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Created Aug 7, 2017
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rook issues
  FirstSeen     LastSeen        Count   From                    SubObjectPath   Type            Reason                  Message
  ---------     --------        -----   ----                    -------------   --------        ------                  -------
  43m           43m             1       default-scheduler                       Normal          Scheduled               Successfully assigned tony-droifs-vdvb7 to
  43m           43m             1       kubelet,                  Normal          SuccessfulMountVolume   MountVolume.SetUp succeeded for volume "default-token-72gvb" 
  42m           1m              19      kubelet,                  Warning         FailedMount             MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "droi-store" : CephFS: mount failed: mount failed: exit status 32
Mounting command: mount
Mounting arguments:,, /var/lib/kubelet/pods/7e7ca875-7b56-11e7-b478-901b0e60defe/volumes/ ceph [name=admin,secret=AQDeJ4hZtmZNGhAA23jkOkpKforitWjuOHZ9mA==]
Output: mount: mount,, on /var/lib/kubelet/pods/7e7ca875-7b56-11e7-b478-901b0e60defe/volumes/ failed: Connection timed out
  41m   42s     19      kubelet,          Warning FailedMount     Unable to mount volumes for pod "tony-droifs-vdvb7_rook(7e7ca875-7b56-11e7-b478-901b0e60defe)": timeout expired waiting for volumes to attach/mount for pod "rook"/"tony-droifs-vdvb7". list of unattached/unmounted volumes=[droi-store]
  41m   42s     19      kubelet,          Warning FailedSync      Error syncing pod
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