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@guitarrapc guitarrapc/Program.cs
Last active Aug 18, 2019

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"folders": [
"id": "8ab4f62f-84a2-488d-b999-f812c4eb8dae",
"name": "TestGroup"
"items": []
description note Field0 Type0 Value0 Field1 Type1 Value1 Field2 Type2 Value2 Field3 Type3 Value3 Field4 Type4 Value4
Sample URL text Username text TestUSer Password password TestPass Email text GROUP text TestGroup
using System;
using System.IO;
using TeamsidToBitwardenConverter;
using TeamsidToBitwardenConverter.Lib;
using TeamsidToBitwardenConverter.Model.Bitwarden;
using TeamsidToBitwardenConverter.Model.TeamsId;
namespace TeamsId2BitwardeConsole
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var outputPath = $@"./data/bitwarden/import/bitwarden_personal_importdata{DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd_HHmmss")}.json";
var teamsidPersonalCsv = @"./data/teamsid_export/personal_records.csv";
var bitwardenFolderDefinitionJson = @"./data/bitwarden/definitions/bitwarden_export_folder_definition.json";
Personal(outputPath, teamsidPersonalCsv, bitwardenFolderDefinitionJson);
static void Personal(string outputPath, string teamsidPersonalCsv, string bitwardenFolderDefinitionJson)
var folderDefinition = DeserializeFolderJson<BitwardenFolderDefinition>(bitwardenFolderDefinitionJson);
// convert teamsid to bitwarden
var teamsIdDatas = new CsvParser(teamsidPersonalCsv).Parse<TeamsIdDefinition4>();
var bitwardenItems = new BitwardenConverter(folderDefinition).Convert(teamsIdDatas, defaultGroup: "TestGroup");
// serialize bitwarden import data
var importData = new BitwardenDefinition
folders = folderDefinition.folders,
items = bitwardenItems,
// deserialize folder definitions
static T DeserializeFolderJson<T>(string path) where T : class
using (var stream = File.OpenRead(path))
var deserialized = Utf8Json.JsonSerializer.Deserialize<T>(stream);
return deserialized;
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