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Service script for dashing. Update DASHING_DIR variable, add this file to /etc/init.d/ , chmod to 755, and let update rc.d with $ sudo update-rc.d dashboard defaults This scripts stops the dashing service with "killall thin" which will kill all thin services running on your server.
# Dashing service
# Add this file to /etc/init.d/
# $ sudo cp dashboard /etc/init.d/
# Update variables DASHING_DIR, GEM_HOME, & PATH to suit your installation
# $ sudo nano /etc/init.d/dashboard
# Make executable
# $ sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/dashboard
# Update rc.d
# $ sudo update-rc.d dashboard defaults
# Dashboard will start at boot. Check out the boot log for trouble shooting "/var/log/boot.log"
# USAGE: start|stop|status|logs
# Provides: dashboard
# Required-Start: $remote_fs $syslog
# Required-Stop: $remote_fs $syslog
# Default-Start: 2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop: 0 1 6
# Short-Description: Start daemon at boot time
# Description: Enable service provided by daemon.
# Gregology <>
# Based on Faraz Haider's LifeRay Startup Service script
case "$1" in
echo "Starting Dashing."
cd $DASHING_DIR; dashing start -d
echo "Stopping Dashing."
killall thin
echo "See the logs of the Dashing."
tail -f $DASHING_DIR'log/thin.log'
# Check to see if the process is running
ps aux|grep -i dashing
echo "Dashing"
echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|status|logs}"
exit 1
exit 0
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dydys4444 commented Sep 30, 2014

Hi everyone

Thanks for your jobs, this is really what I needed !

I just have a problem with history.yml. It seems it stops filling when I use the script. This problem has been described by another person: Shopify/dashing#244. The problem seems to be related to -d option on start.

Has anyone an idea on how to keep that file filling?

Thanks for your help

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emanuelstanciu commented Jun 9, 2015

I have another issue.. the script works fine when I run it from the terminal
however, as part of the init.d startup, it doesn't work..
so, if I do sudo service dashing start or sudo /etc/init.d/dashing start, I can successfully start the service
however, it doesn't start as part of the boot.. this is what I see in the boot.log file:
^[[31mbundler: command not found: thin^[[0m
^[[33mInstall missing gem executables with bundle install^[[0m

And it simply fails to start.. very frustrating, I look in every place to see why this is happening, without luck. I run this on an Ubuntu 14.04 OS.
If anyone can help, please let me know your thoughts on this issue.

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zwergengott commented Jan 11, 2016

How can I reverse it, so that it boots to the desktop again?

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dtburrows commented Aug 24, 2016

I was able to fix the "mbundler: command not found: thin" problem @Ariestar mentions above by adding the following Path variable to the @plytro bash script on the line after GEM_HOME:


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dannyhw commented Oct 24, 2016

Plytros version worked for me, except for the status command which doesn't work.

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