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Last active April 27, 2022 04:19
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Kube Watcher BOT on Slack

Kubernetes Monitoring on Slack

Just an Learning Documentation

Slack Configuration

  • Configure Slack BOT
Create a new BOT, then copy API TOKEN
  • Invite BOT to Channel
/invite @BOT_NAME


helm repo add bitnami
helm show values bitnami/kubewatch > ~/kubewatch.yaml
nano ~/kubewatch.yaml
  • Enable Slack
  enabled: true
  channel: "your_channel_slack_name"
  token: "your_API_BOT_token"
  • Change to true if you want to Monitor anything.
  • Need to remember you must change RBAC CREATE to TRUE
  create: true
  • Install
helm install my-kubewatch bitnami/kubewatch --values ~/kubewatch.yaml
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