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import { useState, useEffect, useRef } from 'react';
// Usage
function App() {
// State value and setter for our example
const [count, setCount] = useState(0);
// Get the previous value (was passed into hook on last render)
const prevCount = usePrevious(count);
// Display both current and previous count value
return (
<h1>Now: {count}, before: {prevCount}</h1>
<button onClick={() => setCount(count + 1)}>Increment</button>
// Hook
function usePrevious(value) {
// The ref object is a generic container whose current property is mutable ...
// ... and can hold any value, similar to an instance property on a class
const ref = useRef();
// Store current value in ref
useEffect(() => {
ref.current = value;
}, [value]); // Only re-run if value changes
// Return previous value (happens before update in useEffect above)
return ref.current;

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ianobermiller commented Nov 9, 2018

Love all the comments in the custom hook function!


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ritwickdey commented Nov 14, 2018

Just an optimization, not sooooo inportant

useEffect(() => {
    ref.current = value;
  }, [value]); // only run if and only if value is changed

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gragland commented Nov 20, 2018

@ritwickdey Thanks, code updated!


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olee commented Dec 30, 2018

I wrote the following alternative which (even if it looks a bit complicated) can get around with just a single useState and should increase performance a lot because it does not need to check if the effect needs to run on every render.

import { useState, Dispatch, SetStateAction } from 'react';

type SetStateFn<T> = (previousValue: T) => T;

type IValueWrapper<T> = [
    /** value */
    /** setValue */
    /** previousValue */
    T | undefined

 * Drop-in replacement for react useState which also returns previousValue.
 * @return [value, setValue, previousValue]
export default function useStateWithPrevious<T>(initialValue: T) {
    const createSetStateDispatch: (previousValue: T) => Dispatch<SetStateAction<T>> = previousValue => value => {
        const newValue = typeof value === 'function' ? (value as SetStateFn<T>)(previousValue) : value;
    const [valueWrapper, setValueWrapper] = useState<IValueWrapper<T>>(() => [
    return valueWrapper;
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