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Last active September 10, 2022 07:26
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Remote Mikrotik from OpenVPN Client with Pritunl VPN Server

Mikrotik OpenVPN Client

If you want to make your Mikrotik to be OpenVPN Client you can follow this guide.


  • Can remote mikrotik from Pritunl VPN Server Endpoint


  • Mikrotik
  • Pritunl Server


  • Install Pritunl. Here.
  • Create TCP Server with TLS Auth & lzo compression disable
## Stop server
mongo pritunl
db.servers.update({"name" : "mikrotik"}, {$set: { "tls_auth" : false}})
db.servers.update({"name" : "mikrotik"}, {$set: { "lzo_compression" : "adaptive"}})

Verify :
db.servers.find({"name" : "mikrotik"}, {name:1, tls_auth:1})

## Restart server
  • Dump profile VPN Create 2 file, crt & key you can get from your .ovpn file
nano crt.crt #include ca & crt
nano key.key
  • Import to Mikrotik
scp crt.crt mikrotik@
scp crt.key mikrotik@
certificate import file-name=crt.crt
certificate import file-name=key.key
certificate print
  • Create ovpn profile
ppp profile add name=OVPN-client change-tcp-mss=yes only-one=yes use-encryption=yes use-mpls=no use-compression=no
ppp profile print
  • Create interface on PPP
interface ovpn-client add name=ovpn-client port=1194 mode=ip user="openvpn" password="" profile=OVPN-client certificate=client.crt_0 auth=sha1 cipher=blowfish128 add-default-route=yes
  • Verify
interface ovpn-client print
interface ovpn-client monitor 0
ip route print
  • Enable SSH Tunnel Mikrotik
Activate SSH on IP > Service > SSH
/ip ssh set forwarding-enabled=both
  • Access So you can ssh your Mikrotik with IP Internal VPN:22
ssh mikrotik@ip_internal_vpn -D 500

You can access on SOCKSv5 500 to reach network mikrotik pools.


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