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Cable making service?

Hi all --

Does anyone know someone who can make high quality cables?

I need to make an adapter from a JST-PH 2-pin male connector to a two pin 0.1" female header connector.

To hack up something like this would be trivial, but I need them for a situation where they should look near perfect - for this I came up with:

1. Get a pack of 1x2 pin 0.1" crimp connector housings from Pololu.

crimp connector housings

2. Get a pack of pre-crimped male to female wires from Pololu. From these find a black and a red wire.

pre-crimped wires

3. Get a right angle JST-PH 2-pin male connector from Adafruit. Unlike the female side I've never seen male JST-PH connectors that were designed to be connected to wires.

JST-PH 2-pin male connector

4. Get a multi-colored heat shrink pack from Adafruit. Find a red and a black piece of the narrowest width.

multi-colored heat shrink

5. Clip off the male ends of the red and black pre-crimped wires and solder the wire ends onto the JST-PH connector, covering the solder points with appropriately colored heat shrink.

Hmm... order four different things, wait for them to arrive and then solder up and finish off everything really nicely.

If someone already works in an environment with all the parts I'd be more than happy to pay them to make up a few of these adapters instead! :)

So does anyone know a professional or hobbyist who'd be prepared to do this?




For red shrink wrap see the following Conrad links:

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