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Created November 9, 2012 01:54
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Reset jenkins password
0. SSH to server
1. Edit /opt/bitnami/apps/jenkins/jenkins_home/config.xml
2. set userSecurity to false: <userSecurity>false</userSecurity>
3. delete
<authorizationStrategy> and <securityRealm>
4. /etc/init.d/bitnami restart
Now Jenkins should be open:
5. Select Configure Jenkins,
"Enable Security",
"Use Jenkin's own database"
"Allow users to sign up"
6. Under Authorization, select: "Matrix-based security"
and add users and give them all permissions,
and remove all permissions from 'anonymous'
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zeeshan-github-project commented Feb 2, 2021

1 first check location if you install war or Linux or windows based on that

for example if war under Linux and for admin user


go to this tag after #jbcrypt:


change this password using use any website for bcrypt hash generator

make sure it start with $2a cause this one jenkens uses it

it worked for me

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One other way would be to manually edit the configuration file for your user (e.g. /var/lib/jenkins/users/username/config.xml) and update the contents of passwordHash:

Once you have done this, just restart Jenkins and log in using this password:

👍 worked fine! But... do you happen to know how this string is formed? :) Thanks!

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and jenkins OS user generate on installation. Can i change his password without post-problems?
Thanks in advance


Ed. #allways learning

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