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An unofficial list of discord app protocols

Discord app protocols


  • /: discord://-/
  • friends: discord://-/channels/@me/
  • nitro: discord://-/store


  • apps: discord://-/apps
  • discovery - guilds: discord://-/guild-discovery
  • gift: discord://-/gifts/<gift_code>
  • gift (with login screen): discord://-/gifts/<gift_code>/login
  • new server: discord://-/guilds/create
  • server invite: discord://-/invite/<invite_code>
  • server invite (with login screen): discord://-/invite/<invite_code>/login
  • settings: discord://-/settings/<setting_name>
    • with setting_name:
      • User settings - my account: account
      • User settings - user profile: profile-customization
      • User settings - privacy and safety: privacy-and-safety
      • User settings - authorized apps: authorized-apps
      • User settings - connections: connections
      • Payment settings - Discord Nitro: premium
      • Payment settings - server boost: premium-guild-subscription
      • Payment settings - subscriptions: subscriptions
      • Payment settings - gift inventory: inventory
      • Payment settings - billing: billing
      • App settings - appearance: appearance
      • App settings - accessibility: accessibility
      • App settings - voice & video: voice
      • App settings - text & images: text
      • App settings - notifications: notifications
      • App settings - keybinds: keybinds
      • App settings - language: locale
      • App settings - windows settings: windows
      • App settings - linux settings: linux
      • App settings - steamer mode: streamer-mode
      • App settings - advanced: advanced
      • Activity settings - activity status - activity-status
      • Activity settings - game overlay: overlay
      • Hypesquad: hypesquad-online
      • Changelog: changelogs
      • Experiments: experiments
      • Developer options: developer-options
      • Hotspot options: hotspot-options
      • Dismissible Contents: dismissible-content-options


  • user profile: discord://-/users/<user_id>

Guilds and DMs:

  • dm channel: discord://-/channels/@me/<channel_id>
  • dm message: discord://-/channels/@me/<channel_id>/<message_id>
  • favorites: discord://-/channels/@favorites
  • favorites channel: discord://-/channels/@favorites/<channel_id>
  • guild: discord://-/channels/<guild_id>
  • guild channel: discord://-/channels/<guild_id>/<channel_id>
  • guild home channel: discord://-/channels/<guild_id>/@home
  • guild event: discord://-/events/<guild_id>/<event_id>
  • guild message: discord://-/channels/<guild_id>/<channel_id>/<message_id>
  • guild membership screening: discord://-/member-verification/<guild_id>
  • guild role subscriptions: discord://-/guild-role-subscriptions/<guild_id>/
  • hub membership screening: discord://-/member-verification-for-hub/<hub_id>


  • library: discord://-/library/
  • library inventory: discord://-/library/inventory
  • library item actions: discord://-/library/<sku_id>/<action_name>
    • with action_name:
      • Launch: launch
  • library settings: discord://-/library/settings/
  • store page: discord://-/store/skus/<sku_id>
  • store page: discord://-/store/applications/<application_id>


  • login: discord://-/login (options: ?redirect_to=)
  • register: discord://-/register (options: ?redirect_to=)
  • reset: discord://-/reset
  • restore: discord://-/restore
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Tais993 commented Feb 20, 2022

Not sure or you'll see this anytime soon, but could you tell/explain me where you got these from?

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ghostrider-05 commented Feb 21, 2022

@Tais993 most of them are browser links with the protocol for the app, such as the channel link. The few remaining links can be found by asking the client (or trying random links)

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Tais993 commented Feb 21, 2022

Hm yeah, been trying to find a way to open guild-settings/channel-settings and tabs within friends.

Will try to take another look, still thanks for the head-start you gave me 👍

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vsnthdev commented Apr 9, 2022

This is exactly what I was looking for 👏

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KevinNovak commented May 22, 2022

Also looking to open guild settings and haven't found a way

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enygmate commented Jul 14, 2022

pretty sure guild settings don't change the page url so you likely can't have a protocol link for it

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