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guterz /
Created July 5, 2023 23:16
#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [ "$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" = "" ]; then
echo "No AWS creds set"
exit 1
for region in $(aws ec2 describe-regions --region eu-west-1 --output=json | jq -r .Regions[].RegionName); do
alias cl='clear'
alias ll='ls -lah'
alias hg='history | grep $1'
function rdp() {
aws ssm start-session --target $1 --document-name AWS-StartPortForwardingSession --parameters "localPortNumber=55678,portNumber=3389" --region $2;
function ssm() {
alias k='kubectl'
alias k8s='kubectl config use-context $1'
alias dk8s='kubectl config get-contexts'
alias kubectl='kubecolor'
alias kallp='kubectl get pods -A -o wide'
alias kalli='kubectl get ing -A'
alias kdel='kubectl delete -f'
alias kapp='kubectl apply -f'
alias krm='kubectl delete'
alias kdesc='kubectl describe'
guterz / .vimrc
Created April 9, 2021 03:42
syntax on
colorscheme delek
guterz / bind_keys.zsh
Last active August 30, 2022 04:56
Bind keys for .zshrc and iTerm
bindkey "[D" backward-word
bindkey "[C" forward-word
bindkey "^[a" beginning-of-line
bindkey "^[e" end-of-line