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Last active September 5, 2019 14:05
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Load averages of *nix server running dashing.


Put the loadavg1min.rb to jobs/loadavg1min.rb.

Add the code from loadavg1min.erb to the desired dashboard.


<li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1">
<div data-id="loadavg1min" data-view="Graph" data-title="Server load" style="background-color:#47bbb3;" data-moreinfo="1 min intervals" ></div>
# Populate the graph with 0.00 results
points = []
(1..10).each do |i|
points << { x: i, y: 0 }
last_x = points.last[:x]
SCHEDULER.every '1m' do
last_x += 1
uptime = %x('uptime')
points << { x: last_x, y: uptime[-17..-14].to_f }
send_event('loadavg1min', points: points)
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Maybe try to get load info by running script like this (on remote machine, using cron):

X=$(uptime | cut -c46-49)
LOAD='{ "auth_token": "YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN", "value" : '$X' }'
curl -d "${LOAD}" \http://dashing_url:3030/widgets/widget_name

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I used the following to get this to work on both OS X and Linux:

  uptime = %x('uptime').gsub(/.*: /, '\1').gsub(/,/, '\1')
  points << { x: last_x, y: uptime[0..3].to_f }

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