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Created August 14, 2010 12:06
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# Sinatra minimalist RestMQ
# no COMET, just /q/ routes and queue logic
# the core of RestMQ is how it uses Redis' data types
require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'
require 'redis'
require 'json'
QUEUESET = 'QUEUESET' # queue index
UUID_SUFFIX = ':UUID' # queue unique id
QUEUE_SUFFIX = ':queue' # suffix to identify each queue's LIST
reds =
get '/q' do
b = reds.smembers QUEUESET
throw :halt, [404, 'Not found (empty queueset)'] if b == nil! do |q| q = '/q/'+q end
get '/q/*' do
queue = params['splat'].to_s
soft = params['soft'] # soft = true doesn't rpop values
throw :halt, [404, 'Not found'] if queue == nil
queue = queue + QUEUE_SUFFIX
if soft != nil
puts queue
b = reds.lindex queue, -1
b = reds.rpop queue
throw :halt, [404, 'Not found (empty queue)'] if b == nil
v = reds.get b
throw :halt, [200, "{'value':" + v + "'key':" + b + "}"] unless v == nil
'empty value'
post '/q/*' do
queue = params['splat'].to_s
value = params['value'].to_s
throw :halt, [404, "Not found"] if queue == nil
q1 = queue + QUEUE_SUFFIX
uuid = reds.incr queue + UUID_SUFFIX
reds.sadd QUEUESET, q1
lkey = queue + ':' + uuid.to_s
reds.set lkey, value
reds.lpush q1, lkey
'{ok, '+lkey+'}'
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denzuko commented Oct 11, 2010

smashing, updated the one I posted check it out

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