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Development and maintenance to do for JSDT and related projects


The issues:

WTP XML/HTML validation:

  • The current 'as-you-type' validation API limits the contributors (JBT, for example) in ability to provide a fast validation mechanism for XML/HTML validation. We need to extend/modify an existing API to make it more flexible/fast.

  • The HTML validation doesn't work for custom tags and attributes, and doesn't provide a way for adopters to infer custom validators as well (see angular's ng-* attributes). We need to propose a way for adopters to extend the current validation with custom validators.

The issues:

JBT / 3rd Party JavaScript toolings

  • Provide a solution for an automatic disabling of JSDT internal parsing/validation in case when is installed in user's environment, to make JSDT not to consume the resources on parsing/validation/content assisting while this work is doubled and is done better by This could be done by either the configuration of JSDT by a JBT's jst.jsdt plug-in or by itself (by its JSDT integration plug-in).

Run/Debug support

  • Concentrate on debug support for Chrome and node.js support initially
  • Launch configuration for running and (or) debugging Node.js applications
  • Launch configuration for connecting to a Chrome based browser
  • Check out possibilities related to DOM visualization/debugging
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