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jaredatron / parcel_routes.js
Last active March 9, 2023 17:30
putting parcel server behind development server because parcel's proxy features are inflexible
View parcel_routes.js
import Path from 'path'
import express from 'express'
import Router from 'express-promise-router'
import { createProxyMiddleware } from 'http-proxy-middleware'
import env from '../env.js'
let assetsRoutes, indexHtmlFallback
// proxy requests to `parcel serve` process
jaredatron / router.js
Created January 25, 2023 23:20
Next.js 13 app dir like routing using React Router
View router.js
import * as React from 'react'
import { createBrowserRouter, RouterProvider, Navigate, useLocation } from 'react-router-dom'
import { getLoginUrl } from '~/client/lib/urls'
import { useCurrentUser } from '~/client/hooks/auth'
import AppError from '~/client/components/AppError'
import FullPageLoading from './components/FullPageLoading'
import routeFiles from './routes/**/{Error,NotFound,Layout,Page}.js'
jaredatron / add_all.js
Created July 18, 2022 21:19
add all photos to an google photos album
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// make new album and go to the add images page then run this script in the console
stopIt = false
;(async () => {
const scrollParent = $('.Purf9b')
const wait = async ms => {
await new Promise((r, rj) => {
setTimeout(() => { r() }, ms)
jaredatron / example.bash
Last active April 16, 2021 20:35
tail a hypercore given its public key
View example.bash
hyperspace-simulator tail_hypercore.js -- 0ce9e824c768daf0564f6f1ec24e04430111b8845476464ffbf60e8e3ef06347
jaredatron / track_back_and_forward_push_state.js
Last active October 10, 2020 00:50
How to track back and forward capability using history push state
View track_back_and_forward_push_state.js
This is an example of how one could track if going back or forward is
an option for the user.
if (!window.history.state || !window.history.state.visitedAt){
{...history.state, visitedAt:},
jaredatron / CropImage.js
Created June 17, 2020 23:27
Example of using ReactCrop react-image-crop
View CropImage.js
import React, { useRef, useState } from 'react'
import PropTypes from 'prop-types'
import ReactCrop from 'react-image-crop'
import 'react-image-crop/dist/ReactCrop.css'
export default function CropImage({
className = '',
jaredatron / RawHTML.js
Last active June 9, 2020 01:02
Rendering raw HTML as Preact components
View RawHTML.js
import { h, Fragment } from 'preact'
import { memo } from 'preact/compat'
import PropTypes from 'prop-types'
import Link from 'components/Link'
const RawHTML = memo(({source = '', ignoreNodes = []}) => {
const parser = new global.DOMParser()
const doc = parser.parseFromString(source, "text/html")
const options = {
View benchmark_example.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
function sortSortedWithArrayManipulation(a, b){
a = [...a]
b = [...b]
const sorted = []
while (a.length || b.length){
if (a.length === 0){
jaredatron /
Created June 11, 2019 20:18
do this to stop Epic Games Launcher from starting at launch boot
launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.epicgames.launcher.plist
rm ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.epicgames.launcher.plist
View 5e-spell-alernatives.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
const fs = require('fs')
const words = fs.readFileSync('/usr/share/dict/words').toString().split(/\n+/g)
const spells = ["Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting","Absorb Elements","Acid Splash","Aganazzar’s Scorcher","Aid","Alarm (Ritual)","Alter Self","Animal Friendship","Animal Messenger (Ritual)","Animal Shapes","Animate Dead","Animate Objects","Antilife Shell","Antimagic Field","Antipathy/Sympathy","Arcane Eye","Arcane Gate","Arcane Lock","Armor of Agathys","Arms of Hadar","Astral Projection","Augury (Ritual)","Aura of Life","Aura of Purity","Aura of Vitality","Awaken","Bane","Banishing Smite","Banishment","Barkskin","Beacon of Hope","Beast Bond","Beast Sense (Ritual)","Bestow Curse","Bigby’s Hand","Blade Barrier","Blade Ward","Bless","Blight","Blinding Smite","Blindness/Deafness","Blink","Blur","Bones of the Earth","Booming Blade","Branding Smite","Burning Hands","Call Lightning","Calm Emotions","Catapult","Catnap","Cause Fear","Ceremony (Ritual)","Chain Lightning","Chaos Bolt","Charm Monster",