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To provide a method by which Wabajack can assist mod authors in maintaining creative control over their mods while still allowing for more rapid installation of mods

Current issues

  • Users can download a mod, change it and create an installer with Wabbajack that publishes these changes via binary patching this goes against usage restrictions for "no modifications of this mod are allowed".
  • Users can extract BSAs with Wabbajack, going against warnings for no BSA extraction
  • The nexus doesn't seem to provide a good way to track a modder's desire to not allow end users to modify their files
  • Wabbajack allows downloading from 3rd party sites that does not maintain author's rights. We currently have a "who cares" attitude, which isn't condusive to collaboration with the modding community. It would be good to improve this situation.

Plans for solving these issues

View gist:9885b337ca0199dd8cc12d7ecae361c1
package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
fmt.Println("hello world")
(defn -main []
View gist:c17f378718cbd2fd82324002133ef678

So you’d like to contribute to Clojure, great! Let’s talk about what that involves.

The first thing you’ll want to make sure is that your idea is valid, and that you won’t spend a ton of time working on something that won’t make into master. To do this, you should create a JIRA ticket. For example, let’s say we want to improve how core.async handles channel closing propagation. It’s not a super complex problem, but there are some design questions about which of the various semantics currently in place should be the default, and if some semantics should be configurable.

So start by making a JIRA ticket and stating what the problem is you’re trying to solve, what the possible options for solving the problem. Now hit save and wait for the ticket to be triaged. Alex Miller will take a look when he can, and that can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the time of the year (he has other responsibilities). Alex may out-right reject the idea if he knows Rich would never approve the ticket, but otherwise h

View set-test.clj
(ns set-test
(:require [criterium.core :refer [bench quick-bench]])
(:import [clojure.lang IPersistentSet]))
(defn- bubble-max-key
"Move a maximal element of coll according to fn k (which returns a
number) to the front of coll."
[k coll]
(let [max (apply max-key k coll)]
(cons max (remove #(identical? max %) coll))))
View reduced_usage.clj
(defn r-some?
"Super fast version of clojure.core/some that does minimal allocation"
[pred coll]
(fn [acc v]
(if-let [val (pred coll)]
(reduced val)
View gist:fff9b90c7786942b937ae21fbbcd9f00
(defn r-some?
"Super fast version of clojure.core/some that does minimal allocation"
[pred coll]
(fn [acc v]
(if-let [val (pred coll)]
(reduced val)
View psudeo_fn_ptrs
enum FnNames {
struct Fn {
enum FnNames name;
View truffle-in-clojure.clj
(ns morel.core
(:import ( RootNode NodeInfo Node$Child))
(:require [clojure.interop :refer [defclass]]
[clojure.reflect :as reflect]))
^{NodeInfo {:language "SL"
:description "The root of all SL execution trees"}}
SLRootNode [language
View gist:71dd5cfd8234a982a11e48d2aac003b0
(def ^:dynamic *counters*)
(defn new-counter [name]
"Creates a pair of LongAdders"
(defn get-counter [name]
(if-let [ctr (get *counter* name]
View xducer.clj
(->> actors
(map (partial get-data server-pool))
(filter #(> (:age %) 42))
(map :name)
(into #{}
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