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Yamaha NVR700W Configuration sample for Nuro Biz
ip route default gateway
ipv6 prefix 1 ra-prefix@lan2::123a:1b:45:6700::/56
ip lan1 address
ipv6 lan1 address ra-prefix@lan2::1/64
ipv6 lan1 rtadv send 1 o_flag=on
ipv6 lan1 dhcp service server
switch control use lan1 on terminal=on
ip lan2 address
ip lan2 nat descriptor 1
switch control use lan2 on
nat descriptor type 1 masquerade
nat descriptor address outer 1
nat descriptor address inner 1 auto
nat descriptor masquerade incoming 1 reject
dhcp service server
dhcp server rfc2131 compliant except remain-silent
dhcp scope 1
dns server
dns private name
schedule at 1 */* 00:00:00 * ntpdate syslog
analog supplementary-service pseudo call-waiting
analog extension dial prefix sip prefix="9#"
dashboard accumulate traffic on
dashboard accumulate nat on

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guitarrapc commented Jan 26, 2017

IPv4 Parameter Value
IPv4 (WAN Port IP Address)
Subnet Mask (/26)
Default Gateway
IPv4 DNS (Primary)
IPv4 DNS (Secondary)
IPv6 Parameter Value
IPv6 Prefix(IPv6 Prefix) 123a:001b:0045:6700::/56
IPv6 DNS (Primary) 123a:0040:0005:0005::33
IPv6 DNS (Secondary) 123a:0040:0005:0006::49
LAN Parameter Value
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