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AGB-001 Front/Backlight Mod Instructions

AGB-001 Front/Backlight Mod Instructions

AGB-001 Backlight Mod


  • AGB-001
  • ASS101 screen
  • Ribbon adapter

AGB-001 Models

You can tell the model by taking off the battery cover and looking at the motherboard model

32 vs 40 pin

  • 32 pin: 1st number is "1"
  • 40 pin: 1st number is "0"

AGS-101 Screen Types

You can tell the type by the ribbon circuitry or connector color (source)

  • A: uniform widths, white connector
  • AB/B: differing widths, brown connector

Ribbon Adapters

  • 32/40 pin: Must purchase one that matches your AGB-001 motherboard
  • Solderless: Will not be as bright unless you add a wire
  • Solder required: Must connect P1 to left leg of DA1
  • Switch: Allows switching between high/low through the battery compartment. Requires slight shell modification. Physical switch so it keeps setting across device reboots.
  • 5 level w/ key combo: Allows switching through 5 brightness levels with Select + L, but boots with lowest setting every time.

AGB-001 Model & AGS-101 Screen Pairing

  • 32 pin + Type-A: Perfect (source)
  • 32 pin + Type-AB: Washed out and dim (source)
  • 40 pin + Type-A: Washed out and bright (tested). Possibly connect 103 to GND to fix (source)
  • 40 pin + Type-AB: Perfect (tested)


See here


  • Remove rubber grommet and backing from front and back of AGS-101 screen or else it won't fit
  • Must modify shell to fit new screen
  • Can adjust screen using potentiometer through hole behind sticker on the back
  • If buying a new shell with hardware, use the hardware that came with the shell since the hardware might be different and the shell is designed for them

AGB-001 Frontlight Mod




  • AGB-001
  • AGS-001 screen
  • Ribbon adapter

qurao commented Mar 7, 2017

40-pin + Type-A fix for washed-out screen; the REVC to ground fix can cause a lot of ghosting, but there's a fix for ghosting as well as washed-out, dim picture here.

vinny, from the looks of things, the cold solder joint (the ball) is a real killer (as in intermittent or no connection), and it looks like too much solder in both pics, and probably too much heat that close to a component (first pic). Components on printed circuit boards are real sensitive to heat. If you didn't have a heat sinking clip on that chip lead in the first photo when you soldered on that wire, you probably smoked it.

ttocsmij commented Aug 25, 2017

On a different note, I came across this discussion looking for a fix for an AGB-001 (gray, two buttons on right, L/R buttons on top) my grandson rescued from his Dad's old gear. For a while the backlight worked but now it doesn't. Is that a regular thing? Is it a menu setting (backlight off/on)? Is is a fixable thing? Thanks for any leads.

P.S. Also looking for the instruction book. Thanks, again.

H, I used this tutorial and managed to get my GBA hooked up to the screen, it turned on fine and looked great. However, when I tested it with a game it would boot up with the usual gameboy screen but not move past it as though there was no cartridge inserted. I have tried all 4 of my games and am met with the same outcome. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to do? I thought it was a problem with my motherboard as I had problem running games prior to hooking up the screen so one of my friends graciously let me take his GBA apart and use the motherboard (had tested it, worked perfectly) but I was still met with the same result. Any ideas on what I should do?

I am have the same issue as Httpsjes. Any assistance would be great

Thank you for a great instruction. We did the mod on our 40-pin GBA last night and it worked like a charm. We took the screen from a GBA SP (101-version of course) and the connector had a white connector so I guess it was an A-type. We bought the ribbon from aliexpress:

We chose the B-version even if we were a little unsure whether it was right or not... We were a little worried after reading about your results with a 40-pin and a the A-type screen, but the screen looks perfect for us. Thank you.

2017-11-21 19 06 17

Here is what the screen looks like now.

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