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(ns launch-reply.core
[ :as io]
[java.nio.file WatchService StandardWatchEventKinds FileSystems Path Paths]
[ File]
geraldodev /
Created Apr 25, 2018
Implementation in reason of to allow creation of <noscript id="jss-insertion-point> for injecting material-ui at the start of the index.html and let others libraries css taking precedence over material-ui 's
type jssObj = {
"options": {. [@bs.set] "insertionPoint": Dom.element},
[@bs.module "jss"] external createJss : {.} => jssObj = "create";
[@bs.module "material-ui/styles"]
external jssPreset : unit => {.} = "jssPreset";
geraldodev /
Last active Apr 25, 2018
Bare translation of the bits I needed from react-jss/lib/JssProvider just to integrate with bs-material-ui
[@bs.module "react-jss/lib/JssProvider"]
external myJssProvider : ReasonReact.reactClass = "default";
let make = (~jss: InsertionPoint.jssObj, ~generateClassName: string, children)=>
~props={ "jss": jss, "generateClassName": generateClassName},
type breakpoint = [ | `lg | `md | `sm | `xl | `xs ];
type breakpointsObj = {
"keys": array(string),
"values": {
"lg": int,
"md": int,
"sm": int,
View reason on vim
Plug 'autozimu/LanguageClient-neovim', {'branch': 'next', 'do': 'bash'}
Plug 'reasonml-editor/vim-reason-plus'
let g:LanguageClient_serverCommands = {
\ 'reason': ['ocaml-language-server', '--stdio'],
\ 'ocaml': ['ocaml-language-server', '--stdio'],
\ }
" Automatically start language servers.
let g:LanguageClient_autoStart = 1
geraldodev / escutar_atom.clj
Last active Oct 27, 2016
Escutando atom, pra capturar a transição :is-open de false para true. Observe que na linha 5 eu uso a desestruturação de mapa sem keys, porque quero fazer com que :is-open do estado anterior fique na variável was-open. A linha 6 já captura o is-open atual
View escutar_atom.clj
(add-watch state-atom :watch
(fn [k
{was-open :is-open}
{:keys [is-open input-value]}]
(not was-open)
geraldodev / comp_transducer.clj
Last active Oct 21, 2016
mostra exemplo de comp e sua ordem de execução da direita pra esquerda. E a diferença da ordem de execução quando usamos transducer
View comp_transducer.clj
;; observe que funciona (ordem direita pra esquerda
;; (str (inc 2)) faz sentido né
((comp str inc) 2)
;; porque nao funciona
((comp inc str) 2)
;; rode este pro debaixo ser possível
(def options-map {
"3" {:code "3" :label "tres"}
geraldodev / boxed_exceptioninfo.clj
Created Sep 6, 2016
It's annoying that exceptions created with ex-info are boxed inside another ex-info, because we need to use guard to capture our ex-info data. Imho (very humble), since core-match is called on ex-data it is data already, a simple map. When catching the exception pedestal could check if it is a ex-info and merge its keys with its data, qualified …
View boxed_exceptioninfo.clj
(def service-error-handler
(error-int/error-dispatch [ctx ex]
[({:exception-type :clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo}
:guard #(= (:type (ex-data (:exception %))) :guts.core/validation-failed))
(pprint (ex-data ex))
(assoc ctx :response {:status 400
:body (:errors (ex-data ex))}))
;; If we don't match, forward it on
View filteroptions.cljs
(defn filter-options
[{:keys [options filter-fn value-key] :as props} filter-value exclude-options]
{:pre [(ifn? value-key)
(or (vector? exclude-options) (nil? exclude-options))]}
(let [exclude-options (if (vector? exclude-options)
(set exclude-options)
(empty? filter-value)
View get-in-link.clj
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