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a list of slides from nodeconf 2011

aviflax commented May 6, 2011

Awesome, thanks so much!


guybrush commented May 6, 2011

thx @HenrikJoreteg - could not wait to see your slides! i am very interested in that topic (Capsule looks super cool).

i am so sad that i could not be at nodeconf :/

incon commented May 7, 2011

Did the sessions get recorded?

Yes, they were all filmed.

incon commented May 7, 2011

@HenrikJoreteg Happen to know where or when they will be released?

matylla commented May 8, 2011

Forked and added "Lessons Learned in Production - Matt Eernisse" here:

fengmk2 commented May 9, 2011

Nice job, thanks guys.

rettal commented May 23, 2011


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