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AGB-001 Front/Backlight Mod Instructions

AGB-001 Front/Backlight Mod Instructions

AGB-001 Backlight Mod


  • AGB-001
  • ASS101 screen
  • Ribbon adapter

AGB-001 Models

You can tell the model by taking off the battery cover and looking at the motherboard model

32 vs 40 pin

  • 32 pin: 1st number is "1"
  • 40 pin: 1st number is "0"

AGS-101 Screen Types

You can tell the type by the ribbon circuitry or connector color (source)

  • A: uniform widths, white connector
  • AB/B: differing widths, brown connector

Ribbon Adapters

  • 32/40 pin: Must purchase one that matches your AGB-001 motherboard
  • Solderless: Will not be as bright unless you add a wire
  • Solder required: Must connect P1 to left leg of DA1
  • Switch: Allows switching between high/low through the battery compartment. Requires slight shell modification. Physical switch so it keeps setting across device reboots.
  • 5 level w/ key combo: Allows switching through 5 brightness levels with Select + L, but boots with lowest setting every time.

AGB-001 Model & AGS-101 Screen Pairing

  • 32 pin + Type-A: Perfect (source)
  • 32 pin + Type-AB: Washed out and dim (source)
  • 40 pin + Type-A: Washed out and bright (tested). Possibly connect 103 to GND to fix (source)
  • 40 pin + Type-AB: Perfect (tested)


See here


  • Remove rubber grommet and backing from front and back of AGS-101 screen or else it won't fit
  • Must modify shell to fit new screen
  • Can adjust screen using potentiometer through hole behind sticker on the back
  • If buying a new shell with hardware, use the hardware that came with the shell since the hardware might be different and the shell is designed for them

AGB-001 Frontlight Mod




  • AGB-001
  • AGS-001 screen
  • Ribbon adapter
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Hey, maybe anyone can help me identify the problem?
here's how my screen looks like:
Have no experience with stuff like this whatsoever so I would appreciate all help I can get.

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