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Last active July 1, 2023 14:46
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Fail2ban on Ubuntu Server 20.04


Protect your Ubuntu Server with Fail2ban


apt install -y fail2ban

Check Status Ban

  • Default jail name is sshd
sudo fail2ban-client status sshd

Ban Manually

sudo fail2ban-client -vvv set sshd banip x.x.x.x


fail2ban-client set sshd unbanip x.x.x.x

Default configuration

  • Default retry -> max 5
  • Default jail perido -> 10 m

Create notification to Telegram

  • Configure on /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf add this on existing configurar
action  = iptables[name=SSH, port=22, protocol=tcp]
  • Create script on sudo mkdir /etc/fail2ban/scripts/ then create script -> script
  • Create script on /etc/fail2ban/action.d/ then create script telegram.conf -> script
  • Reference


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