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Generic 1,2,3 Noise

float rand(float n){return fract(sin(n) * 43758.5453123);}

float noise(float p){
	float fl = floor(p);
  float fc = fract(p);
	return mix(rand(fl), rand(fl + 1.0), fc);
  • Log all commits that happended in the last 356 days, sort them and filter for (less|css|sass|scss)

git log --name-only --since="365 days" | sort -u | awk '/\.(le|c|sa|sc)ss$/{print}' | nl

View risograph.js
const sketcher = require('canvas-sketch-tool'); // not yet public
const seedRandom = require('seed-random');
const settings = {
// Output resolution, we use a high value for print artwork
pixelsPerInch: 300,
// US Letter size 8.5x11 inches
dimensions: [ 8.5, 11 ],
// all our dimensions and rendering units will use inches
units: 'in'
View Autofade
//Autofade: Add to opacity
transition = 20; // transition time in frames
if (marker.numKeys<2){
tSecs = transition / ( 1 / thisComp.frameDuration); // convert to seconds
linear(time, inPoint, inPoint + tSecs, 0, 100) - linear(time, outPoint - tSecs, outPoint, 0, 100)
linear(time, inPoint, marker.key(1).time, 0, 100) - linear(time, marker.key(2).time, outPoint, 0, 100)

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am guidoschmidt on github.
  • I am guidoschmidt ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCkFRodWlXZFhkhghdMC2EXh1DywWxCx0SuwCXkOw2_ggo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View noiseShadowFrag.glsl
#ifdef GL_ES
precision mediump float;
precision mediump int;
varying vec4 vertColor;
varying vec3 vertNormal;
varying vec3 vertLightDir;
varying vec4 vertTexCoord;
View todo.el
(defun create-directory (directory)
"Creates the todo directory."
(if (file-exists-p directory) (message "Director exists")
(make-directory directory)
(message "Directory created")
(defun create-todo-file (directory filename)
"Checks if the todo file exists if not creates it."
(create-directory directory)
#!/bin/env python
# Copyright Nils Deppe, 2017
# Distributed under the Boost Software License - Version 1.0
# Boost Software License - Version 1.0 - August 17th, 2003
# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person or organization
# obtaining a copy of the software and accompanying documentation covered by
# this license (the "Software") to use, reproduce, display, distribute,
View org-ref-skim.el
(setq org-capture-templates (quote (("SA" "Skim Annotation" entry
(file+function org-ref-bibliography-notes my-org-move-point-to-capture-skim-annotation)
"* %^{Logging for...} :skim_annotation:read:literature:
:Created: %U
:CITE: cite:%(my-as-get-skim-bibtex-key)
:SKIM_NOTE: %(my-org-mac-skim-get-page)
:SKIM_PAGE: %(my-as-get-skim-page)
View python.el
;;; python.el --- Python Language/IDE settings
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
;;; --- Python
(use-package elpy
:ensure t
(setq elpy-rpc-python-command "python3")
(setq python-shell-interpreter "python3")