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top right bottom left are only used with absolute position because every element in html is based in relation to another element. The server will render the doc from top to bottom - when use absolute position - you are overiding this. the element will be rendered based on the server window.

Use it when you need to overlay different HTMl elements Not recommended to use absolute in child components - better to use flex or other layout css.

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Integration Guide
Integration Guide | Cloud Elements API Docs
Integration Guide
Overview of the Cloud Elements Platform and how to integrate it into your application.
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Last active November 22, 2016 19:52
Devportal Lunch and Learn Objectives and Exercises

Devportal Introduction


Gain a basic understanding of the devportal. What powers it and how it works.


  • learn how to clone the devportal repo, install, and run locally
  • understand the basic site structure (where does everything live?)
How can I create an incident (case) and assign it to a contact in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
Call the `POST /{objectName}` API with the following:
* replace `{objectName}` with `incident`
* include the `incident.json` payload in your API call
"attributes": {

Create a Database Element BETA

Element Builder gives you the ability to create custom integrations to cloud services using the Cloud Elements API Management Platform. We are currently testing our BETA version. Currently only endpoints with a REST API can be built using Element Builder. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our round of BETA testing.

This guide will demonstrate how to build a Database Element only. Please view the Element Builder Documentation for more information on how to build Elements for endpoints with a REST API.

PostGreSQL will be used for this demonstration.

Framework Evaluation


  • Present Framework Evaluation Rubric
  • Discuss benefits and challenges of the React and Angular 2 frameworks
  • Agree on a framework to use for Console 2.0

Goal of PoCs with React and Angular 2

  • Get Familiar with React and Angular 2

React POC > Console 2.0


  • Get Familiar with React
    • DOM structure
    • V in MVC
    • Dependencies need for build package
  • Get Familiar with Semantic UI
    • Use Phil's UI kit in the process
  • Build Elements Provisioninge Workflow
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Last active August 6, 2016 12:36
Dev Portal Overview

Dev Portal Overview

Quick and Dirty

The Dev Portal was created to replace our existing API Docs on the website. New Features:

  • Searchable Docs
  • Can view the current Swagger Docs for each of our Elements
  • Docs are organized to support a more detailed explanation of Element/Product features
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Last active April 28, 2016 19:50
MySQL Docs

Welcome to the MySQL Element

At a Glance

In order to create a connection to a MySQL Database, the following steps are required:

  1. Choose how to connect:
  • Directly via an IP Address and Port Number, e.g.
  • Use Cloud Elements Ground2Cloud service to connect your Database
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Last active February 23, 2016 18:31
Developer Portal Thoughts

Dev Portal Thoughts

Current Solution

Feedback from Customer Success

  • Customers often say the docs are hard to navigate
  • Cannot find what they need quickly - instance JSON, endpoints, auth can be confusing
  • Want ability to search for Element specific docs
  • Want link to endpoint's API docs as well