Constraining area in which select similar acts?

Can I constrain the area over which select similar acts? In the model shown below, I wanted to select the blue faces on the underside of the model. I could do this with selecting similar by normal (and upping the threshold value until I got all faces I wanted), however this selected all faces that met the similarity condition, not just those on the underside of my model.

I could do select similar and then flip to a front view and control drag to unselect everything above the ground layer. This almost gets me to where I want to be.

However, I was wondering if there was a better way? This approach of unselecting things requires the ground layer to be perfectly flat to work well. What I really want (I think) is to be able to constrain select similar to just those faces I can see when looking at the underside.

Ignoring the normals and instead using select linked with flat faces (with the angle upped suitably) alm


I wouldn't bother with shebangs in your Python files (or with making them exectuble, i.e. using chmod on them).

Instead, I'd create a bash script (with shebang) to orchestrate things. E.g. something like this:


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Last active Jun 10, 2021
Disabling HP Omen 25L case LEDs

Disabling HP Omen 25L case LEDs

If you're running Windows then you can disable the case LEDs in an HP Omen computer using the Omen Gaming Hub.

However, there's no equivalent for Linux and no obvious way to permanently disable the LEDs.

When restarting after a shutdown, the LEDs start enabled but if you boot into Windows and, if you've already disabled the LEDs via the Omen Gaming Hub, they will automatically become disabled again as part of Windows starting up. You can then reboot into Linux and they will stay disabled until you next shutdown and restart.

This is hardly ideal - a more permanent and simple approach is to simply unplug the power connector for the LEDs on the motherboard. It's clearly marked "LED":


Why does my texture image join badly at the edges? Bad UV unwrapping?

I added a Texture Image to a torus and when I started painting on the torus, I saw this undesired effect at the point where the edges of the underlying image join:

bad join

I can see this effect also in the linked image:

linked image


Here is the .blend to go with my question here on the Blender StackExchange and which has this odd distribution of particles:

strange count

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Last active May 12, 2021
Turn off HP Omen desktop lighting

Turn off HP Omen desktop lighting

To turn To turn off case lighting go to the Microsoft Store, search for and install OMEN Gaming Hub.

There's no need for any of the secondary installs that it tries to trigger - i.e. Light Studio and HP System Event Utility.

Open OMEN Gaming Hub - ignore any attempt to make you sign-in or register for an account.

Ignore Light Studio, click OMEN Desktop and select the Lighting tab.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""