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@guitarrapc guitarrapc/IIS_Schema.xml
Last active Jan 24, 2019

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Import-Csv in PowerShell 6.0 supports w3c log format, if delimiter is `,`.
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 5 should actually have 1 column, instead of 3. in line 4.
#Software: Microsoft Exchange Server
#Log-type: Transport Connectivity Log
#Date: 2016-09-16T23:30:07.338Z
#Fields: Column1,Column2,Column 3
#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.5
#Version: 1.0
#Date: 2013-06-24 10:56:45
#Fields: date time s-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query s-port cs-username c-ip cs(User-Agent) sc-status sc-substatus sc-win32-status time-taken
2013-06-24 10:56:45 POST /xas/ - 80 - Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+6.1;+WOW64)+AppleWebKit/537.36+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Chrome/27.0.1453.110+Safari/537.36 404 0 2 471
<!-- just for logFile section -->
<!-- there's no attribute, value to change delimiter -->
<element name="logFile">
<attribute name="logExtFileFlags" type="flags" defaultValue="Date, Time, ClientIP, UserName, ServerIP, Method, UriStem, UriQuery, TimeTaken, HttpStatus, Win32Status, ServerPort, UserAgent, HttpSubStatus, Referer">
<flag name="Date" value="1"/>
<flag name="Time" value="2"/>
<flag name="ClientIP" value="4"/>
<flag name="UserName" value="8"/>
<flag name="SiteName" value="16"/>
<flag name="ComputerName" value="32"/>
<flag name="ServerIP" value="64"/>
<flag name="Method" value="128"/>
<flag name="UriStem" value="256"/>
<flag name="UriQuery" value="512"/>
<flag name="HttpStatus" value="1024"/>
<flag name="Win32Status" value="2048"/>
<flag name="BytesSent" value="4096"/>
<flag name="BytesRecv" value="8192"/>
<flag name="TimeTaken" value="16384"/>
<flag name="ServerPort" value="32768"/>
<flag name="UserAgent" value="65536"/>
<flag name="Cookie" value="131072"/>
<flag name="Referer" value="262144"/>
<flag name="ProtocolVersion" value="524288"/>
<flag name="Host" value="1048576"/>
<flag name="HttpSubStatus" value="2097152"/>
<attribute name="customLogPluginClsid" type="string" defaultValue=""/>
<attribute name="logFormat" type="enum" defaultValue="W3C">
<enum name="IIS" value="0"/>
<enum name="NCSA" value="1"/>
<enum name="W3C" value="2"/>
<enum name="Custom" value="3"/>
<attribute name="logTargetW3C" type="flags" defaultValue="File">
<flag name="File" value="1"/>
<flag name="ETW" value="2"/>
<attribute name="directory" type="string" expanded="true" defaultValue="%SystemDrive%\inetpub\logs\LogFiles" validationType="nonEmptyString" />
<attribute name="period" type="enum" defaultValue="Daily">
<enum name="MaxSize" value="0"/>
<enum name="Daily" value="1"/>
<enum name="Weekly" value="2"/>
<enum name="Monthly" value="3"/>
<enum name="Hourly" value="4"/>
<attribute name="truncateSize" type="int64" defaultValue="20971520" validationType="integerRange" validationParameter="1048576,4294967295" />
<attribute name="localTimeRollover" type="bool" defaultValue="false"/>
<attribute name="enabled" type="bool" defaultValue="true" />
<attribute name="logSiteId" type="bool" defaultValue="true" />
<attribute name="flushByEntryCountW3CLog" type="uint" defaultValue="0" />
<attribute name="maxLogLineLength" type="uint" validationType="integerRange" validationParameter="2,65536" defaultValue="65536" />
<element name="customFields">
<attribute name="maxCustomFieldLength" type="uint" validationType="integerRange" validationParameter="2,65536" defaultValue="4096" />
<collection addElement="add" clearElement="clear">
<attribute name="logFieldName" type="string" required="true" isUniqueKey="true" validationType="nonEmptyString" />
<attribute name="sourceName" type="string" required="true" validationType="nonEmptyString" />
<attribute name="sourceType" type="enum" required="true" >
<enum name="RequestHeader" value="0"/>
<enum name="ResponseHeader" value="1"/>
<enum name="ServerVariable" value="2"/>
<element name="traceFailedRequestsLogging">
<attribute name="enabled" type="bool" defaultValue="false" />
<attribute name="directory" type="string" expanded="true" defaultValue="%SystemDrive%\inetpub\logs\FailedReqLogFiles"/>
<attribute name="maxLogFiles" type="uint" defaultValue="50" validationType="integerRange" validationParameter="1,10000"/>
<attribute name="maxLogFileSizeKB" type="uint" defaultValue="1024" validationType="integerRange" validationParameter="0,1048576"/>
<attribute name="customActionsEnabled" type="bool" defaultValue="false"/>
import-csv .\iis_log.log
date time s-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query s-port cs-username c-ip cs(User-Agent) sc-status sc-substatus sc-win32-status time-taken
2013-06-24 10:56:45 POST /xas/ - 80 - Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+6.1;+WOW64)+AppleWebKit/537.36+(KHTML
import-csv .\iis_log.csv
Column1 Column2 Column 3
------- ------- --------
data1 1 A
data2 2 B
data3 3 C
data4 4 D

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guitarrapc commented Jan 24, 2019


don't think about iis log. But this Import-Csv enhancement will save some w3c log output with delimiter "," product.


This change is begin from following issue.


w3c log format is not only for IIS, and IIS could not change log delimiter with schema or web.config.

not sure about advanced logging, but may possible....?


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guitarrapc commented Jan 24, 2019

IIS w3c log, delimited via space, is one of the most unlike format I've ever seen.

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