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Quo vadis Parrot?

Quo vadis Parrot?

Current situation and roadmap

  • not dead, just pining for the fjords
  • 6model integration -> object system + gc rewrite
  • getting rid of PIR -> new user-facing interface
  • m0 -> new runcore + bytecode
  • m1 -> rewrite of VM internals

complete rewrite, but without clean break or coherent design

What should be done

  • stabilize current codebase and put it on life-support:
    • threads integration
    • cleanup (io, pbc)
    • performance improvements: profile!
  • start design of Parrot2:
    • geared towards efficiently implementing 6model and Perl6
    • far better starting position: Rakudo internals reasonably stable
    • assessment of Parrot internals: what to keep, what to change
    • look at Parrot competitors like .NET DLR

leto commented Jul 30, 2013

This is a useful document. Would you mind if I put it into parrot.git somewhere, perhaps as a developer doc?

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