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Create self-signed certificate with root and ca for development
rm *.jks 2> /dev/null
rm *.pem 2> /dev/null
echo "===================================================="
echo "Creating fake third-party chain root -> ca"
echo "===================================================="
# generate private keys (for root and ca)
keytool -genkeypair -alias root -dname "cn=Local Network - Development" -validity 10000 -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -ext bc:c -keystore root.jks -keypass password -storepass password
keytool -genkeypair -alias ca -dname "cn=Local Network - Development" -validity 10000 -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -ext bc:c -keystore ca.jks -keypass password -storepass password
# generate root certificate
keytool -exportcert -rfc -keystore root.jks -alias root -storepass password > root.pem
# generate a certificate for ca signed by root (root -> ca)
keytool -keystore ca.jks -storepass password -certreq -alias ca \
| keytool -keystore root.jks -storepass password -gencert -alias root -ext bc=0 -ext san=dns:ca -rfc > ca.pem
# import ca cert chain into ca.jks
keytool -keystore ca.jks -storepass password -importcert -trustcacerts -noprompt -alias root -file root.pem
keytool -keystore ca.jks -storepass password -importcert -alias ca -file ca.pem
echo "===================================================================="
echo "Fake third-party chain generated. Now generating my-keystore.jks ..."
echo "===================================================================="
# generate private keys (for server)
keytool -genkeypair -alias server -dname cn=server -validity 10000 -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -keystore my-keystore.jks -keypass password -storepass password
# generate a certificate for server signed by ca (root -> ca -> server)
keytool -keystore my-keystore.jks -storepass password -certreq -alias server \
| keytool -keystore ca.jks -storepass password -gencert -alias ca -ext ku:c=dig,keyEnc -ext "san=dns:localhost,ip:" -ext eku=sa,ca -rfc > server.pem
# import server cert chain into my-keystore.jks
keytool -keystore my-keystore.jks -storepass password -importcert -trustcacerts -noprompt -alias root -file root.pem
keytool -keystore my-keystore.jks -storepass password -importcert -alias ca -file ca.pem
keytool -keystore my-keystore.jks -storepass password -importcert -alias server -file server.pem
echo "================================================="
echo "Keystore generated. Now generating truststore ..."
echo "================================================="
# import server cert chain into my-truststore.jks
keytool -keystore my-truststore.jks -storepass password -importcert -trustcacerts -noprompt -alias root -file root.pem
keytool -keystore my-truststore.jks -storepass password -importcert -alias ca -file ca.pem
keytool -keystore my-truststore.jks -storepass password -importcert -alias server -file server.pem
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Thanks but why do you use "-ext eku=sa,ca"?

it's is an Extended Key Usage for TLS server authentication

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