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Notes on Quelima R3 WiFi Camera


  • Install the app "Sports DV" and change WiFi SSID and password


  • Wifi and Cam settings are seperated and have different port numbers.
  • Wifi-Settings (just login withoug username and password):
  • Cam LiveStream:
  • Not sure how the configuration is made really... Would need a Man-In-The-Middle-Attack or send the initial ICMP package

Change AP (Cam is the access point) to Station (Cam is a normal WiFi Client)

  • Log into without entering user and password
  • Go to the second tab, there you can change the access mode vom "AP" to "Station", enter the SSID of your home WiFi, Encryption mode and password (works with Windows 10 mobile hotspot, too, just notice it only works with 2.4 GHz networks). The cam will guess the channel when you saved the settings.
  • Don't worry, if the connection fails, the camera will offer you the configured AP again
  • Better give it a fixed IP through your router (identified by MAC address)

Other Information

  • The connection between the app and the cam is made through an initial ICMP package with the payload "99 bottles of beer on the wall"
  • looks like "MJPG-Streamer" was used when googleing for the url structure

Button configuration

  • Reset: Press Mode first and then On/Off

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gitfvb commented Jun 25, 2018

Pakete mithilfe von "Packet Manager" auf Android analysiert.


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medbedb-ru commented Jul 12, 2018

Hello friend!
Do you have any more information about this Quelima R3 WiFi Camera ?
Which web interface commands to snapshot, to turn on IR backlight, etc?
Camera settings are reset after shutdown. How to save them?
Best regards!


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mjaspers2mtu commented Jan 26, 2019

First off, thank you so much for posting your findings, it helped a lot to get me started.
To pay it forward, here are my findings, specifically for the sq23 camera. The firmware seems to be exactly the same though.

  1. On mobile device, the chrome browser supports the stream playback native. Vlc for android also, but with a 2-3 second delay.
    This is important because the normal apps for these cameras do not work with what I am about to explain.

  2. I found that the range was really bad, about 20 feet with a single wall indoors. So I decided to explore how to extend this.
    2.1) Using your suggestion by connecting the camera to an access point instead of directly connecting is useful for indoor applications. I have tested this and it works.
    2.2) Use an esp8266 as a repeater using this firmware: here I found that mesh mode works well for this application. This boost the range from 20 feet to 120 feet, probably much more when in line-of-sight. Also with more esp's, the rang can be doubled or tripled by chaining the extenders with one another, which meshing automatically does.

  3. the battery was also not great, I was getting only half an hour or so on wifi, and since my camera does not allow wifi and charging at the same time, I decided to fix this too.
    3.1) I removed the built in battery, and soldered a connector on to it to attach two 18650 batteries in parallel. This gives plenty of juice at the cost of size. this also powers the esp range extender. I used a power bank enclosure for the battery's, and for the convenience to charge. However I do not use the 5v output of the power bank, but rather directly from the battery which is 3-4v and what the camera is made to handle.
    See the battery size difference
    The esp needs I believe a capacitor, as it does not power on correctly without, I use the usb serial programmer attached for the capacitor.

  4. My camera also has a webcam mode when connected through usb to the computer. It takes some patience, but pressing and holding different buttons, and pressing both buttons at the same will eventually give you a uvc camera and doing lsusb on linux shows: "Generalplus Technology Inc. 808 Camera #9 (web-cam mode)"
    The image quality says to be 720p, but it looks pretty bad.

I will be doing further research or the new battery life, range and some more packet sniffing (btw I like the text you found in the initial request :)). However I may not post my findings, but good luck to you all.


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Naoufalgnz commented Mar 9, 2019

@mjaspers2mtu can you please help with resetting the sq23


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Zipkart commented Mar 14, 2019

Hello. I just got a SQ23 and i wanted to take snapshot with a http command but http://IP:8081//?action=snapshot didn't work. Has anyone an Idea?

My second question belongs to the image quality. Is ist possible to get better quality than 640x360 within a normal browser?


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thiagogalvao commented Jul 25, 2019

Great article guy!! I think that this is the first one I can found with a lot o important informations.
About the third topic with my SQ23 I can keeping charger with Wifi at the same time, BUT, if my hotspot is going down when it get back the wifi connection was not maintained. Anyone had this problema ? Sometimes I need reset it too.

About commands to take snapshots and turn on the night vision (Infrared lights) ?



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Tedgh commented Oct 26, 2019

Can you get access to the SD card via telnet/ftp or URL?


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MIDORIINKO commented Jan 23, 2020

Hello friend.
I uploading java source of "sports dv".
Hope this helps.

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