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Demo modal styles for micromodal.js and corresponding expected html
Basic Modal Styles
.modal {
font-family: -apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,avenir next,avenir,helvetica neue,helvetica,ubuntu,roboto,noto,segoe ui,arial,sans-serif;
.modal__overlay {
position: fixed;
top: 0;
left: 0;
right: 0;
bottom: 0;
background: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);
display: flex;
justify-content: center;
align-items: center;
.modal__container {
background-color: #fff;
padding: 30px;
max-width: 500px;
max-height: 100vh;
border-radius: 4px;
overflow-y: auto;
box-sizing: border-box;
.modal__header {
display: flex;
justify-content: space-between;
align-items: center;
.modal__title {
margin-top: 0;
margin-bottom: 0;
font-weight: 600;
font-size: 1.25rem;
line-height: 1.25;
color: #00449e;
box-sizing: border-box;
.modal__close {
background: transparent;
border: 0;
.modal__header .modal__close:before { content: "\2715"; }
.modal__content {
margin-top: 2rem;
margin-bottom: 2rem;
line-height: 1.5;
color: rgba(0,0,0,.8);
.modal__btn {
font-size: .875rem;
padding-left: 1rem;
padding-right: 1rem;
padding-top: .5rem;
padding-bottom: .5rem;
background-color: #e6e6e6;
color: rgba(0,0,0,.8);
border-radius: .25rem;
border-style: none;
border-width: 0;
cursor: pointer;
-webkit-appearance: button;
text-transform: none;
overflow: visible;
line-height: 1.15;
margin: 0;
will-change: transform;
-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
backface-visibility: hidden;
-webkit-transform: translateZ(0);
transform: translateZ(0);
transition: -webkit-transform .25s ease-out;
transition: transform .25s ease-out;
transition: transform .25s ease-out,-webkit-transform .25s ease-out;
.modal__btn:focus, .modal__btn:hover {
-webkit-transform: scale(1.05);
transform: scale(1.05);
.modal__btn-primary {
background-color: #00449e;
color: #fff;
Demo Animation Style
@keyframes mm-fadeIn {
from { opacity: 0; }
to { opacity: 1; }
@keyframes mm-slideIn {
from { transform: translateY(35%); }
to { transform: translateY(0); }
.micromodal-slide[aria-hidden="false"] .modal__overlay {
animation: mm-fadeIn .3s cubic-bezier(0.0, 0.0, 0.2, 1);
.micromodal-slide[aria-hidden="false"] .modal__container {
animation: mm-slideIn .3s cubic-bezier(0, 0, .2, 1);
.micromodal-slide .modal__container,
.micromodal-slide .modal__overlay {
will-change: transform;
<div class="modal micromodal-slide" id="modal-1" aria-hidden="true">
<div class="modal__overlay" tabindex="-1" data-micromodal-close>
<div class="modal__container" role="dialog" aria-modal="true" aria-labelledby="modal-1-title" aria-describedby="modal-1-content">
<div role="document">
<header class="modal__header">
<h3 class="modal__title" id="modal-1-title">
<button class="modal__close" aria-label="Close modal" aria-controls="modal__container1" data-micromodal-close></button>
<main class="modal__content" id="modal-1-content">
Try hitting the <code>tab</code> key and notice how the focus stays within the modal itself. Also, <code>esc</code> to close modal.
<footer class="modal__footer">
<button class="modal__btn modal__btn-primary">Continue</button>
<button class="modal__btn" data-micromodal-close aria-label="Close this dialog window">Close</button>
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