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Renfe AVE rideshare app

Renfe AVE (high speed train) rideshare app

  • There are huge discounts on purchasing 4 seats

From @glebm

I'm thinking that we could take the money upfront when you join a departure (datetime, from station, to station) The hold gets charged to a group of 4 when the group 4 if full, and the user receives a confirmation email (i18n en, es, etc. would be great) If the group is not full at N hours before departure, the money is returned, and the user is notified

We would need to get data from renfe (no api) for schedule and ticket availability Would need to have an SEO budget of a few thousand to fill it up quickly

It's Spain though, though it's probably not allowed by their terms and conditions to be scraped. Hopefully there is some data freedom act in the EU to get around this

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