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Constraining area in which select similar acts?

Constraining area in which select similar acts?

Can I constrain the area over which select similar acts? In the model shown below, I wanted to select the blue faces on the underside of the model. I could do this with selecting similar by normal (and upping the threshold value until I got all faces I wanted), however this selected all faces that met the similarity condition, not just those on the underside of my model.

I could do select similar and then flip to a front view and control drag to unselect everything above the ground layer. This almost gets me to where I want to be.

However, I was wondering if there was a better way? This approach of unselecting things requires the ground layer to be perfectly flat to work well. What I really want (I think) is to be able to constrain select similar to just those faces I can see when looking at the underside.

Ignoring the normals and instead using select linked with flat faces (with the angle upped suitably) almost did what I want - but if the angle was too low, I ended up with many little islands of left-over blue faces that required a lot of further manual work to remove and, if the angle was too high, I ended up also selecting red faces that I didn't want to delete.

Material preview.

Face orientation overlay.

Unwanted blue faces on underside.

Folded over underside, seen from side.

The .blend file can be found here

This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
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